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Title: Board meeting Minutes/24-25 Aug 2013

24 Aug 2013
Board meeting Minutes Next:
9 Sep 2013

Minutes approved: 28 Jul 2014

Move your name to Present or Apologies prior to the meeting!
(Subject to verification) William Bilancio, John Boris, Matt Disney, Martin Gehrke, Ski Kacoroski, Evan Pettrey (Via Skype & Phone), Dan Rich, Matt Simmons, Mike Julian
10:26 AM Eastern Time
Recessed 8
00 PM Eastern Time
Resumed 25 August 8
05 AM Eastern Time
11:26 AM AM Eastern Time

Meeting with New Board

The first Board meeting of the new Board was called to order at 10:26 am.

Introduction overview of LOSPA

  • The LOPSA overview presentation was giving including an explanation of non-profits, Board member responsibilities, and LOPSA history.
  • A few items of note:
    • Work is in progress to remove the SAGE name from all NJ documents.
    • LOPSA is incorporated in NJ, LOPSA is not required to have agents in NJ, but NJ requests that you do and that is why the yearly meeting is in Jersey.

Pettrey left the call at 10:48 am and will call back.

    • Bilancio restated the ideas brought out during the election LOPSA Live sessions.
    • All documents from AH are in Google Docs and can be reviewed.
    • Budgets and Projections from AH contained unrealistic growth.
    • LOPSA has a good working relationship with Usenix and continues to receive a good table location at LISA because of this relationship.
    • We do not have an attorney on retainer.
    • Health insurance has been taken care of. We have an agreement with Association Pros for discount insurances for members. We have no feedback as to if anyone is taken advantage of these programs. Pettrey will be tasked to to contact Association Pros to ascertain if any of our members have taken advantage of our relationship with them.
    • Conferences are run by the locals, not LOPSA.
      • Locals run conferences using their volunteers, not LOPSA.
      • Locals use LOPSA name, give LOPSA $40 per attendee for membership, and provide space for a LOPSA table.
      • Board does not have the resources to run conferences, so locals present conferences.
      • The Board tries to provide Training resources for Linux conferences, not local conferences.
  • Rich reviewed Board structure.
    • Four officer positions to be selected.
    • The Board is meant to be a governing Board providing oversight and direction, it should not be a working Board.
      • The Board must determine how the mission maps to what we are doing.
      • Oversee finances.
      • Review programs and services.
      • Evaluate staffing.
    • The Board works on consensus.
    • The Board requires, as a rough rule of thumb, 2-3 hrs/week of volunteer time from Board members.
    • The Board must find revenue and sources of funding for projects.
    • LOPSA has Director and Operations insurance, which covers actions directed by the Board.
    • Board is covered under the Volunteer act of 1997.
    • Annual 990 form is now current, the Board must certify this document.

Rich asked everyone to please review the Bylaws and Policies.

    • Leadership Committee was originally to provide guidance to help Board to make decisions. They run elections and form Nominating Committee. They are responsible for finding volunteers.
    • Branding guide on Art Department site. - All graphics etc. and how we can use logo, and details how to use. It is very specific; please read if you are using logo.
    • Financials budget: we have not really had one for several years due to AH budget confusion and debt. Finance committee is responsible for budget and 990.
    • When you are talking outside of Board meetings you are speaking as an individual and not a representative of LOPSA. Only the President and the Communications Committee Chair are authorized to speak on as LOPSA representatives unless otherwise directed.

Officer Selection

Rich opened floor for nominations for President.

  • Bilancio nominated Rich, seconded by Boris
  • Disney nominated Kacoroski , seconded by Julian.
  • Disney asked for discussion with the nominees.
  • Simmons asked each of them their vision for the next 2 years. Both nominees expressed their vision. Disney asked about central operating style. Both nominees expressed their idea of how they would handle. Rich and Kacoroski left the room during discussion and vote.

Rich was elected President with 5 votes, 1 abstention.

Vice-President position Opened for Nomination

  • Rich nominated Kacoroski , seconded by Disney. Unopposed.

Treasurer position Opened for Nomination

  • Bilancio nominated, Pettrey seconded by George.
  • Pettrey had said he was willing. Unopposed.

Secretary position Opened for Nomination

  • Bilancio nominated Boris, seconded Disney.
  • Boris has become one of the best secretary LOPSA has had. The minutes have good detail now.
  • Simmons nominated Julian, Disney seconded.
  • Julian asked about the responsibilities. Boris reviewed the meeting minutes and other duties of the Secretary position as well as the time commitment. Julian declined.
  • There are no other nominations. Unopposed.

Disney recognizes the officer roles require a tremendous amount of work and he appreciates everything the officers have done.

Committee Chair Selections

Communications Committee

Kacoroski has been handling this position. It includes the LOPSA Gram, and commenting on items in the news, blog, LinkedIn, Face Book, social media, conference related items. The Chair speaks as the voice off LOPSA. Simmons would like to serve on the committee. Kacoroski agreed to stay on as the Chair. Simmons will be Vice Chair.

Development Committee

This committee is specific to sponsorship; the Chair in the past has been the President. Rich will be Chair and Kacoroski will Vice Chair.

Partnership and Liaisons Committee

This committee will combine with Development Committee after checking to see if a motion is needed.

Membership Committee

This committee has a bigger time commitment. This committee handles reminder emails, import of conference data, emails on membership. Simmons will Chair and Julian will be Vice Chair.

Conference Committee

Bilancio will Chair and serve as the Board Liaison.

Locals Committee

Gehrke will Chair

Bilancio will Co Chair

Technical Services Committee

Bilancio will be the Board Liaison; Trucks will be the Chair.

Mentorship Committee

This is a non-Board committee. Boris will be Board Liaison.

Thomas Leyer is the Chair

Leadership Committee

Mario Obejas has agreed to be the Chair. The Leadership Committee Chair is picked by the Board. The VP is traditionally the Board Liaison. This will be discussed later.

Finance Committee

Pettrey will remain the Chair. Disney will remain on the committee; Rich and Julian will be on the committee.

Education Committee

Kacoroski will remain as Chair, Simmons and Boris will be on the committee also.

Committee Chair Directive

Each committee chair needs to update the committee list on the Board wiki.

Awards Committee

Awards Committee will be discussed later.

Consent Agenda

  • Approval of the minutes of 24 Aug 2013 was moved to 9 Sep 2013

Action Items

The open tickets were discussed and Board members were reminded to close or update their tickets.

Standing Reports

  • Treasurer's report

Skipped as Pettrey was in transit and this was just given at the hand-off meeting.

  • Membership report

We have 3 lifetime memberships (2 paid)- $2,000 payments. The Treasurer will let us know what account that money has been placed in.

  • Conference/events activities report
    • Conferences/Cascadia is ramping up. Lee is getting ready to send out CFP and sponsorship packets.
    • LOPSA East starting soon; Co Chair has injury and is traveling to Ireland.
    • The Conference Committee does not cover LISA. The Board covers that due to importance and will be discussed later.
    • LOPSA will have a table at Ohio Linux Fest.
    • Scale planning will start soon.
    • Need someone to run Crossbow - talk of rebranding this. LOPSA U was done before but advertising was an issue. We need someone to take over Crossbow.
    • We need people to know that they can ask LOPSA for a table.
  • Local Chapter Committee report
    • Ottawa is an affiliate and is now the first international chapter.
    • A number of new chapters have started up.
    • We are going to keep things the same and continue to support current chapters and make it easier to start a chapter.
    • We can use more communication, as there are 3 people interested in starting a chapter in Atlanta.
    • We do have a Kit for new Locals it is a work in progress and needs better documentation and communication.
    • A list for new locals is needed; in the past creating this has not been successful. Gehrke wants to keep working on it. We have been trying new things and seeing what will work.
  • Development report
    • Kacoroski said there is nothing new.
    • Puppet sponsorship is yearly. Kacoroski is hoping to get it renewed.
    • He has gotten more companies on the discount page.
  • Communications (LOPSAgram, #lopsa-live, etc)
    • Kacoroski reported he would like to move LOPSA Live to Google Hangout: we will discuss tomorrow.
    • Next month's LOPSA Live will publicize LISA.
  • Project Management report

Rich is working on the Project Management

  • Liaison reports (LC, etc.)

Given in 24 August Meeting

  • Technical Services Report (Bilancio)
    • Board pages being updated and access given to new Board members.
    • Phillip Kizer is now a lifetime member.
    • New volunteers will be added.
    • Philip Kizer should be added as a volunteer in a few months.
    • The Committee is looking for a website designer who knows Drupal 7, the Branding Guide needs to be followed. A template needs to be done.

Julian ran into a Drupal designer he will contact and give him Bilancio's contact info. Rich will have JD contact Blanco.

  • Mentorship Report (Boris)

Boris reported, the committee is meeting every week at 2:30 in the afternoon; it is a problematic time. They use GoogleHangout and meet every week. They have written a lot of documents.

Mainly the email had a problem and mail was not forwarded. Now tracking through Google Docs. Kacoroski asked how to give information to mentorship for open-ended people; who are working with proteges. Right now just trying to keep it working. LOPSA gram has open cases. Making sure the protege doesn't get frustrated and lose interest. A guy who has a big company and wants to work with people locally on mentorship program approached Simmons. A partner company is not a bad thing. A couple colleges would love to have mentors. Strategic development is what the committee needs from the Board for strategies and well as operations. Boris will add to agenda for Tuesday. You can propose something that requires funding to the Board.

Tech Team

Think about any to do items to add and let them know.

Regular Board Meeting Planning

A Doodle was done to see what time worked best for the LOPSA meeting, Monday at 8 pm LOPSA Standard Time (EDT) , every other week, beginning September 9th. We have been using GoToMeeting, Google Hangout was discussed, however recording is needed. YouTube was discussed. Simmons uses podcast and we can see how that works. If the primary meeting method is not available we should have a backup. The roll call at each meeting is the audio check for each meeting.

Discussion of Role of Leadership Committee

Leadership committee governance in the Wiki was reviewed.

Locals drive the volunteers and encourage them to work for national.

Mentors are potential volunteers. We need to encourage cross-pollination between committees.

Disney requested the Leadership Committee have formal responsibility in holding the Board to account for the membership.

The Leadership Committee Chair should be well connected and active in the community and someone who has been on the Board. Mario Obejas had said he wants to stay on as the Chair of the Leadership Committee. The elections went well this time.

Before we give the Leadership Committee more responsibilities they need to work on what is already listed. A page for Volunteers and where they are needed should be done. A Project Plan is needed with resources listed. The goal is to track. A trial case can be the Jobs Board. The Leadership Committee's job is to find volunteers. Kacoroski will talk to Mario about role of the Leadership Committee and how he feels about this.

Strategy - Mission

Rich read the Mission Statement. Any programs we take on or do need to tie into the mission.

We have three goals based on mission statement and we need to expand to specific measurable goals. Right now Mentorship is the program. Locals and Mentors are working programs and are growing. They need less Board interaction. Board members currently run the main local groups. Locals should have their representatives on the local committees. So the committee will be less Board members.

What do we need to do to advance the organization for the next year?

  • Discussion occurred of the past year's efforts. Consensus was that the project list from last year was too large.
  • Last year's projects:
    • Diversity is done/harassment policy
    • Mentorship
    • Benefits
    • Jobs Board
    • Volunteers management system
    • Local
    • Education
    • Website

New list of potential projects brainstormed for discussion.

  • Website forums
  • Job Boards
  • Budget
  • Financial transparency
  • Financial audit
  • Lifetime membership money
  • Operational transparency
  • Membership retention benefits
  • University degree identification
  • LOPSA outreach awareness
  • LOPSA practicing profession
  • Diversity
  • Sigs
  • Marketing materials
  • Sponsorships
  • Grants
  • Strategic planning
  • Partnerships
  • Non-LOPSA conference participation
  • Position papers
  • Tech briefs
  • LOPSA Live

A discussion followed on the list items and a vote was taken to determine priority items.

  1. Website - forums job Boards, SIGS,
  2. Finance
  3. Budget & financial transparency, audit, lifetime membership investments
  4. Non LOPSA conference participation
  5. Membership retention benefits
  6. Advertising / LOPSA awareness
  7. LOPSA Live
  8. LOPSA practicing professional

LOPSA Live Discussion

LOPSA Live needs to be moved off of IRC. We should try to accomplish transparency and have a touch point that is interactive with the membership. It should be less of a status meeting and more of a Q&A with members.

They are currently broadcasts with a little interactivity. A different forum is needed that is more interactive. Google hangouts was discussed but has issues with number of active connections. The goal is to have this as more of a Town Meeting. The Communications and Tech Team Committees should take this on. Other venues to hold the LOPSA Live were discussed as well as requesting information from members. It was decided it should be held 3 times a year plus the big meeting at LISA. There will be something in September to start. Twitter was considered as a means to post questions with IRC also possible. An Agenda needs to be determined before scheduling. Scheduling Monday at 8pm when there is no Board meeting is probably the best time to start. LOPSA Live have been well organized.

  • Questions and Answers for next election were discussed. There should be something dramatic.


The look will be changing. was suggested as an example.

Ideas for changes were brainstormed:

  • Separate blog for a profession presence on the web.
  • News feed about the industry.
  • Move Blogs off Drupal and onto WordPress.
  • Link Blogs to the Website.
  • Once upgraded to Drupal 7 - spin off blog.
  • The website and the blog will have the same theme and look the same.
  • Time frame needs to be determined based on finding a theme artist.
  • The theme artist will need the logo guidelines, which are very specific.
  • Drupal blog isn't very good so we will use WordPress but keeping the same theme for both.
  • WordPress is not suitable for the website - Drupal has better security and is better for committee use than WordPress. Drupal has better forms, better for tying areas together, and the support for CiVi is there.
  • The website will be for the professional items & the non-professional items will be on the blogs.
  • Website will have calendar for events.
  • Career advice will be on the website.
  • Time management, health topics, human resource items, information on stress, business topics, SIGS, Intro to Administration, tax information, technical and career resources will be accessed from the website.
  • There will be a link to IRC.
  • Mentor programs will have a section to provide more visibility.
  • Chapter details, metrics and stats to see what chapters have planned and general info for people whom what to start a chapter.
  • More on educational side & university information. There are universities looking for help with sysadmin programs.
  • Showcase members or part of sys administration - admin of the quarter/monthly.
  • Interviews.
  • Sysadmin shorts & reach out to Kahn Academy and see if we can be involved with them.
  • There are people we can reach out to for content and then brand it as LOPSA content.
  • 24 -40 people who do training and we should see if we could brand it.
  • The Front page needs to be current. Last post is from July so we are not fresh. We could have a news stream from somewhere that is automatically updated.
  • Links to Standalone sysadmin and Sysadminplanet.
  • If we had a curator, we could select best articles and put them on website or set up a link.
  • Disney cautioned that increasing the frequency on blog might be difficult and it is easier to repost/retweet. We should spend time on social networks, and stuff will fall out onto website.
  • The website should be for tech briefs (topic briefs) and to develop content that is relevant and part of subject matter for our community and thinks we should focus on social media for news.
  • Discussion of adding a widget for adding recent tweets. No money is budgeted for adding a widget for adding recent tweets to the website. We are trying to do the website with volunteers. If we pay for the website, the theme is what we would be paying for, without content.
  • The upgrade to Drupal 7 is being done ourselves. Julian is going to get a cost for theme, and we will need to go to finance. The person doing the theme will work with Bilancio.

Many of these things are already on the website, we just need to have follow through.


Locals area is cleaned up.

Governance & Board Wiki - Julian volunteered to clean up content.

Remove all references to Sage except in historical documents. We need to be sure the content accurate and make sense. We should start using name spaces. We are leaving Philip Kizer with access to the Board Wiki so he can help with clean up. Julian will talk to Philip. It is hard to find things, so there needs to be re-organization.

There is a need for Volunteers to help with website and Wiki. Julian has had people in his local that have asked about how to get involved.

LISA Planning

Simmons, Kacoroski and Bilancio are attending this year. Gehrke is a maybe. There is a Wiki page for LISA.

Philip said he was attending and he would sponsor LOPSA After Dark. Kacoroski will check to make sure he is still willing. The Yerkes Award was explained. Kacoroski is working on the candidates for the award. Last year David Lang won the award. Kacoroski checks the IRC and mailing list posts to see who potential candidates would be. Discussion of potential candidates resulted in a list of four candidates. Kacoroski will ask David Lang for input. It would be nice if the winner were present at LISA to receive the award.

The advertising for LISA needs to bed one as soon as the $40 Discount in CiVi is turned on.

The deal with LISA is that you get a $45 discount if a LOPSA member. So a month before the event you can sign up and get a LOPSA membership and a $5 discount when you attend LISA. We need to get the word on FaceBook and other social media as well as letting other conferences know about it. Sign up for LOPSA membership and get $5 off on LISA. Simmons knows someone on the Marketing Team for LISA, he will speak with him.

Project List

Non LOPSA Conference Participation - Conference and Communications Committees

Brainstorming results:

  • Swapping links on websites
  • We need to be named on web sites that are relevant to sysadmins
  • What specific types of conferences. Re-evaluate Southeast Training Linux. We will talk to Garret and Jesse Trucks about how our model did not fit inside that conference culture. Kacoroski will try it again and see if we have a better outcome.
  • Scale was good this year. The table drew a lot of people.
  • Ohio Linux Fest - the Local group gets the table and they handle everything and they do great job. Only Branded Trainers are at this conference.
  • Bilancio went to Aleksey (not as a LOPSA representative)
  • OSCON: we are trying to get a table. Ski has some contacts.
  • Usenix we go already but partnering with them should be explored. While at LISA Bilancio will talk to Ann and see if we can share a table.
  • Velocity what about a media partnership? Kacoroski was talking to them and it fell apart at the end. We should at least swap links. See about advertising.
  • When a Conference is done, remove link and logo from
  • Develop a San Francisco swap.
  • Training & Conference Committee
  • We should have a table at the conference.
  • Swap links & advertising - this would be the Communications Committee
  • Calendar of Events - Julian and Simmons sharing list.
  • At conferences that Usenix run we should ask for a table.
  • Puppet Conference - getting our name there is a big win.
  • We need to offer value.
  • LISA does nothing but conferences. The do have a mailing list and a community. LISA is November 3rd.
  • LOPSA has the chapters. There is concern regarding LISA overlap.
  • Windows How to break into the Microsoft community. Microsoft had gotten trashed at a conference by the attendees and now they will only do Microsoft sponsored events.
  • TechEd, Apple are tough to break into.
  • Spiceworld we should go there (Texas). Matt Simmons will be the point person
  • Windows is where we need to grow. What can we offer Windows? Career advice will offer more to membership.
  • We need to have Steven Rosky's personal network to promote and bridge the windows gap.
  • If we focus on non-technical, career info, profession info, we will reach everyone and the community will develop. For instance, focus on a time management class.
  • Deliver value of the profession.
  • Self-training
  • Devops days and Advertise
  • Mail conference list to the Board / where you think we should have a presence and what conferences you are planning to attend?

Benefits & items from the survey reviewed by ranking

Benefits brainstorming results:

  • LOPSAgram - improve posts on website. Simmons sent a proof sample to Kacoroski , but it takes too much time to do. For PDF format we need a tool to create.
  • DreamWeaver or a couple open source tools can do what we need.
  • Specifics project for Communications and if there is a financial need, put together the costs and bring to Treasurer for review.
  • XSLT will produce all formats.
  • Free subscriptions for members and we need to find publications to partner with.
  • Admin free issues?
  • Zineo is a possibility -- if we could find someone to sponsor costs. Simmons will take ownership of researching.
  • Ebook Kacoroski will take on this project.
  • Online tech library Julian will take this project.
  • Career recording local group meetings. Find out if this is feasible.
  • The idea of KickStarter money and LOPSA as a group needs cameras - Indigogo - iphone apple video
  • LOPSA has a YouTube account but we need to have availability for larger files. Martin will take this project. Bay LISA has done for years.
  • Access to recordings of past LOPSA conference and training.
  • For Conferences put on by local chapter, the local chapter owns content. LISA presentations will not be taped. Training videos need to be behind the pay wall or not a member benefit. We had to pay lot of money to the AV people. We can use bits and pieces for advertising to pay back part of expenses incurred.
  • While we are not opposed to recording conferences, the videos should not be available for a time to make sure that people go to conference.
  • Usenix, problem with training.
  • We should try to partner with online training company. We may not be able to afford ACM. Kacoroski looked into a couple companies. Julian will take this and John will work with him.
  • CBTN computer based training nuggets could be an option.
  • Jobs Board - Bilancio and Gehrke work on this project. exchange part of jobs Board.
  • Mentorship. Freestyle already in place. We should try to partner with a university. Drexel was suggested. Yan Schulman takes sysadmin course. Gehrke will send info to Kacoroski . Contact Opschool folks and Carol. There is an education summit this year. Julian will send Kacoroski a name.
  • An automated system with email newsletter was suggested. Now is not possible.
  • Tips and techniques & best practices like tools area should be included.
  • Disney will work on this and see if we can get a proof of content.
  • Use standardized forms.

Next 3 items fall under Local and Conferences

Growing the Locals, Internationals and Conference Space will stay on the list as projects.

List of things still need to do

  • Forums
  • Insurance Offering
  • Legal
  • Social media - already in communications but we need to do more.
  • Partner with Stackexchange/Reddit/other
    • Consider and investigate. Stackexchange had a sponsorship in past.
    • How to co-brand. Can we get Stackexchange to acknowledge our recognition program?
    • Simmons will take this project.
  • Julian will help with cleaning up rest of benefit survey.
  • Simmons asked if we could do the survey yearly. Cost benefit could be used in the next survey.

If you are in charge of project - - develop list of tasks, what you need, volunteers, Board help, budget money, and send to Rich as Project Manger.

Advertising and LOPSA awareness

Long term model for high schools and Develop a 10 to 15 minute power point presentation. Give Power Point to Locals and ask them to try and get involved with Career Fairs in springs.

We need to do advertising so current admins know we exist.

Mentorship single user shops: there is one in Australia. Picked up three at Scale

One time at LISA we were close to 800 members so we ran around to get members. Got buzz going and made it to 800 members. Pick up something fun to get visibility.

Disney will write a sysadm thing with Yager on Pacific Rim. Simmons will help with that after he sees the movie. Explain what we do, what qualities for a sysadmin, if you like how to make things work.

Kacoroski will Chair this project.


  • Education Involvement. Kacoroski will take on this sub-project.
  • Blog Marketing - Simmons will take on this project.
  • Viral Marketing Disney will take on this project.


Bilancio has a marketing guy who will volunteer his expertise for LOPSA and LOPSA East and provide base strategy.

We need to be better and more proactive about Sysadmin Day - timing for events and advertising needs to be planned.

There is a company that is doing Sysadmin greeting cards. Simmons will contact them to add LOPSA on them.

Mailing lists for sys administrators and physical address mailing lists - get to universities also.

Question about using FB for sys admin visibility. FaceBook has all kinds of free graphs to use. We need to check we won't be in terms of service. Simmons will contact FB regarding ethics.

Google Ad and FaceBook ads were discussed. Maybe FaceBook, it all depends on the Graphic you use to be effective.

LinkedIn Group Manager and Simmons will be added.

We need to focus on the priorities for LOPSA.

As long as we are making progress on priority projects and then can work on other projects.

Board meeting schedule is every other Monday. Next meeting is the Monday after Labor Day.

Rich will set up the Projects on the web and send the links out to Board members.

Sponsorship Levels

Simmons feels Corporate Partnerships should be developed and move away from sponsorships.

We could have silver and gold. It would need to be a real partnership where we work with the organizations to better the profession. Maybe a partnership where we pair services -- there should be a monetary value.

Sponsorship for general use or specific use

Partnership is doing something to improve concept of Sysadmin. i.e. Where there is training and certs for general stuff. There need to be an outline of course for Sysadmin. Globalnetwatch we are trying to figure out if they should be sponsor or partner. If they are in the buckets for sponsorship or not. If it fits then they are sponsors if not they are partnership. Kacoroski feels the size of our organization is small so they may not be interested.

Google, not enough jobs leads so they stopped.

Center for Internet Security and the same thing, we don't have sufficient promotional value.

Magic number is 1000 memberships for getting sponsorships. If pricing out of market we need to adjust. We need better target items for return.

Crowd Fund scholarship. Tier one and have a banner on LOPSA site. We need some analysis on what we can do there.

We need to consider sponsoring specific things and sponsoring a national group goes nowhere, a specific thing is easier. Getting a local to get Vars involved seems to work.

Existing draft agreement

  • Partnership on Board Wiki.
  • Email list exchange – LISA members.
  • Kacoroski has noticed that VARS are getting money on marketing. Wonder how much they would charge for a 5 min promo. We could invite someone to give a 5 min presentation.
  • Eliminate sponsorship level of $50
  • First sponsorship level $100 - because of CiVi cant make it happen.
  • We need to write code to automatically create membership.
  • We should eliminate the $50 sponsorship and implement automatic membership.

LOPSA Tee Shirts

Bilancio has a contact for tee shirts. We will pay for the shirts up front and he will store them at his site and ship directly as needed. He will bill LOPSA monthly for the shipping charges ($2.50 per shirt.) We would order 300 tee shirts @ $6.86 / shirt. We will run a store off the website and sell for $15.00 plus shipping. Shirts will come in maroon and dark blue. We will need the shirts at LISA to make some revenue XXL and above is $2 increase. Cost for 300 shirts is $2058. Bilancio will check on the lead-time. It is felt that it is more important to spend the money on shirts to resell than it is to pay off AH. Rich will talk to AH and he will ask to pay off at $25,000. And see what happens.

Rich motioned to spend $2058 for purchase of shirts to be sold for a profit, seconded by Disney, passed unopposed.



Motion to adjourn by Gehrke, seconded by Bilancio, passed unopposed.

Meeting adjourned at 11:19 am.