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{{SAGE maybe historical}}
{{SAGE historical}}
{{minutes box|before=3 October 2005|after=17 October 2005}}  
{{minutes box|before=3 October 2005|after=17 October 2005}}  

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This website is not affiliated with SAGE or the USENIX Association. The use of the term "SAGE" below is historical, and refers either to the SAGE subgroup of USENIX, or to a precursor of the organization now called LOPSA.

3 October 2005
Board meeting Minutes Next:
17 October 2005

Minutes approved: 17 October 2005

Redactions below were approved by the Board.

Tom Perrine(chair), Andrew Hume, Stephen Potter, Chris Palmer, Geoff Halprin, Doug Hughes, Pat Wilson, Trey Harris (note taker), David Parter
Sam Albrecht

Consent Agenda

MOTION: That the policy on Board votes via email be amended as follows:

Replace A quorum of the Board has voted aye with A quorum of the Board, excluding abstentions, has voted aye.

MOTION: Adopt and distribute the "Proposed report to the USENIX Board". Moved Hume, second Hughes. Aye: Hume, Hughes, Palmer, Perrine, Wilson, Potter. Abstain: Harris, Halprin, Parter (conflicts of interest). Motion passed 5 October 2005.
{Report redacted; negotiation sensitivity}

Motion: Approve Consent Agenda. Moved by Hughes, Wilson seconds, passes.

MOTION: Table remaining agenda items and enter executive session. Moved by Harris, seconded by Wilson. Motion passed.

Executive session

Halprin joins call at 20:07.

Executive session ends at 22:08. Results of Executive session:

  • MOTION: Board declines request by Mike Jones to provide a 2006 budget on the accelerated schedule by 11 October 2005, and will continue to work on budget on previously agreed schedule. Passes by consent.
  • MOTION: Board reauthorizes continued work on agreements with USENIX on previously agreed schedules, including June 2004 USENIX motion. Passes by consent.
  • MOTION: Board to draft communiqué to SAGE Advisory Council briefing them on current negotiation situation, and seeking advice on options. Passes by consent.
    ACTION: Harris to begin draft on wiki.
  • MOTION: Members to be notified through October Memo-to-Members that negotiations are proceeding with some difficulty, and that further details will be forthcoming. Passes by consent.
    ACTION: Palmer to draft on wiki.

MOTION: Table rest of agenda for next meeting. Harris moves, Palmer seconds. Passed by consent.

New Business

Halprin resignation

  • Halprin tenders resignation, effective immediately, on advice of counsel with regard to negotiations in progress between USENIX and SAGE.

MOTION: Board reluctantly accepts Halprin's resignation with profound regret and thanks. Motion by Harris, second by Potter. Passed by consent.

MOTION: Halprin invited to join SAGE Advisory Council. Motion by Palmer, second by Hughes. Passed by consent.


MOTION TO ADJOURN by Palmer, second Wilson. Adjourned at 22:28.