Board meeting Minutes/12 December 2005

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6 December 2005
Board meeting Minutes Next:
19 December 2005

Minutes approved: 19 December 2005

Subject to verification Tom Perrine (chair), Matthew Barr, Trey Harris, Doug Hughes, Chris Palmer, David Parter, Stephen Potter, Pat Wilson (note taker)
Andrew Hume, Sam Albrecht
20:08 Eastern Time
20:49 Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

Other pending minutes/redactions approvals tabled to next meeting. Consent agenda approved

Action Items

Deferred until next meeting (19 December 2005)

Standing Report

  • Treasurer's report
    • Hume absent - no report
  • Membership report
    • Parter reports 176 current paid online members; 11 with payments pending; approximately 25 members paid but not signed up online
    • There are currently 376 accounts on the website (some of which may be dups) - we should follow up with those about becoming members
  • Online report
    • new Sysadmin of the Week posted
    • project signup almost ready to launch
    • we'll look into getting the BOF slides and audio recordings online (at least for the LOSPA BoFs), and offer to host other content as appropriate
    • there's a plan, but no defined time frame, for moving the public wiki content to

ACTION ITEM: Palmer, Potter to contact other contributors with hosting offer


ACTION ITEM: Harris to work with Albrecht on a membership kit


  • currently, 21 Individual and 2 Corporate sponsors ($44,500 in sponsorships)
  • Wilson has contacted eclipse awards regarding sponsor plaques
  • several new prospects in view

New Business

7 Nov 2005 minutes

MOTION: by Harris seconded by Hughes: to amend the 7 November 2005 minutes to remove the secondary bulletpoint under "Logo". - passes

MOTION: by Harris, seconded by Parter: that the text following the word "arrowthorpe" be struck. - passes

New prospects

  • it was suggested that LOPSA look into having a booth at the upcoming MacWorld event.

ACTION ITEM: Solanki to look into MacWorld booth pricing.

  • sysadmins in the classified/confidential community are underserved - can we find a hook into them?



MOTION to adjourn by Wilson, seconded by Palmer. Adjourned at 20:49 ET.