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== Consent Agenda ==
== Consent Agenda ==
* No meeting {{minutes link|3 September 2019}}'''
* No meeting {{minutes link|3 September 2019}}'''
* '''Approve minutes of {{minutes link|20 August 2019}}''' (No minutes yet available)
* '''Approve minutes of {{minutes link|20 August 2019}}''' (Minutes not yet available)
== Standing Reports ==
== Standing Reports ==

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3 September 2019
Board meeting Minutes Next:
1 October 2019

Minutes approved: 29 October 2019

Andy Cowell (President), Scott Suehle (VP), Brian Globerman (Treasurer), Andree Jacobson (Secretary), Branson Matheson
Drew Adams, Danielle White, Daniel Hodges
9.25pm Eastern Time
9,43pm Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

Standing Reports

Treasurer's report (Globerman)

Current bank balance- all accounts:

  • 16 Sep 2019: $28,286 (+$902 from last year)

Profit and Loss:

  • 15 Aug - 16 Sep 2019: -$480
  • 1 Jan 1 - 16 Sep 2019: -$1,523 (-$10,124 same period 2018)

Membership Dues received: 1 Jan - 16 Aug 2019: $6,477 ($8,599 in 2018)

Membership report (Hodges)

  • Total active members: 554 (previous report: ?, change: 2, pending renewal: 14)
  • Paying: 215 (2 new in last 30 days)
  • Non-paying: 339 (8 new in last 30 days)

Paying members include Individual, Charter, Founding, and Lifetime memberships. Non-paying members include Student and Complimentary memberships.

Not too many recent updates from Hodges... Andree will check if this is an easy number to pull from WildApricot.

Committee reports

Conferences/Events (Matheson)

  • Planning for LISA. Branson is planning on going, booth space is reserved, trying to make sure we have a presence.
  • Ohio LinuxFest coming up. There was an email from Warner about a post in a channel none of us have access to. Scott to reach out to Warner about getting membership on the leadership channel.

Marketing/Communications (Adams)


Technical Services (White)


Education, Training and Mentorship (Cowell)

  • Branson has a new mentee

Recognition (Suehle)


Leadership (Suehle)

  • Election to start Sep 23rd. Need to get candidate statements out.
  • Andree to set up election page and make sure it goes live on Monday, Sep 23rd.

Locals/Chapters (Matheson)

  • No responses to mails, will re-email this week
  • Brian is checking on possible Bozeman chapter

Established chapters

  • LA - Nothing to report
  • Columbus - Nothing to report
  • ETENN - Nothing to report
  • Ottawa Valley System Administrators Guild - Nothing to report
  • Seattle Area System Administrators Guild - Nothing to report
  • San Diego - Nothing to report

Forming chapters

  • NJ - Nothing to report
  • Chicago - Nothing to report

Old Business

Complimentary memberships

Jefferey Brown used to be a charter member before (though we are not able to find records of him).

  • Scott moves that we award a complimentary membership to Jefferey Brown
    • Motion passes unanimously



 Branson Motioned for Adjournment
 Scott Seconded