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This website is not affiliated with SAGE or the USENIX Association. The use of the term "SAGE" below may be historical.

7 November 2005
Board meeting Minutes Next:
21 November 2005

Minutes approved: 21 November 2005

Tom Perrine (chair), Andrew Hume, Stephen Potter, Chris Palmer, Doug Hughes, Trey Harris, David Parter, Pat Wilson (note taker)
Sam Albrecht

Consent Agenda

MOTION: Hume moves, Potter seconds approval of consent agenda - passes

Action Items

  • Harris:
    • Draft a procedure for the vacancy appointment and charge for the Leadership Committee - not done
  • Hume:
    • Continue to pursue parallel negotiations with Usenix Board members - DONE/ONGOING
    • Review minutes and provide a list of redactions pertaining to SAGECom that may now be restored - not done
    • Send mail to Usenix regarding getting booth listed as The System Administrtators Guild, Inc -DONE
  • Hughes:
    • Get bank info from Albrecht for paypal account -DONE
  • Perrine:
    • Draft a business plan for newSAGE (with Wilson) -not done
  • Wilson:
    • Draft a business plan for newSAGE (with Perrine) -not done
  • Albrecht:
    • Continue work on merchant account procurement -incomlete; see below
    • Sign up for volunteer's bof -DONE


Much discussion regarding the possibility of including a free membership after a certain level for individual sponsors, whether or not we should offer lifetime memberships, and whether to allow pre-payment of membership for a small number of years. Parter notes that there may be problems with credit card companies on the prepayment topic.

ACTION: Potter and Wilson to draft a proposal regarding membership for sponsors and the other issues.

  • new sponsors

LOPSA thanks new Founding Individual Diamond Sponsors Greg Rose, AEleen Frisch, Jennine Townsend, and Pat Wilson.

As it's now clear that LOPSA is a separate entity from Usenix, new potential sponsors can be approached.

Online presence update

  • LOPSA now has Amazon Associates,, and (mostly) PayPal accounts.
  • the website has made incredible (and incredibly rapid) progress; it's got a news aggregator (RSS feed), blogging, and mailing lists already. Coming soon are the volunteer profiler, a mailing list -> forum gateway, Kim Wallace's tools project, a potential book review project, and e-commerce/online store. Concerns about whether the online store might cause us to hit our Verisign account limits too quickly. An online poll for the logo color will be conducted for the next 24 hours.

[JD Welch joins the call at 20:40]]

ACTION ITEM: Perrine to investigate Google ads and the possibility of a Google Foundation grant

  • is now the main site - systemadministrators. org is a re-direct. There are SSL certs for both, so things should work regardless.
  • editorial direction for the site will become a major issue soon. Potter to lead.

  • Bylaw change

MOTION (Harris, Hume second): Amend Article 1, Section 1 of the Bylaws to read "The name of the organization shall be the League of Professional System Administrators, incorporated as The System Administrators Guild, Inc.... " (continue as in the current Bylaws). - passed

ACTION ITEM: Palmer will notify current membership of proposed bylaw change

ACTION ITEM: Albrecht to get membership roll in order

  • Logo

It was agreed to poll LOPSA web-site members (who will presumably be official LOPSA members once a payment menchanism is in place) regarding the color and look of the LOSPA logo. Poll to run on the web-site until 9PM EST on 15 November (approximately 24 hours)

  • Business cards

Welch and Solanki will work on getting business cards re-designed (with the new name and logo) and ordered.

LISA status report

  • Booth
    • in the vendor exhibition, next to Sendmail, Inc
    • will need artwork for a banner and posters

ACTION ITEM: Wilson to make up a booth schedule

ACTION ITEM: Wilson to find out how much electricity to booth will cost

  • Suite
    • Perrine has confirmed as of 11/10 the ground level suite for Tuesday 12/6 night through Saturday 12/10 morning, awaiting confirmation number, etc.

ACTION ITEM: Perrine to verify suite location, arrangements

  • Merchandise
    • arrowthorpe pins
    • stickers - good quality vinyl is the priority
      • "leagues ahead"
      • arrowthorpe
      • t-shirt - innocuous one at booth
      • laminating
      • ribbons: LOPSA, LOPSA Board

ACTION ITEM: Parter, Welch, Wilson to finalize and order stickers

ACTION ITEM: Wilson to investigate ribbons

[Welch departs 21:29]

New Potential Projects

  • Mark Lamourine's "Day in the Life" concept

This will be discussed in the Dec 4 meeting.

Advisory Council (Perrine)

It was agreed that the Advisory Council be thanked for their previous work and each asked whether they'd care to continue now that so much has changed. LOPSA Advisory Council members will need to sign an NDA.

ACTION ITEM: Perrine to draft and send email to current Advisory Council members.

Leadership Committee (Perrine)

MOTION: Perrine moves (Hughes seconds) that we invite the members of the Leadership Committee

  • Greg Rose, chair
  • Esther Filderman
  • Adam Moskowitz
  • Mario Obejas

to be Founding Members of LOPSA. They believed in each of us individually, the promise of an independent organization, and were instrumental in creating the new organizatsion. I hope they still believe in the org and the process, and we should thank them for that support in a meaningful, public way - passes

ACTION ITEM: Harris to notify Leadership Committee


Little response to posting of newSAGE budget. Hume is working on another proposal to Usenix using the new state of things as a baseline.

ACTION ITEM: Hume to email Usenix Board regarding their receipt of the Nov 18th report

New Business

Credit Card Processing

  • Credit Card Acceptance - We are very close to having acceptance from Verisign to process credit cards. We need to decide if we want to start incuring the annual cost - about $500. I checked with the accounting department and there is not a monthly service charge associated with this. We will also need to agree to move to iMIS, AH's membership management software, and set up the software and credit card processes at the same time. Since we are a new organization, our limits would be $1,000 per day and $25,000 per month.

Membership classes amendment

All benefits as defined by the board, specifically including:

  • Right to vote in all LOPSA elections
  • Access to members-only LOPSA web content
  • Access to members-only LOPSA web archives
  • Access to participate in members-only LOPSA mailing lists
  • Opportunity to be involved in members-only project- or topic-specific groups
  • Member discounts on selected LOPSA merchandise and publications
  • Other benefits as they are developed

and delete all "Notes" text for Individual Members. -passes

Governance document dissemination

  • Discussion whether to migrate to Drupal site for governance documents, or whether to continue with Board wikis

ACTION ITEM: Harris to migrate all 3 wikis (Board, Public, and Drupal) to new machine


  • Sam will be hard to get this week. For emergencies, call his cell. Think "nice weather" for 36 hours on the road with two cars, one wife, one turtle, two cats, and 100+ rabbits.
  • Thanks to Palmer for holding IRC "office hours" today
  • Thanks to Hughes, Potter, Parter, and all for great work this week.


MOTION to adjorn by Hume, seconded by Hughes -passes. Adjourned at 22:24 EST