Board meeting Minutes/10 November 2008

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27 October 2008
Board meeting Minutes Next:
24 November 2008

Minutes approved: 5 January 2009

In-person meeting in San Diego, California.

Trey Harris (chair), Derek Balling, Matthew Barr, Philip Kizer, Chris Palmer, David Parter, Stephen Potter, Jesse Trucks
Bob Apthorpe, Deepa Solanki
Sam Albrecht
9:38am Pacific Time
8:10pm Pacific Time

Consent Agenda

  • Approve minutes of 13 October 2008
  • Approve minutes of 27 October 2008
  • Record email MOTION: if we are unable to obtain free replacement shirts from Stitch America, that additional funds ($2000), to complete the original order for Twills and Polo shirts, be authorized so as to be able to have the inventory on hand before the LISA expo hall opens. Moved 8 November 2008 by Balling, seconded by Trucks. Passed 8 November 2008.
  • Consent Agenda Approved

Standing Reports

  • Executive Director's report - Provided by Sam Albrecht, EVP
  • Treasurer's report
  • Membership report
  • Technical services report
    • Damian Alexander was invited to discuss technical services. (See notes below for 2009 infrastructure.)
  • Conference/events activities report
    • Reviewed previous years activities and accomplishments, lessons learned, and began planning for 2009.
  • Development report
    • Albrecht briefed that a new person had been hired at AH to provide development and a draft plan was being circulated for review and approval.

Recess for break at 11:00am.

Board returns to session at 11:15am.

Executive Session (Harris)

Board enters executive session at 11:20.

  • Executive Session with guest Albrecht

Board leaves executive session at 12:34.

Board recesses at 12:35 for lunch and strategy session.


2009 Infrastructure

Meeting called back to order at 14:00.

Damion Alexander joins at 14:00.

Damion Alexander leaves at 15:55, and Board recesses for strategy session.

Meeting called back to order at 16:54.

2009 Programs

  • Sys Admin Day
    • Board agreed to contact Ted for continuation of this project. Tech services committee to take lead.
  • Sys Admin of the Year - Splunk has cancelled event for this year and would like to discuss partnering with LOPSA to run as a more appropriate (versus marketing) program.
    • Discussion on "of the Year" part of the program. Board agreed to contact Splunk about revamping this program. Maybe make "200X Sys Admin Achievement Award" type of program.
  • Mini-conference, co-hosted/sponsored events, booth only, etc
  • Personal Health Insurance Program

Annual Meeting Prep

  • 2008 Annual Member meeting is Wednesday night

2009 Budget Planning

  • Monthly pro-forma budgeting, versus straight-line (1/12 per month)
  • Develop "cash and cash equivalents" versus "current liability" policy

MOTION: That a policy be set to keep a reserve of $25,000. Moved by Potter, second Palmer. Motion passes.

Discretionary spending

MOTION by Potter, second Palmer.

Individual directors may authorize expenditure of up to $200 per instance, limited to five (5) instances per year per director, against a pre-approved budget line item without a formal motion from the Board.

Organization officers may authorize expenditure of up to $500 per instance and creation of an ad-hoc budget line item, limited to twelve (12) instances per year per officer, without a formal motion from the Board.

Motion amended by Harris, second Palmer. Motion amended.

Motion passed.

Leadership committee

  • Discussion of 2009 election and communication to Leadership Committee.

Executive Session (Harris)

Board enters executive session at 19:14.

Board leaves executive session at 20:09.


MOTION to adjourn by Palmer, second by Potter. Passed.

Board adjourns at 20:10.