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9 May 2016
Board meeting Minutes Next:
13 Jun 2016

Minutes approved: 13 Jun 2016

  • NOTICE to those on the line: All present agree to a temporary recording of this call to be be deleted no later than when the minutes are approved. Please speak up if you disagree with this and we will discuss it after roll call.
Move your name to Present or Apologies prior to the meeting!
(Subject to verification) ? Ski Kacoroski (chair), Steve VanDevender, Thomas Uphill, Paul English,George Beech, Matt Disney
John Boris,Atom Powers
9:06 PM Eastern Time
9:30 PM Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

Action Items

No Action Items

Standing Reports

Treasurer's report (Disney, Kacoroski)

Small report this week.

Current overall balance (including all liabiliites):

  • Paypal: $9,095.68
  • BoA: $51,478.60
  • WF Saving: $50.00
  • WF Checking: $50.00
  • TDBank: $2,001.53

TOTAL: $62,675.81

NB: Substantial liabilities outstanding for LOPSA-East cancellation

Membership report (VanDevender)

  • Total active members: 690 (previous report: 687, change: 3)
  • Paying: 449 (7 new in last 30 days)
  • Non-paying: 241 (21 new in last 30 days)

Paying members include Individual, Charter, Founding, and Lifetime memberships. Non-paying members include Student and Complimentary memberships.

George asked if we track the schools our Student members are coming from. Steve reported that we don't ask for that information but we could get it off the student ID but that would not be all. Steve thinks we may have to start asking for that. George will get with Steve offline about his ideas on student members.

Paul asked if we solicit students specifically for Mentorship? Is there Welcome message different and mention Mentorship? Steve stated it isn't different but he stated we could send a mailing to all student members about the mentorship program. Steve will look into having Wild Apricot handle this when the student signs up.

Committee reports

Conferences/Events/Chapters activities report (Powers)

LOPSA-East (Boris)

I met with William today. He missed the 60 Day refund window for PayPal so he has to write a check for each refund from the Checking account associated with the PayPal account. I also picked up 3 boxes of T Shirts. I will catalog them and let you know the inventory. William will be paying the cost for the domain name for the next year. Going forward we will have to deal with this and if the name changes tell him to let it drop. If it stays the same then we have to have him transfer ownership to us.

LOPSA-NJ (Boris)

Joe Youn and Mike Stoppay will be the new organizers for LOPSA-NJ. There is a meeting on June 2nd. I will be at that meeting. I will speak to the people there about going forward and what we, as a board, are expecting from them. I will also try to touch base with everyone there about LOPSA-East or whatever it will be called going forward. William will be handling the lopsa-nj mailing list for the time being but going forward they will have to decide what to do.

Thomas mentioned that the lopsa-nj mailing list is not hosted on our server. [Boris] The lopsa-nj mailing list is hosted by William.

Lisa'16 (Kacoroski, Uphill)

Are we doing LOPSA after Dark in Boston? If so where?

Ski replied that he hopes we do one so we have to contact USENIX about the Hotel and where we could hold it. Ski reminded everyone that it costs from $500-$800 and we should try and find a sponsor for that.

Thomas asked about the annual Member meeting we hold at LISA. Ski stated that as soon as the BoFs are announced we will reserve the room for the meeting.

Paul: I will likely be unemployed, but I have family in the area I'd like to visit. I might be able to just cover the table for most of LISA, since no one will be paying for me to attend.

Yerkes Award

Definition of the Yerkes Award

Here are the Terms Of Reference for the Yerkes Award

1. The Award is to recognize members who contribute to the community through their
   postings to the sage-members list and related forums.

2. This award is to be known as the "Chuck Yerkes Award for
   outstanding individual contribution on member forums".

Thomas needs a supplier for the award in Boston.

Education (Kacoroski, Boris)

No report

Speakers Bureau (Powers, English)

Check out the intake form - feedback appreciated (outside the meeting): Welcome to the LOPSA Speakers Bureau

George cautioned using Google Docs as it gets unmanageable at a certain point. We may have to solicit some help to make in sustainable and usable.

Marketing/Communications (LOPSAgram, #lopsa-live, etc) (English, Uphill)

  • LOPSAgram for next month - I'll be traveling, but expect to send it out on Sunday May 12. Need content by Sat May 11.
  • Next #lopsa-live is scheduled for Thurs May 26th, 19:00 PDT

Paul asked for detailed information on the DataDog advertisement. Ski explained what level do they get listed and Ski stated it would be Bronze sponsorship.

Technical Services Report (Beech, VanDevender)

No report. Need to catch up with Dan and Phil.

Also, RT won't work on dreamhost open to suggestions for a ticketing system.

Mentorship Report (Boris, Beech)

No Report

Recognition (Uphill, Disney)

Sysadmin Day

(Boris) We should contact the Locals now and tell them we will send them some T-Shirts for their Sysadmin day event. We were going to try and make a contest for sysadmins, we need to work out the details of that.

Thomas emailed the owner of and he hasn't replied yet. Thomas is still looking for suggestions for our contest.

Leadership Committee (Warner, Kacoroski)

LOPSA-Live went very well. Elections are on track.

Regus Mail (Boris)

We need the contract signed so we can start forwarding the mail and close the PO box. William stated there is no mail. Matt is waiting for the Wells Fargo account gets setup.


NO announcements


 George Motioned for Adjournment
 Thomas Seconded