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9 March 2010
Board meeting Minutes Next:
23 March 2010

Minutes approved: 23 March 2010


Trey Harris (chair), Derek Balling, Lois Bennett, Ski Kacoroski, Philip Kizer, Dan Rich, MaryBeth Kurland
Sam Albrecht
Travis Campbell, David Parter, Jesse Trucks
20:35 Eastern Time
21:55 Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

  • A motion was made and seconded and the minutes from the March 9th meeting were unanimously approved. 9 March 2010

Budget discussion (Bennett)

  • Harris & Bennett to present results of discussions with AH
    • The group discussed Executive Management duties and the prposed managament structure.
      • Executive Management Duties
      • The group determined that they may need to eliminate the executive director hours for 2010 in order to blanace the budget, etc.
      • Sam is going to propose the changes to the management structure to AH executive committee and suggested a check in for the third quarter to see if this model is working if approved.
  • The group discussed possible changes to the budget and the revisions made by the treasurer.
    • The group noted that any net income from PICC would not be for LOPSA use, but instead earmarked for future NJ Chapter conferences.
    • The group also discussed doing LISA booth but without LOPSA After Dark
  • MOTION: To tentatively approve budget as presented by the Treasurer, pending final approval before March 31. Motion by Bennet, seconded by Rich. Passes.


  • Kizer:
    Reaching out to younger sysadmins, using new tools
  • Kacoroski:
    Wiki page for talking points to sponsors
    Membership pricing change
    Ethics certification
  • Rich:
    Reaching out to sysadmin blogs
    Who do we know (VIPs)? Reach out for leads, sponsorships, etc.
  • Balling:
    Professionalism classes/certification
  • Bennett:
    Reviews of training on website
    Print materials locally for conference booths, Use I-phone for credit card processing, Use order forms and Web site to sell tshirts instead of shipping - Reduce Shipping costs
  • Harris:
    PR: Get ready for the next news story with a list of who we'll contact to comment on it. Blogs, website articles, etc. Use the plan for Sysadmin Appreciation Day if no better story comes first.
    Blog a Day- Competition & Prizes
    "Kooky" ideas: contests, anything that can get people talking, blogging, tweeting, etc.
    Bridging the membership benefits vs. dues gap in both directions, lowering fees and increasing benefits
  • Other ideas:
    Corporate Membership $1000 - includes sponsorshp
    Membership Specials
    You Tube- Using Social Media


"Friends and family"

  • Please add to the list on board wiki.

"Action Items & Notes"

  • Trey to ask Jesse and Travis for Web site update
  • MaryBeth to attend next week's board call
  • Lois to follow-up with potential sponsor
  • MaryBeth & Lois to work on Budget to present final for approval before March 31st.


MOTION to adjourn by Kacoroski, second Rich. Passes without objection.