Board meeting Minutes/1 Jul 2013

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17 Jun 2013
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15 Jul 2013

Minutes approved: 15 Jul 2013

  • NOTICE to those on the line: All present agree to a temporary recording of this call to be be deleted no later than when the minutes are approved. Please speak up if you disagree with this and we will discuss it after roll call.
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(Subject to verification) Philip Kizer (chair), William Bilancio, Dan Rich, John Boris, Matt Disney, Martin Gehrke
Evan Pettrey, Ski Kacoroski
8:03 PM Eastern Time
8:42 PM Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

Action Items

Board members are reminded to review their tickets in RT and update their status.

Standing Reports

  • Treasurer's report

Evan was not in attendance so the report will be put off until next meeting.

  • Membership report
    • 822 members
    • 10 lapsed members in June, 104 last quarter, 212 year to date
    • "Final notice" e-mail has been sent to those who have lapsed in the prior quarter, this usually results in a few renewals
  • Technical services report

The Tech Team had no major issues since last meeting.

  • Conference/events activities report

Cascadia is gearing up for next year. Lee will be the conference chair. Paul will take over the sponsorship chair from Ski for this year.

LOPSA-East will start in the next week working on their sponsorship package.

Our next big conference is LISA. Please review the LISA Wiki page and what you think we need to do. We will discuss this at the F2F.

John Boris will be at Fosscon'13 on August 10.

Crossbow needs a new chair as Aleksey had to step down. William is seeking a nominee. All Crossbow items should go to William and not Aleksey.

  • Local Chapter Committee report

Our last meeting was postponed due to power outages. We had a Google hangout with the guys from Atlanta and the Tech Team rolled out their list for them. They will communicate the date of their first meeting to Ski as soon as they decide on one.

Matt reported a message on Reditt about interest of starting a chapter in Syracuse. He will follow up on that lead.

We got a message from Lars that he is interested in trying to start a chapter in Austin.

Craig Constantine approached Martin on starting a chapter in the Lehigh area. Martin will get back with him on this.

  • Mentorship Status report

The LMPT team met on Tuesday June 25, 2013. The discussion was on the LOPSAGram blurb. One was finalized and forwarded to Ski for inclusion. Thomas spoke to me after the meeting about T Shirts for the LMPT core team. I explained that new shirts were in the works and as far as committee members getting free ones is a topic that we would probably hold until the Face to Face as we have to see the monetary impact. I feel that as a board we do have to find some way of recognizing volunteers. How we do that is a big question. We don't have to discuss this now as I would rather collect the data of how many non board volunteers we have and run some numbers to come back with it.

  • Communications (LOPSAgram, #lopsa-live, etc)

Ski was not in attendance but he is preparing the LOPSAgram for publication.

  • Liaison reports (LC, etc.)

Philip has approached Mario about staying on as the Liaison chair and when he gets back to him he will report. If he does not choose to stay we will need candidates.

Spiceworks Sponsorship (Pettrey, via Kizer)

I've been working with Spiceworks to arrange LOPSA sponsorship and believe Ski has picked it up to carry through at the national level.

One of the things they're interested in doing is purchasing gift memberships for their Spiceheads (I believe this is what they call their users). I'd like to come up with an automated way to handle this as the current method isn't very good and certainly isn't PCI compliant. John Boris had a good idea of using a discount code that automatically ties membership to an account that is billed to them but I'm not completely sure how this would work.

Please discuss this in my absence at the meeting on Monday.

A discussion followed on what is needed to get gift codes working in CiVi and this s tied to the Drupal 7 roll out as that portion of CiVi is not supported in Drupal 6. Dan stated that we will need volunteers to test the code. William mentioned that we are still in need of a Drupal Theme writer.

The PCI compliant issue was discussed and it is not CiVi but PayPal. The issue was with the handling of Credit Card numbers. A way around this is to Invoice them through PayPal which would be more secure and then we would do a manual entry into CiVi.

There is a timing issues of almost 3 months to get the discount code because of the Drupal upgrade and lack of Drupal Theme designer.

Dan will put a ticket into RT so Evan can enroll us into the PayPal Invoice system.

John and Dan will work on getting Spiceworks setup.

Lifetime Memberships (Kizer)

For reference, see the current list: LOPSA Policies/Membership classes

As discussed both with the Charter Member that suggested the idea and as internal board debate, I want to bring Lifetime Memberships up for a vote tonight.

The general idea was to avoid any complicated schemes for the kick-off keeping it a simple 20x linked rate for dues, but adding the provision that any current special status will continue to be reflected in the membership class. This idea was generally agreed upon and I note that the language of the proposal is unchanged from the one our Treasurer agreed with. As such:

MOTION: Amend the LOPSA Policy on Membership classes to add a new class of membership called a Lifetime Member that is a voting member with the Dues indexed to the current normal membership Dues times 20 that will be exempt from a Renewal requirement and confers all of the benefits of an Individual Member or that member's current class, whichever is greater.

Motion was seconded by John.

Motion passed with 5 for 1 Nay.

A discussion followed on what to do with the monies from the Lifetime membership. Martin stated we should be looking to invest this. Dan proposed that this is something for the Finance Committee to look into and come back to the board with an investment plan.

Another discussion followed on announcing the new membership, its effective date and where it has to be noted. Philip stated that the Member Classes Policy needs updating. We may want to do an advertising push for this. We just have to sync the updating of the Governance Policy

We do have two members interested in this.


Motion to adjourn by Dan Seconded by William