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== 2018 ==
== 2018 ==
* 10 April 2018 -- in the works
* {{m|10 April 2018}}
* {{m|27 March 2018}}
* {{m|27 March 2018}}
* {{m|13 March 2018}}
* {{m|13 March 2018}}

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This page is a list of links pointing at Minutes of the Board of the League of Professional System Administrators (LOSPA) in chronological order.

The first Board of what is now LOPSA was elected in Spring 2005 by the members of The System Administrators' Guild (SAGE), which had been a Special Technical Group (STG) of USENIX. The intent was to have this Board manage the planned spin-off of SAGE from its USENIX parent. In November 2005, this plan was changed, and this new organization's name was changed to The League of Professional System Administrators. At various times during this entire process, this Board's work was referred to by USENIX and itself as SAGE or newSAGE. The meaning of SAGE in the minutes should be apparent from context.

Per the policy on minutes dissemination, publication of minutes may occur up to 30 days after approval, but will ordinarily happen sooner.

Redactions, when present, will be clearly labeled (see the policy for more about redactions).

See also the older Interim Board meeting Minutes.















About the redactions

Some of the minutes have redacted versions. The redactions are given in the form:

This sentence includes words to be redacted {4 words redacted; reason for redaction}.

The above sentence would read:

This sentence includes {4 words redacted; reason for redaction}.

The reasons for redaction are:

  1. Personnel mentioned by name
  2. Business sensitivity
  3. Third party mentioned by name