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14 June 2010
Board meeting Minutes Next:
12 July 2010

Minutes approved: 12 July 2010

Philip Kizer (chair), Lois Bennett, William Bilancio, Jimmy Kaplowitz,Ski Kacoroski, David Parter, Jesse Trucks
Dan Rich, Derek Balling
20:07 Eastern Time
21:12 Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

Action Items

Standing Reports

  • Treasurer's report (second meeting of the month only) - The report was received too close to meeting time to review, but the initial scan shows it to be unchanged from last time
  • Membership report - Those that joined at PICC have been added but all other trends remain the same
  • Technical services report - Timeline for new web site is marked in clay now and may be hardening for a good deployment soon
  • Conference/events activities report
  • Development report (Meeting focus at first meeting of the month)
  • Upcoming MtM (last meeting of the month only) - New topics being gathered, plan for various sysadmin-day related messages, lopsagram and otherwise

Appoint Trey as a life time member of LOPSA (Bennett)

Language is being mined from previous motions and will be passed via e-mail

Discuss in person meeting... (Bennett)

We need to have an in person meeting. IMHO What are our options? How can we have it and incur the least cost? We have a working plan on location and rough timing. Details are being worked out with availability grids/etc for the 2nd week of August

Multi-member group discount... (Bennett)

At the USENIX meeting two different people who were managers asked if we had any kind of multi-person/ group membership discounts. Philip and I discussed and decided we could offer a buy 4 get or buy 5 get one free deal. Does this need board review and approval? We have a plan for a promotion during our next event and will review after the event for possible policy update to make it a regular plan rather than merely for promotions.

Sponsorships... (Ski)

Ski has been doing research on gaining sponsorships and will report back with details of how we can sell our features and how the various board members can assist in the efforts.

Student Chapter for UMass Boston... (Bennett)

At the USENIX meeting I(Bennett) talked with a UMass Boston Professor who teaches Sys Admining. He said his students where starting a computer club. They would be interested in being a LOPSA student chapter. Current policies and committees are in place that can help with the task and are being invoked to help the new chapter.

Executive Session

Entered at 20:51, ended at 21:11



Parter moved and Trucks seconded a motion to adjourn at 21:12