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11 September 2007
Board meeting Minutes Next:
23 October 2007

Minutes approved: 23 October 2007

Philip Kizer (chair), Matthew Barr, David Parter, Stephen Potter, Jesse Trucks, Bob Apthorpe, Derek Balling
Sam Albrecht, Trey Harris, Chris Palmer
7:17PM Eastern Time
8:23Pm Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

Consent agenda passes without additional comment.

Action Items

Standing Reports

  • Executive Director's report
    • Trademark received for "LOPSA". Will post to website after it's been scanned. Have previously received trademark for "League of Professional System Administrators".
    • Financials completed for August and sent to Board.
    • Financial report completed for Sys Admin Days - Philly and sent to Board.
    • Hours report completed for August and sent to Board.
    • Collected sample membership postcards and getting prices on possible mailing to SysAdmin Magazine list (approximately 20,000 names). We have a sponsor who will pay for the list rental. This info is going to Jesse Trucks.
  • Treasurer's report (second meeting of the month only)

Approved check for approximately $20,000 covering all Sysadmin Days - Philly/Board Meeting expenses

  • Membership report
    • See member data report for this week's status

Growth has slowed significantly in the past couple of weeks after a fairly good run.

David reports that renewal notices seem to be broken, as he has passed his renewal date and not received one.

AI: Jessie Trucks to follow up on renewal notices

We have a potential sponsor willing to pay for rental of the SysAdmin Magazine mailing list. We would be responsible for all other costs (printing, mailing)

Consensus is that we need to be ready to "sell" ourselves before we do this, as it is a significant expense with generally low percentage return

Should try to have website redesign done before LISA07. Should talk to Chris and see if even a "facelift" is possible within that time-frame, any improvement would be beneficial to marketing @ LISA.

AI: Jesse is going to check into a "site plan" for realistic LISA web site expectations.

  • Online report


  • Conference/events activities report

We have 8 signed up for LOPSA classes @ OLF

We really really need to get moving on LISA (dparter)

AI: Derek to talk to Jane-Ellen to get a booth about getting a standard 10x10 @ LISA

AI: dparter to check on Suite @ hotel for LOPSA After Dark.

Hire cheap labor (aka local volunteers) by bribing them with t-shirts.

AI: phil to contact "Dallas Locals" via e-mail

  • Development report (Meeting focus at first meeting of the month)


  • Upcoming MtM (last meeting of the month only)


Next Agenda item...

Technical Services Committee (TSC) Charter:

  • To manage, administer, and otherwise maintain the technical services and infrastructure supporting LOPSA, its membership, and its mission.
  • To perform research and development for technical solutions on behalf, or at the behest, of the LOPSA Board.
  • To generate recommendations and/or proposals for technical solutions for presentation to and approval of the LOPSA Board.
  • To develop and implement technical solutions as approved by the LOPSA Board in support of LOPSA, its membership, and its mission.

The LOPSA Board of Directors shall, by motion of the Board, appoint a current Board Director to be the Technical Services Liaison (TSL). The TSL shall serve as a conduit between the LOPSA Board and the TSC. The TSC Chair shall be nominated by the TSL and approved by a motion of the LOPSA Board.

The TSC Chair shall choose committee members at will and as needed for work on technical projects.

Due to potential access to proprietary LOPSA information and/or administrative access to technical resources by TSC members, all members of the TSC shall have a signed copy of the LOPSA Non-Disclosure Agreement on file with LOPSA Staff prior to any granting of access to sensitive information or resources.

The TS Liaison and the TSC Chair shall coordinate on all communications with the LOPSA Board regarding technical issues. The TSC Chair shall manage, plan, coordinate, and/or delegate TSC tasks as needed to TSC members.

Motion to approve TSC charter as above by Potter, second by Balling, without objection.

Motion to reaffirm Jessie Trucks as TSL and approve the TSL nomination of Travis Campbell as TSC Chair Motion by Parter, second by Potter, without objection.

Treasurer's Comments

Discussion of current account balances, accrued debts, and monthly payments. We should consider an additional payment to AH, and/or increasing our monthly payment to AH to draw down 2005 balance due.

AI: Potter/Albrecht to develop revenue/expense projections through EOY and provide report on impact of payment

New Business

First new item...



Motion by Potter, second by Trucks at 8:23PM Eastern