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12 Jan 2015
Board meeting Minutes Next:
9 Feb 2015

Minutes approved: 9 Feb 2015

  • NOTICE to those on the line: All present agree to a temporary recording of this call to be be deleted no later than when the minutes are approved. Please speak up if you disagree with this and we will discuss it after roll call.
Move your name to Present or Apologies prior to the meeting!
(Subject to verification)Ski Kacoroski (chair), William Bilancio, John Boris, Matt Disney, Steve VanDevender
George Beech, Dan Rich
Warner Moore
9:05 PM Eastern Time
9:32 PM Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

Warner Moore on Board Candidates

Warner nominated Thomas Uphill (Seattle) and Mark Honomichl (Austin, Tx) for appointment to the board. Warner spoke about the two candidates.

  • Thomas is a member of SASAG and a former member of LOPSA-NJ. Ski and William spoke up about Thomas' work with SASG and LOPSA-NJ. Warner also spoke about Thomas's work at LISA and other conferences where he has given workshops, talks and tutorials.
  • Mark has a background in IT Leadership and Team Lead roles.

Warner highly recommended Thomas and Mark and sees them as being a benefit to the organization. A discussion on the background of the candidates and Warner pointed the Board to the LinkedIn accounts for Thomas and Mark.

Ski asked Warner which one would be best suited for the 18 moth term and the 6 month term. Warner recommended Thomas be appointed to the 18 month Term and Mark be appointed to the 6 month term. He came to this conclusion from his talks with the two of them. Warner has other candidates that he will be vetting further for the upcoming election.

MOTION by John Boris to accept the Recommendation of Warner Moore of Thomas Uphill for the 18 Month unexpired term Board position and Mark Honomicl for the 6 Month unexpired term Board position. Seconded by Matt Disney The motion passed without opposition.

Ski thanks Warner for his work in filling these open positions in a short time.

Warner asked about the next steps in the appointment process. Ski explained that there emails of Welcome to the Board with information about the board. William will send them the non Disclosure agreements (NDA) for signatures. William told Warner we would need their email address, Freenode Nicknames. Once the NDA is signed and delivered he will setup up their accounts.

Action Items

  • Budget requests for all committees need to be sent to The deadline is 15-Feb-2015. (Everyone)
  • Membership vs. Sponsorship report (VanDevender)
    • Clean up CiVi/Drupal Database (Boris)
  • Proposal for web site upgrade/redesign (Rich) - Due 9-Feb-2015

Standing Reports

Treasurer's report (Disney)

  • Balance info
    • BoA Account: $21,254.62
    • PayPal Account: $4,875.81 (STALE)
    • TDBank: $1,989.89
    • Total: $28,120.32
    • +/- from last meeting: -$1,429.68
  • Summary of expenditures since last report:
    • Budgeted operational expenses
    • Directors insurance: $1,314.73
  • Summary of income since last report:
    • Membership dues: Approx $400 (Needs Paypal confirmation)
  • Outstanding liabilities
    • VanDevender (report submitted, William has this)
    • Kacoroski LISA 2014 reimbursement (report submitted)
    • Cascadia startup
  • Top priorities
    • Scott Koch refund
    • F2F reimbursement (VanDevender)
    • Kacoroski LISA 2014 reimbursement
    • Confirm $1000 anonymous paypal protest is in order
    • 2014 budget actuals
    • Transition bank accounts
    • 2013 990
  • Misc:
    • Need VanDevender expense report from William
    • Need to fix online account access (reset admin passwords)
    • Work on the budget is progressing. The committee needs input from each of the committees on their funding requirements, please use the format from last year's budget. Please also review last years' budget, as much of the requested funding there was not used.
    • Caught up on membership checks mailed to Evan. Need to create an officer transition page to help avoid treasurer transition problems in future.

Membership report (VanDevender)

  • See CiviCRM
  • Previous Month:
    • New: 22 (12 students)
    • Renew: 4 (1 students)
    • Lapsed: 37
  • Month to Date:
    • New: 16 (11 students)
    • Renew: 3 (0 students)
    • Lapsed: 25
  • Total: 817 (647 paying)

Conference/events activities report (Bilancio)

[Ski]: I have the SCALE Exhibitors packet and will be sending out a signup for booth volunteers this week.

Local Chapter Committee report (Bilancio)

An email will be going out to the Locals shortly to touch base. Ski requested the Locals be reminded about the LOPSAGram.

Ski asked about the Atlanta Chapter. William hasn't heard back from Wolfe.

Development report (Kacoroski)

Nothing to report.

Communications (LOPSAgram, #lopsa-live, etc) (Kacoroski)

Requested content for the LOPSAgram. This will go out Jan 30th or Feb 1st.

I have created a presentation on what a system does, what it is like to be one, and how to become one. It is aimed at High School and College students to introduce them to system administration. It is in the second round of comments and I would like your comments on it also. Once I collect and resolve all comments, I would like to post it on our website and encourage members to go to local high schools to give it.

Project Management report (Rich)

No report.

Liaison reports (LC, etc.)

Technical Services Report (Bilancio)

No issues over the last two weeks.

Mentorship Report (Beech)

Submitted Article for LOPSAGram (Boris) The remaining Core team met on a Google Hangout and is searching for a common date for the bi weekly meetings. The LMPT is looking for Core Team members and is in a definite need of Programming help with Simon. The LMPT Charter needs to reviewed and submitted for approval.

Leadership Committee (Kacoroski)

See above

Data Cleanup in CiVi/Drupal (Boris)

I started working on the data dumps that Dan pulled from the Civi and Drupal Databases. The data has to reviewed and I will have to get with Dan and see how he extracted the data. A big question is the users that don't have any member information. That group needs to be investigated to see if they can be purged from the system.

New Business

No New Business


No Announcements


John Motioned for Adjournment

Seconded by William