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4 December 2018
Board meeting Minutes Next:
8 January 2019

Minutes approved: 8 January 2019

Revised Minutes approved: 20 August 2019

Andy Cowell (President), Brian Globerman (Treasurer), Drew Adams, Branson Matheson, Scott Suehle
Andree Jacobson (Secretary), Danielle White, Mark Lamourine
9.16pm Eastern Time
9.59pm Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

Thank you Andy for going through and creating those minutes.

Andy moves to approve both sets of minutes. Scott seconds. No objections.

Standing Reports

Treasurer's report (Globerman)

Bank balance on 12/16/2018: $28,956.13 + $719.04 since last update on 12/4/2018

Proposed resolution: Due to inability to fund the Community Manager position on a sustainable basis, LOPSA must regrettably end this position effective 12/31/2018.

Membership report (Unknown)

No membership report

Discussion: We need numbers here, however - no one was assigned to this task during the annual board meeting. Drew has a suggestion for new board member.

Scott mentions that it looks like people are renewing.

Committee reports

Conferences/Events (Matheson)

No report.

Marketing/Communications (Adams)

No direct report.


  • Andy Suggest doing a monthly Webinar. Drew follows up suggesting maybe Youtube or Zoom. A suggestion to use perhaps a previous recording, or slide deck to present on.
  • Andy also mentions a publication made to LOPSA East Tennessee titled: Server Administration in a Serverless World. Andy commits to presenting this.
  • Scott has friend that uses Twitch - and suggests that might be a good platform to use for these types of activities.
  • Scott and Drew will have platform suggestion up by mid Jan.

Technical Services (White)

No report.

Note: Everyone seems to have their email addresses set up.

Education, Training and Mentorship (Cowell)

72 Total Users

  • Role breakdown:
    • 57 Protege
    • 15 Mentor
  • Registration status:
    • 27 have not completed their registration
    • 29 have completed their registration
    • 16 have completed their registration but are not approved (not members)

Currently paired:

  • 1 mentors
  • 1 mentees

Informal discussion around tutorial videos or live webinars, and later follow up.

We are cancelling Xinspire, and will coordinate mentorship via Slack instead.

Recognition (Suehle)

No report.

Leadership (Suehle)

No report.

Locals/Chapters (Lamourine)

No report.

Established chapters

  • LA - No report.
  • Columbus - No report.
  • ETENN - No report.
  • Ottawa Valley System Administrators Guild - No report.
  • Seattle Area System Administrators Guild - Difficulty finding venue for meeting, but 12-14 folks met.
  • San Diego - No report.

Forming chapters

  • NJ - No report.
  • Chicago - No report.

New Business

Replacement Board member (Adams)

Drew motions that we appoint Daniel Hodges as a board member in Aleksey Tsalolikhin who resigned.

Scott seconds. No objections. Motion carries unanimously.


Discussion about face-to-face meeting. Andy will set up a doodle to vote for an appropriate date.

Suggestion to move next board meeting (since current planned on Jan 1), will now be Jan 8. Scott will set up new Zoom meeting.


 Scott Motioned for Adjournment
 Branson Seconded