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7 Apr 2014
Board meeting Minutes Next:
5 May 2014

Minutes approved: 2 Jun 2014}

Move your name to Present or Apologies prior to the meeting!
(Subject to verification) Dan Rich (chair), William Bilancio (Have to be out by 9pm), John Boris, Matt Disney, Ski Kacoroski, Martin Gehrke, Matt Simmons, Evan Pettrey, Mike Julian
8:01 PM Eastern Time
8:56 PM Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

Action Items

No items to review

Standing Reports

  • Treasurer's Report (Evan)
    • BoA Account: $25,291.04
    • PayPal Account: $3,305.69
    • Total: $28,596.73
    • +/- from last meeting:$4,219.20
  • Membership report
    • March:
      • New: 52 (15 students)
      • Renew: 6 (0 students)
      • Lapsed: 92
    • April To Date:
      • New: 21 (16 students)
      • Renew: 5 (0 students)
      • Lapsed: 21
    • Total: 841 (752 paying)

We are around where we were last year at this time. Matt Simmons asked if this new format is a better way to view the membership. Evan asked if there was a way to show from Month to Month and Matt Simmons says doing it this way it will be easy to report month to month fluctuations.

Matt Disney asked if we would be able to trend the membership data in a graph going forward if it would be able to do it easily. A discussion started on how to automate the making of the graph and Matt Simmons will look into automating the graph Matt Disney asked for. Dan forwarded a CiVi link that might help.

  • Conference/events activities report
    • Ski will be attending LinuxFestNW this weekend.
    • LOPSA-East is in two weeks. Registration is about 100. The in person price goes into effect April 28. After LOPSA-East LISA is the next event. Mike asked about last year's LOPSA-East attendance and it was 144. William stated that there is a large push within the last two weeks. A new sponsor was picked up.
    • WiAC (Boris)**

(Moved here from later in the meeting) USENIX was contacted about a table but no reply yet of status. Matt Simmons will touch base with Julie.

  • Local Chapter Committee report
    • A discussion on how information was displayed about the Atlanta Chapter. Matt Simmons thought the line about Atlanta made it sound as if we thought they would not make it. Matt Simmons wanted it to show we are behind them. Martin is for a positive statement for the local but it was just stating what the issue the local was having getting moving. The final decision was that Martin would contact the Atlanta group and let them know what resources the National can afford them to help them move forward. Further information is covered in New Business.
      • LOPSA Student Chapter
        • Please reference the email sent to the board email list.
    • Martin moved that we approve ANSA as a LOPSA student chapter with Mike Julian and Jesse trucks as Mentors
      • William asked if all appropriate papers and data were sent in. Martin replied that everything was submitted.
      • Martin informed the group that they were doing a good job.
    • Motioned seconded by John
      • No discussion followed.
    • Motion passed without objection
  • Development report
    • Nothing to report
  • Communications (LOPSAgram, #lopsa-live, etc)

Nothing to Report

  • Project Management report
    • Nothing to Report
  • Liaison reports (LC, etc.)
    • Technical Services Report (Mike)
      • New TSC Chair (Chan Wilson) is settling in. Aaron Sachs has submitted his resignation from TSC, citing other obligations.
    • Mentorship Report (John)

Nothing to report. John will continue to work on recognition

    • LOPSA Professional Recognition (Matt Simmons)
      • Matt Simmons will present the certificates at LOPSA-East and mail the remainder.
      • Remove from reports until October? Dan directed John to edit the minutes template to say that the LPR Committee is on hiatus until October.
    • Leadership Committee (Ski)

The LC got the Doodle for LOPSA-Live to have the correct dates.

Elections / Board open seat discussion (Rich)

  • Finish the discussion that began in e-mail regarding filling the open board seat, elections, and any potential by-laws changes.

The discussion continued. Dan stated that changing the by-laws just before an election does not look correct and is not in the best interest of the organization. The way it stands now if the vacancy is left alone until the elections and then appoint a person after the election.

Matt Simmons agreed with Dan with changing the by-laws and appointing a person to the unexpired term.

Matt Disney stated he is agreed with Matt and Dan about not changing the by-laws and appointing a person to the unexpired term.

John agreed also not to change the by-law especially about the "paid member" for one year prior to the election. He felt that we should wait to appoint a person to the unexpired term after the elections.

Martin asked to clarify that any appointment would be for an unexpired term.

Financial Transparency (Rich)

  • Continue the table discussion from the prior meeting
  • How transparent do we want to be?
    • Publish raw numbers in the treasurer's report?
      • Dan stated that the way the numbers are shown is fine with him. That would be account balanaces and trend up or down since last meeting or month.
      • Matt Simmons is okay with the raw numbers
      • Evan Agreed
    • Publish quarterly summary in the LOPSAgram?
      • Dan agrees this would also be a good thing.
    • Matt Simmons also agrees.
      • Publish raw number in the annual meeting?
      • William asked for clarification if the annual meeting was the one at LISA and Dan confirmed.
      • Dan agreed to this
    • Publish the budget?
      • Dan felt that the actual Budget is a living document and an abridged Budget would be better published. He felt it would be on the committee level not on a line item basis.
      • Matt Simmons would like to see a projected Bidget. It would help us show our members where we are spending their money.
      • Evan Agreed with Matt Simmons and Dan
      • Mike agrees to publishing the Budget on a High Level
    • John gave an explanation on how he was doing the minutes and why certain things were redacted as there was never any direction on what to put in.

Dan stated that Treasurers report shows Bank balances and trend. A quarterly statement will be published in the LOPSAGram. The Finance committee will be tasked to prepare a high level budget for publishing.

Executive Session (Rich)

Dan asked if there was an objection to go into executive session. There was no objection. Exited Executive Session at 8:42PM

New Business

Trademark (John)

The trademark application had issues. One issue was resolved by John speaking to the attorney and left a message for the other attorney. John needs a flyer, publication or notice that shows we do workshops and have resources for System Administrators. Matt Simmons recommended the mentorship Flyer, LOPSA-East Flyers and LISA which shows we are in cooperation with USENIX. John explained that we have been receiving a ton of SPAM from other attorneys and he explained to everyone to ignore them unless it came from the US Government.


The group wished Mike Well


William moved to adjourn Seconded by John