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5 June 2018
Board meeting Minutes Next:
3 July 2018

Minutes approved: 14 August 2018 

(Subject to verification) Steve VanDevender, Andy Cowell (VP), Brian Globerman (Treasurer), Aleksey Tsalolikhin (Secretary), Drew Adams
Scott Suehle, Danielle White

9:05 PM Eastern Time
9:22 Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

Andy moved to approve, Steve seconded, no objections.

Standing Reports

Treasurer's report (Globerman, Beech, Suehle)

Bank balance on 6/16/2018: $31,413.52 -$381.03 over last reported balance on 6/3/2018; -4,091.39 compared to 6/16/2017

Budget estimated mid-July due to Brian's job change.

Brian has generated a spreadsheet of individual donations and forwarded to Roger, as we have typically had individual donations by now in previous years. Andy suggest Roger use that spreadsheet to correct donor information on the website; Aleksey will speak with Roger about it.

Membership report (VanDevender)

  • Total active members: 644 (previous report: 648, change: -4, pending renewal: 16)
  • Paying: 306 (2 new in last 30 days)
  • Non-paying: 338 (6 new in last 30 days)

Paying members include Individual, Charter, Founding, and Lifetime memberships. Non-paying members include Student and Complimentary memberships. "Pending renewal" is a count of members whose memberships are due for renewal within 14 days.

Committee reports

Conferences/Events (Adams)

Marketing/Communications (Tsalolikhin)

Technical Services (White)

Education, Training and Mentorship (Cowell)

49 Total Users

  • Role breakdown:
    • 37 Protege
    • 12 Mentor
  • Registration status:
    • 19 have not completed their registration
    • 24 have completed their registration
    • 6 have completed their registration but are not approved (not members)

Currently paired:

  • 4 mentors
  • 7 mentees

Recognition (Beech)

Leadership (Tsalolikhin)

Proposal: Aleksey to greet new board members on behalf of the board, and invite them to attend board meetings as a guest.

Aleksey moved the proposal, Andy seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Proposal: Board to gift Scott Murphy a $100 gift card for his services on the Leadership Committee, as done last year.

Andy moved the proposal, Drew seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Locals/Chapters (Tsalolikhin)

LA chapter hosting LPI beta exams on the 28th.

East TN chapter hosting LPI beta exams on the 23rd.

Established chapters

  • LA - meeting Tuesday, June 19th - Kirk Waingrow presents on "Operational Management Tools and IT KASM"
  • Columbus - nothing scheduled
  • ETENN - met on June 5th
  • Ottawa Valley System Administrators Guild -
  • Seattle Area System Administrators Guild -
  • San Diego -