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{{SAGE maybe historical}}
{{SAGE historical}}
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{{minutes box|before=17 October 2005|after=31 October 2005}}  

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This website is not affiliated with SAGE or the USENIX Association. The use of the term "SAGE" below is historical, and refers either to the SAGE subgroup of USENIX, or to a precursor of the organization now called LOPSA.

17 October 2005
Board meeting Minutes Next:
31 October 2005

Minutes approved: 31 October 2005

Tom Perrine (chair), Andrew Hume, Stephen Potter, Chris Palmer, Doug Hughes, Pat Wilson (note taker), Trey Harris, David Parter
Sam Albrecht
2005 EDT
2155 EDT

Consent Agenda

MOTION: Accept consent agenda. Hume moves, Hughes seconds - passes

Action Items

  • Albrecht:
    • Send Chart of Accounts. Send July and August expenses report to rest of Board. DONE
    • Continue work on merchant account procurement.

Budget and USENIX package

We need to discuss the budget [Hume] will be sending to Usenix tomorrow. The budget is on the wiki and the associated notes are also. Only look at sheet 1 on the budget; [Hume] will do the cashflow later.

There will also be a package description, but that will be done just prior to the meeting.

Minutes: significant discussion of proposed 2005-2007 SAGE budget

[Palmer joins at 20:14]
[Palmer leaves at 20:35]

ACTION: Hume will provide a updated version of the budget for review and approval by email

Discussion about the "package" Hume will propose to the Usenix Board in the Friday meeting. Sense of the Board is fix the EDA date to Nov 1, zero balance budget in 2007, binding arbitration. May also ask for an "advance" (bridging loan?) of $10k.

Both Usenix and SAGE Boards should meet in person, hopefully at LISA (sooner, via concall, if necessary).

[Perrine leaves at 21:24]

Membership policy

  • Finish discussion and approval of policy on membership classes
    • MOTION: Defer until 31 October. Harris moves, Hume seconds - passes

Travel and reimbursement policy

  • Finish discussion and approval of policy link travel and reimbursement -- from 17 Oct agenda
    • MOTION: Defer until 31 October. Harris moves, Hume seconds - passes

LISA '05

  • Awards update: the Awards Committee has selected recipients for the Achievement Award and the Yerkes Award. Welch will coordinate award artwork and procurement.
    • MOTION: Accept the recommendation of the Awards Committee, by Hughes (Hume second) - passed
  • BayLISA has scheduled what looks like a "locals" BoF. Perhaps we can co-host?
    • ACTION: Wilson to approach BayLISA about co-hosting the locals BoF

Board vacancy

Discussion centered on time-frame for appointment (soon after LISA) and direction for the Leadership Committee (which will be charged with providing potential appointees).

[Harris requests executive session]
[Executive session starts 21:46]
[Executive session ends 21:50]

ACTION: Harris to draft a procedure and charge for next week's meeting
ACTION: Harris to contact Rose (chair of Leadership Committee)


MOTION TO ADJOURN by Hughes, Hume seconds. Adjourned at 21:55 EDT