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13 June 2011
Board meeting Minutes Next:
11 July 2011

Minutes approved: 11 July 2011

Philip Kizer (chair), Matthew Barr, Lois Bennett, William Bilancio, Ski Kacoroski, Dan Rich
Jesse Trucks, Jimmy Kaplowitz
2009 Eastern Time
2041 Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

Action Items

RT Ticket Status
User Open tickets
Nobody 5
drich 12
lois 10
pckizer 4
pensezbien 7
ski 6
wbilancio 7
  • Philip will be working with David at Usenix about continuing our relationship with them.

Standing Reports

  • Treasurer's report
    • Bank account is doing well
    • Discussion on possibly changing credit card folks to save some $$$ on the fees
    • Donated $100 to people who wrote the voting software we use for our elections
    • Discussion on OLF invoice
    • Discussion on BitPusher sponsorship
  • Membership report
    • Number is 712 after all the dedup cleanup.
    • Should have a lot of renewals at the end of July because of sysadmin days. We need to advertise to them
    • Dan will take the lead on getting the ads out
  • Technical services report
    • -002 will be shutdown as soon as Matt OH checks it out and -004 started up
    • -001 will be shutdown as soon as the database is moved over to -003
    • then the tech team will focus on keeping -003 and -004 in sync
  • Conference/events activities report
    • No activity
  • Mentorship Status report
    • A low level of activity as leaders are busy at work. Existing mentors/mentees are making progress.
    • They are using the new RT version
  • Upcoming MtM (last meeting of the month only)
    • Get me anything for the LOPSAgram

Circonus discount for members (Ski)

They seem legit to me (

Hello Ski,

Thanks for your email back. We would definitely be interested in looking into sponsorships down the road. For the present, we would like to start by providing discounts to LOPSA members. I am enclosing a copy of our logo and below is our proposed wording for the discount:

Since Circonus was built in response to the frustrations our own operations team had with existing monitoring tools, we understand the hard work and demanding hours of Systems Administrators. To help make your lives a little bit easier, Circonus offer special enterprise discounts to LOPSA members. Please contact sales at for details, referencing the LOPSA discount in the subject line.

Regards, James

Action needed, do we approve this discount for inclusion on our discount page with one mention in the next LOPSAGram.

  • Approved.

Letter to be read (BILANCIO)

Have a letter that we got in the P.O. box this week.

  • William read a letter from person that wanted our help in getting into an IT career.


Ski motions to adjourn and William seconds at 2041 EST