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25 Aug 2012
Board meeting Minutes Next:
10 Sep 2012

Minutes approved: 8 Oct 2012

Philip Kizer (chair), William Bilancio, Matt Disney, Martin Gehrke, Ski Kacoroski, Evan Pettrey, Dan Rich, Jesse Trucks, John Boris
August 25, 10:44 Eastern Time
August 26, 11:34 Eastern Time

New Board Presentation

  • Overview of nonprofit sector
  • History of LOPSA
  • Current state of LOPSA
  • Overview of LOPSA ByLaws, Policies, and organizational structure
  • Parliamentary procedure overview
  • Outline of Officer selection process
  • Description of Board of Directors meeting format and procedures

Overview of Programs, Committees, and other major LOPSA areas of concern for the Board

  • Financial Report
  • Membership
  • Technical Report
  • Technical Services Committee
  • Mentorship Program
  • Development
  • Communication

Officer Selection

  • President: Philip Kizer
  • Vice Presidnet: Dan Rich
  • Treasurer: Evan Pettrey
  • Secretary: Jesse Trucks

Committee Selection

  • Communication - Chris (Ski) Kacoroski
  • Membership - Dan Rich / Martin Gehrke
  • Finance – Evan Pettrey / Dan Rich / Matt Disney
  • Awards - will return to later
  • Conference – will return to later
  • Locals – Martin Gehrke / Jesse Trucks/ Matt Disney
  • Technical Service – Jesse Trucks / William Bilancio
  • Content Services - Chris (Ski) Kacoroski
  • Educators - Chris (Ski) Kacoroski

Future Board Meeting Time Selection

Action Item Review

  • Review open board related tickets and assign appropriately

Discussion on the role of the LC (Dan)

  • What do we think the LC should be doing?
  • LC Chair selection

Executive Session

Entered executive session: 4:28 pm

Exited executive session: 4:55 pm

MOTION: Moved that we select David Parter as the new chair of the Leadership Committee - Passed unopposed

Moment of silence in honor of Neil Armstrong was observed

Projects (Kizer)

  • Current Projects discussed
  • Suggested Projects discussed
  • Jesse Trucks selected as Project Manager for LOPSA
  • New project champions chosen
  • Discuss Project Manager to publish monthly progress reports

Conference anti-harassment policy (bilancio)

Board minutes (ski)

  • What do people want to see in them
  • Ok to put in some financial data

New Tagline (ski)

  • No new tagline adopted pending further research and marketing planning

Alternate Income Ideas (Dan)

  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Thinkgeek

"The Art of Community" book discussion (Ski)


Motion to adjourn on August 26 at 11:34 by Ski, seconded by William.