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17 Nov 2014
Board meeting Minutes Next:
15 Dec 2014

Minutes approved: 15 Dec 2014

  • NOTICE to those on the line: All present agree to a temporary recording of this call to be be deleted no later than when the minutes are approved. Please speak up if you disagree with this and we will discuss it after roll call.
Move your name to Present or Apologies prior to the meeting! Ski Kacoroski
(Subject to verification) ? Dan Rich (chair), John Boris, Steve VanDevender, Matt Disney
 ? George Beech, William Bilancio, Matt Simmons,
9:06 PM Eastern Time
9:38 PM Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

Wording in November 3, 2014 minutes were changed concerning Steve Murawski's resignation.

Action Items

The Board was reminded to review their action items.

Standing Reports

Treasurer's report (Disney)

  • Balance info
    • BoA Account: $22,909.25
    • PayPal Account: $4,875.81 (STALE)
    • TDBank: $1,989.73
    • Total: $29,774.79
    • +/- from last meeting: $378.32
  • Summary of expenditures since last report:
    • Budgeted operational expenses
  • Summary of income since last report:
    • Membership dues: $155.60 (unbalanced)
  • Outstanding liabilities
    • VanDevender (report submitted, William has this)
  • Top priorities
    • Scott Koch refund
    • F2F reimbursement (VanDevender)
    • Transition bank accounts
    • 2013 990
    • Directors insurance
  • Misc:
    • Need VanDevender expense report from William

Membership report (VanDevender)

  • See CiviCRM
  • Previous Month:
    • New: 27 (14 students)
    • Renew: 3 (0 students)
    • Lapsed: 53
  • Month to Date:
    • New: 1 (2 students)
    • Renew: 0 (0 students)
    • Lapsed: 0
  • Total: 844 (679 paying)

Are new memberships and renewals from LISA '14 taken care of? There have been some questions to Dan and Steve will discuss off line on importing the LISA'14 memberships.

Conference/events activities report (Bilancio)

No Report

Local Chapter Committee report (Bilancio)

No Report

Development report (Kacoroski)

I picked up several leads that I will be contacting for both LOPSA and Cascadia IT conference sponsorships. Two of the explicitly asked what I wanted (name a number). I did not have a good answer for that. Ski did have a very good conversation with Taos about bettering their relationship with LOPSA.

Communications (LOPSAgram, #lopsa-live, etc) (Simmons/Kacoroski)

Ski will contact Matt Simmons about getting the LOPSAGram out.

Project Management report (Rich)

Only a single project has an update on Projects 2014/2015. As far as I can tell, no work has been done on any but one of the projects since the face-to-face.

Projects that need an owner (formerly Steve M.):

  • Expand community communications behavior policy with specific procedures, expectations, and enforcement to Improve the LOPSA on-line community to provide more acceptance and an environment of professionalism (IRC, mailing lists, etc)
  • Develop moderator schedule/procedure for moderation of communication resources

Liaison reports (LC, etc.)

Technical Services Report (Bilancio)

No Report Ski stated there was a member at LISA that was interested in helping and will send his contact information to Chan.

Mentorship Report (Beech)

No Report

LOPSA Professional Recognition (Simmons)

No Report

Leadership Committee (Kacoroski)

Ski spoke with Warner at LISA and will get back to him about potential candidates for the board. Matt Disney passed a name to Ski of a potential Board candidate to be forwarded to Warner.

Lisa'14 Review (Kacoroski)

  • Went well over all. I have updated the LISA'14 page with things that we can do better next time.

Ski spoke about the table placement. He felt it was a good spot but going forward we might get a better spot in a different hotel setting. Matt Disney felt everyone did a great job but would like to see us be more mobile at the conference. Maybe get a walking message out among the attendees. Ski wants to have LOPSA buy a few Shirts from Lands End and display them At the end of the conference either raffle them off or auction them off. It would be a way to promote the link to our Lands End page. John mentioned having campaign buttons for people to wear saying "Ask me about LOPSA." Ski mentioned we need more Swag. Matt Simmons had them in the budget. John mentioned we should have some type of giveaway for our members that come up. Ski commented the members that manned the table were a great help. A discussion about outside people helping at the table. The board felt they were very helpful. Ski would like to get with some vendors

ED/Admin Assistant (Kacoroski)

I would like to start looking for some help for us so things stop falling through the cracks. I am thinking about a person working 10 - 20 hours per week (depending on the time of year and events happening). Things like get ads created and placed in print and online magazines, collect data on events and get it posted, make sure the items our published on time, help to collect and post content, respond or make sure members get prompt responses, etc. My idea is that I would work up a job posting with salary range and if the board approves it then start the hiring process. A discussion ensued. Dan stated we would need the Job description and a budget figure before we proceed. Ski further stated the benefits of a person on staff would help us add members. Ski will draw up a job description and salary guide for the strategy meeting.

Graphics/website/AD creator (Kacoroski)

I met a member whose wife is a graphics person who is stuck doing HTML5 animated ads now and really wants to get back to doing website design. I would like to pursue her as an option for our website redesign and for creating print and online ads for LOPSA. Contact information is:

Julie Edwards Dan felt this should be with the communication committee. He also wanted to bring in JD on the Drupal development.John asked Ski to speak to hear about her Drupal experience since our site is in that format. Ski will speak to her and Matt Simmons.

Educators Committee (Kacoroski)

I talked with Charles Border and there is something that I think is possible for LOPSA to do with our limited resources that would be very helpful. The way college courses are taught these days is that the first step is to create a list of 4 - 8 outcomes for the course. These are broad things like "learn to communicate effectively" or "understand common programming idioms". What I think the committee can do is to work with the existing system admin degree programs to get a common set of outcomes for a 4 year system admin degree. LOPSA can then put their stamp of approval on this and when a university's program outcomes matches up, we advertise it. The consensus of the board was for this project. Ski will send out a call for members to the committee and start assembling them after January.

Strategy Meeting (Rich)

I am proposing that the second meeting in Dec (15-Dec-2014) be our next strategy meeting. The board was in agreement. Dan explained the way the meeting should be run and expect it to go about 90 minutes.

Holiday Meeting (Rich)

I am proposing that we cancel the meeting between Christmas and New Years on 29-Dec-2014. The board was in agreement.

New Business

No new Business



John Motioned for adjournment seconded by Ski.