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8 Oct 2012
Board meeting Minutes Next:
5 Nov 2012

Minutes approved: 25 Feb 2013

(Subject to verification) Philip Kizer (chair), William Bilancio, John Boris, Matt Disney, Martin Gehrke, Ski Kacoroski, Evan Pettrey, Dan Rich, Jesse Trucks
20:02 Eastern Time
20:35 Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

  • On Hold

Action Items

  • Dan asked again to go through the unowned tickets and if it is in your area take ownership.

Standing Reports

  • Treasurer's report
    • Matt has been working on the 990s and will review them after the meeting.
    • Discussion about the various accounts, account use preference and finishing individual authorization on them.
  • Membership report
  • Dan restates we need more members and the lapsed members continues to go up. He has to get on the membership project to see how we can energize the lapsed members to rejoin.
  • Technical services report
    • William says we are on the Server Beach servers. We are still live on BitPusher's and they haven't responded to our tickets. he will take care of that tomorrow.
    • Jesse will have the Tech Team start on the Backup dev server by the end of next week we should have the dev site set up. hopefully it will not take longer.
    • Evan reports on final financial obligations with the old provider. William verified that there is no traffic going to the old provider. He will put another ticket.
    • Philip asked if we did enough SRMs and stuff to do a halt. William said we could but he rather have them turn off the server.
  • Conference/events activities report
    • William just got an email from elliam and he has to get back to them. They want us to do training we are trying to get the Deeppacket guy and we may need two or three more. He will touch base with him about Scale.
    • LOPSA-East is moving along and the CFPs are out and they are looking for sponsors. Things are moving fine.
    • Cascadia is moving but they have not needed to talk in the last week.
    • William commented they are looking for sponsors. He is trying to get Solar Winds to sponsor more than the locals. Solar Winds share some historical anecdotes regarding previous conferences. William emphasized we have a lot of Windows Talks and tutorials so he hopes this will help.
  • Mentorship Status report

Jesse spoke with Thomas Leyer about a Co-Chair. The new program is very close to launching the new automation. Jesse has to do some editing on the scripts and web stuff. At Thursday's meeting they will hammer out the details. they plan to be ready two weeks prior to LISA. If they are ready they will work with Ski to get the word out and would want to talk at LISA to make the announcement. The LMPT members that are at LISA will also have a BoF. This is kept low key until they are ready to make the move. The LMPT are working on a more long term regular multi pronged marketing effort to get more interest in the program so less people will be able to handle the program.

  • Development report (Meeting focus at first meeting of the month)
    • Most of these topics are discussed in other topics. Philip has first draft of an harassment policy on Google Docs. He has two other documents that he will merge with it and will take any contributions other board members have.
  • Communications
    • Nothing new to report.
  • Liaison reports (LC, etc.)
    • D. Rich will report back in a few days with status.

LISA 2012... (SKI)

  • Go through the wiki page and see what we need to do.
  • William asked if we were on the $40 cost for membership. Most believed that was now active.
  • Ski reports that on the LISA page we have a shipping address. He assumes we will do the Squared thing to handle on site payments. He will have his Square device. D.Rich reported that PayPal has their Dongle available. William suggested that Evan order us a PayPal Dongle. D. Rich questioned if we could have more than one account on the PayPal app.

Ideas For LISA '12 (put all brainstorming ideas here for LISA'12)

  • A suggestion for previous LISAs was that "someone" sponsor a LISA "First Timers" BoF. This is separate from the night-before first day Tutorials introduction session but might be a good thing to do on Tuesday night, the night before the Technical Sessions under the LOPSA banner. Recording here to move it from my private notes.
  • Best Photo contest
  • New member sign up contest
  • Ski solicited more comments on the ideas.
  • Philip is brain storming for a LOPSA After Dark. Ski says the Hotel site is not close to anywhere and we would have to travel to anything. So Ski is going to call the Hotel to see what is available in the Bar area. Taxis might be a way but it will be difficult. Nothing is in walking distance to the Hotel. Everyone agrees it is a bad spot. Ski is looking for a place that might hold about 30 people. He will set up a meeting with the USENIX board. LOPSA Live is Scheduled. William asked to push for Volunteers. Ski assigned shipping stuff to LISA. William confirmed stickers, banners, luggage tags, table cloths. We don't have generic business cards. We have the photo frame. Everything will be shipped out when he gets the shipping acceptance date.

Ski asked Dan to redo the Picture Frame pictures. Dan says we few corporate sponsors. We have to make sure we don't leave off any personal sponsors , especially Lee Damon. All sponsors need to be in Civi.

  • Yerkes award: Philip heading committee to finalize. SKi asked if the Yerkes winner has to be a LOPSA Member. Philip confirmed that the winner does not have to be a LOPSA Member.
  • Jesse asked Ski about getting a spot for the LMPT at the regular meeting and a space for a BoF. They need 3 minutes to announce the program, point people to the site and announce the BoF. Ski said it is on the agenda and asked the board to review the agenda. A few tried to coerce William to drive out there. Not many Board members will attend. Ski and Philip will handle the presentation.
  • Ski asked for Board members to give a small write up about their area. If anything else that needs to be on the agenda please add it.

Project Management

  • Jesse said the default agenda needs to be edited. He will be putting together a report later this week so the status of the projects is the same. It will go out in an email to the board.

Mentorship Swag Request

  • Jesse mentions that the Chair for the LMPT asked if we have any LOPSA Swag to send the Volunteers to the Board. William said to send him the addresses and he will send them what he has. He has a lot of Luggage tags and will gladly send some out. Philip mentioned he has Cisco books and can use them. he may bring some to LISA. William suggested shipping them.

Local Chapter Policy

  • Philip queried Martin about progress on the Locals Policy.
  • Martin sent out a request for comments from the committee and wants to know the next step. It is not ready for the board to review and will give it another week and then get it on the wiki for review.


Jesse motioned for adjournment seconded by William 8:35 PM