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7 March 2017
Board meeting Minutes Next:
4 April 2017

Minutes approved: 4 April 2017

  • NOTICE to those on the line: All present agree to a temporary recording of this call to be be deleted no later than when the minutes are approved. Please speak up if you disagree with this and we will discuss it after roll call.
Move your name to Present or Apologies prior to the meeting!
(Subject to verification) Steve VanDevender, Ray Frush, Ski Kacoroski, Brian Globerman, George Beech (chair), Atom Powers,
Paul English, Scott Suehle, Thomas Uphill

Consent Agenda

Standing Reports

Treasurer's report (Globerman)

Balance Info:

  • BoA Accounts: $61,300.01
  • PayPal Account: $1,221.61
  • Total: $62,521.62 +/- from last report (03/07/2017): -765.05

Significant Payments (past):

  • 1. Peter Sayeh (CPA) retainer of $1400 paid 3/5/17. Starting to work on renewal of non-profit status, and delinquent IRS filings

Significant Payments (Upcoming, checks issued 3/21/2017):

  • 1. eatdrink catering (CasitConf 2017): $18,336.42
  • 2. Ski (CasitConf, SCaLE2017 expenses): $2521.71
  • 3. Atom (CasitConf expenses): $749.79

CasitConf liabilities to date: $21,002.28 (previously anticipated ~$28,000.00, but trainers' honoraria not paid yet)

Projected 3/28/2017 balance: $40,913.70

Membership report (VanDevender)

  • Total active members: 657 (previous report: 620, change: 37, pending: 66)
  • Paying: 367 (34 new in last 30 days)
  • Non-paying: 290 (22 new in last 30 days)

Paying members include Individual, Charter, Founding, and Lifetime memberships. Non-paying members include Student and Complimentary memberships.

I'm going to start including a count of paid members pending renewal in the report. These are members within 30 days of lapsing, which Wild Apricot doesn't seem to count in the active category.

New members and renewals from Cascadia 2017 have partially made up for the drop in active members shown in the previous report.

  • All: discussion on how to properly account for student members getting free membership, but paying for Cascadia - where does the $50 go, vs offsetting Cascadia fees? - A: $50 per non-student is moved to LOPSA fund for payment of dues that was part of ticket price.
  • Presenters will get memberships as we did in past year(s)

Committee reports

Conferences/Events/Chapters activities report (Powers)

LOPSA Cascadia 2017: March 10,11.(Kacoroski,Uphill,Globermann,English,Powers)

ACPE Northwest

  • Ski is attending, no booth but will put out literature for people to pick up

Linuxfest May 6,7

  • Brian planning to go
  • Paul _hoping_ to go

Marketing/Communications (LOPSAgram, #lopsa-live, etc) (English, Uphill)

  • March LOPSAgram still not out - sorry, it has been a hectic month!
    • Busy today and traveling tomorrow - I aim to send it Monday March 27.
    • Wild Apricot does scheduled emails now <3
    • Still could use help on content. At the moment I'm writing a "thanks for another great Cascadia", and we've got "great to see you at SCALE", and "see you at LFNW"..but nothing else.
  • We have a booth at LFNW. IIRC, Thomas said he can staff it "part of the time." Anyone else? Paul: _maybe_. We're trying to move my MIL from NE to CA "soon", no idea if it will conflict yet, no tickets from NE->SEA for LFNW purchased yet.
  • Please help provide content for the next LOPSAgram
  • Please blog on your LOPSA Blog

Technical Services Report (Beech, VanDevender)

Mentorship Report (Beech)

On hold until we get non profit fixed. Tooling needs current proof.

Recognition (Uphill, Disney)

Leadership Committee (Warner, Kacoroski)

No report

Locals/Chapters Committee (Suehle)

On Hold Committees

Education Committee

Speaker's Bureau


  • Atom: We need Marketing so badly for Cascadia, we should not do 2018 without someone committed to putting in the time for Marketing
  • Ski: We can/should combine this with our Community Manager position, which we also need badly
  • Ray: Will look at Colorado State University
  • George: will put in some time mid-May. Will talk to Paul & Thomas about taking lead on this.

New Business

First new item...



 Board Member Motioned for Adjournment
 Board Member Seconded