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7 March 2011
Board meeting Minutes Next:
4 April 2011

Minutes approved: 18 April 2011

Philip Kizer (chair), Lois Bennett, William Bilancio, Ski Kacoroski, Dan Rich
Matthew Barr, Jesse Trucks, Jimmy Kaplowitz, ...
8:05pm Eastern Time
9:10pm Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

Action Items

Phillip is looking into insurance for directors Ski has lopsagram draft open for April William going to work more on forums and help Jesse with jobs Forum Dan wants to use due dates on action items to set when we are going to work on them

RT Ticket Status
User Open tickets
Nobody 4
drich 10
lois 8
pckizer 4
pensezbien 7
ski 6
wbilancio 7

Standing Reports

  • Treasurer's report
    • We made our first payment on the AH debt as our bank account is gradually growing
    • We have invoiced OLF and SCALE for instructor fees
    • We still need to pay the SCALE instructors
  • Membership report
    • Membership is holding steady around 700 members
  • Technical services report
  • Conference/events activities report
  • Development report
  • Upcoming MtM
    • Please add your items to 2011/04 Draft LOPSAGram on I would like to get this out in the first week of April.

Stonefly Promotion... (Ski)

I finally go this nailed down and think it is a good deal for us (exposure to 5500 more folks). Would like your comments before I say yes.

Description: Get up to 10% off a StoneFly IP SAN when you support LOPSA.

For every dollar you donate to LOPSA, StoneFly will match up to 10% of your purchasing price (up to $1000)! Call a StoneFly sales representative at (510) 265-1616 for more detail. Visit

Stonefly Marketing:

  1. Add this announcement to our April newsletter (which goes to over 5500 people)
  2. Add your logo and link to our website (please provide me with a logo and link)
  3. Create a blog about it
  4. Announce it on our social network (twitter, fb, linkedin)
  5. Send you some t-shirts/mugs/brochures to pass out to your members. (please provide me an address and when should I send the items by)

LOPSA Marketing:

  1. Note in LOPSAGram
  2. Email to local chapter leaders asking if they would like swag and ask them to mention Stonefly
  3. Put on member discounts page
  4. Do social media post (twitter, facebook, linked-in)
  5. Have one of us do a blog entry about it that gets some time on front page

Cascadia Report (WBilancio)

Made $18333 on registrations + 5 sponsors (3 were bronze). Hotel was good to work with and provided good food. Will use them for next year's conference. Wifi had minimal outages. No bill yet for hotel and food so we will have total number next week. Marketing was weak and they will improve next year. 85 attendees with 11 comps (tutorial instructors, vendor reps, keynote speaker). Should have been able to get 20 - 30 more. One attendee came from Florida another one from Ottawa. Unconference idea did not work out very well. Primary difficulty was an instructor that had to cancel at the last minute and finding replacements. Conventionist mobile app for iPhone and Android phone with schedules worked out well.

Lopsa Live Time... (Ski)

Wondering if we should set up a date for a LOPSA live as we have had a lot of successes and it may be nice to get some live feedback from our members.

  • Matthew Barr will run the next Lopsa Live on April 5th at 5pm EST. We will send out a quick email congrats on Cascadia and about Lopsa Live. Ski will provide draft to William.

LopsaGram Archive... (Ski)

We have a dead link on the governance wiki that points to for an archive of LOPSAgrams. Should we drop this, move it to the governance wiki, or ??? I did check and if you search for LOPSAgram you find some of the older ones. I think we should have one page that links to all of them.

  • William and Dan will take care of this.

New Business

Mentorship Program (Lois)

They are a bit anxious about issues with the RT workflow. They need an upgrade to RT that is waiting on the tech team. We are also a bit concerned about mentorship leadership burnout.

  • William is going to meet in May with Jesse about getting more help on the tech team
  • We have a copy of RT that will work, but no one with time to install it.

Omni IT EMail (William)

Question was should they be allowed to post to our discuss list with information about their CFP for a conference. We all agreed to allow this.

  • Philip will let them know



A motion made by Lois seconded by Ski to adjourn at 9:10pm Eastern Time.