Board meeting Minutes/18 February 2008

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4 February 2008
Board meeting Minutes Next:
3 March 2008

Minutes approved: 31 March 2008

Subject to verification Philip Kizer (chair), David Parter, Jesse Trucks, Bob Apthorpe, Derek Balling, Trey Harris, Deepa Solanki
Stephen Potter, Chris Palmer, Matthew Barr.
<8.06pm> Eastern Time
Recessed for Business Meeting
<8:30pm> Eastern Time
<9:26pm> Eastern Time

Harris has no voice due to laryngitis and Kizer chairs.

Consent Agenda

Action Items

  • Trucks
    • Draft policy on use of email addresses— deferred to next meeting.
  • Potter:
    • Update meeting minutes on public governance pages

Standing Reports

  • Executive Director's report
    • Membership card graphics received. Template approved. Will be uploaded for printing.
    • Membership Brochures - working to purchase mailing list. Budget will need to be updated before proceeding with project.
    • Job Target - In discussion with contact.
  • Treasurer's report (second meeting of the month only)
    • Sample membership cards have been uploaded. Will order 2,500 quantity.
  • Technical services report
    • IRC transition went very smooth - considering adding cloaks for everyone since not many members use IRC
    • Some Tech Team members have tech-team cloaks so members can find them quickly
    • Site upgrade is ramping up and the early R&D is underway.
  • Conference/events activities report
    • Nothing to report
  • Development report (Meeting focus at first meeting of the month)
  • Upcoming MtM (last meeting of the month only)
    • February edition late.
    • ACTION ITEM: Set up template for February
  • MOTION; Motion (made by Trucks), seconded and unanimously approved to authorize an additional $4K spending for executive direcotor to send membership drive mailing to the Sysadmin mailing list.


Board adjourns early to have a program planning meeting.