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15 May 2006
Board meeting Minutes Next:
12 June 2006

Minutes approved: 12 June 2006

Tom Perrine (chair), Doug Hughes, Andrew Hume, David Parter, Stephen Potter, Sam Albrecht
Trey Harris, Pat Wilson, Matthew Barr, Chris Palmer
20:04 Eastern Time
21:12 Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

  • Approve minutes of 15 May 2006
    • Approved and held for redaction

Action Items

Board Committees

  • Development Committee (Wilson/Potter)
  • Partnership and Liason Committee (Perrine)
  • Leadership Committee (Greg Rose)
  • Policy Committee (Harris)
  • Communications Committee
  • Membership Committee

Program Committees

  • Conference Planning Committee (Wilson/Perrine)
  • Technical (Online) Services (Hughes/Parter)
    • Parter - Monthly transaction/product sales reports
    • Parter - Mailing lists/online forum - bug in online forum; still working, need extra volunteer help
    • Parter - Sponsorships page from database
  • Content Services Committee (Palmer/Potter)


  • Financial
    • Hume - Prepare statement about AH payment [due 5/29] - not done; move to 6/12
    • Albrecht - Questions have come up regarding what needs to be reported to the members regarding financials. Each organization is different, some share budget, some share detailed financials, most share the form 990 (and it is required by law for non-profits to provide a Form 990 to anyone that asks) and an "annual report" that shows statement of financial position (assets and liabilities)as well as top level budget (major income and expense lines). My recommendation is to post the 990 to the public wiki for free download, and then informe the membership that we will share the major elements of the budget, once it is approved by the Board. Maybe also post the 12/31/05 assets and liabilities info. So - if in agreement, someone needs to make a motion...
      • See 2005 Form 990 -- to be posted
      • Hume - prepare annual financial report [due 6/12]
  • Albrecht:
    • Work on a proposal for the local group support structure (with Parter) - Done - see agenda item later for this meeting
    • Coordinate (with Perrine) volunteers for outreach project.
      • I'm coordinating - but Tom's doing the work...
  • Barr:
  • Harris: not present
    • Post a description of the Resume Standards project
    • Present draft financial policies for Board approval
  • Hughes:
  • Hume:
    • Work with Usenix to pursuade them to sign a grant letter to the IRS
  • Palmer:
  • Parter:
  • Perrine:
  • Wilson:
    • Produce a proposal for a volunteer recognition program (with Harris, Parter) [due 6/12]
  • All
    • Re-read business plan

Standing Reports

  • Treasurer's report (first meeting of the month only)
  • Membership report
    • See report for this week's status
  • Online report

Locals group policy

See wiki

  • questions regarding percentage/number of LOPSA members required for affiliates and chapters
  • questions about student chapters - full member sponsor, number of members
  • needs application policy for chapters
  • delegation of approval to locals committee
  • to return for vote by 6/12, possibly earlier by email vote

Review and approval.

Jobs Board Policy

MOTION: Approve the Jobs board policy.

  • Motion by Hume, second by Hughes; motion passes.
  • Approved text:

Jobs board

The LOPSA Jobs Board exists for two purposes:

  1. To allow LOPSA members, sponsors and others to announce available positions to the community, and
  2. to make LOPSA members and the community aware of available positions.

While the jobs board is available to the public, there are various features that give LOPSA members and sponsors an advantage in using the system. This is by intent and by design.

Posting open positions

Anyone may provide a job posting for the Jobs board. LOPSA members may post directly to the jobs board, so their positions will appear more quickly and with little review.

Jobs submitted by non-members enter a moderation/review queue. Review is primarily an "anti-spam" and topic control issue; there is no intent to enforce formatting or other standards.

Viewing open positions

Job postings will initially be visible only to (logged-in) members. Jobs remain "members only" for at least 10 calendar days. The poster may extend this "members only" period for up to 30 calendar days by request to the Jobs Board Moderators.

After the "members only" period, the posting becomes visible to all visitors to the jobs board, whether logged in members, or anonymous visitors.

Expiration or removal of postings

It is the responsibility of the poster to remove a posting when a job has been filled. Job postings should expire no more than 90 days after the first (members only) posting date, unless renewed by the poster.

Moderators may remove postings, such as those that appear to be outdated or are inappropriate.


All LOPSA members are encouraged to give feedback on the posting organization and the screening/interview process either in their own on-site blogs, or in the Interview Process and Company Commentary forum area. Only members may post to or view this forum.

Business plan review and approval

Let's wrap this thing up.

  • questions about financial numbers
  • three areas: membership, sponsorship, services; are we focused on the right things?
    • sponsorships are easier to get for specific items/activities
  • the sense of the board is that the shape and form of the plan is correct, the financial need to be finalized for 6/12

New Business

Extending May Membership Month (spp)

Members have suggested that they are still working on getting members and would like to extend the membership drive (particularly the price structure and the drawings) another week.

  • extend to midnight 6/10, Perrine to prepare "upbeat and short" notice to members
  • Parter moves, Hume second; motion approved

Sponsored mailing lists policy

  • Motion by Potter, Hughes second to accept policy as posted; motion passes

Purpose and scope

To advance the mission of the Association, LOPSA shall sponsor a number of mailing lists for general topics of interest and for specific project purposes. Such lists will serve to

  • provide a forum for specific topical discussions;
  • further LOPSA's mission to serve the public;
  • advance the state of the profession of system administration;
  • increase LOPSA's visibility in the system administration community.

This policy applies to officially sponsored mailing lists created under the guidelines of this policy. This policy does not apply to hosted mailing lists or Board mailing lists.

Any project requiring a sponsored mail list should include notification of such in the project proposal. Due to the distinct nature of projects, the project proposal may also include a request to override any specific item within this policy. For instance, a project that deals wiht organizational confidential information may request that archives remain closed.

List creation

Sponsored mail lists will be created by the technical team by direction of a Board action, by request of an Officer or the Executive Director, or by any individual invested by the Board with the power to request a sponsored list (such as a postmaster).


Each sponsored mail list will be named as requested at the time of proposal and will be within the main domain. Names should be descriptive of the purpose of the list, such as tech for the mail list devoted to technical discussions, profession for discussions related to the profession and professionalism, or ethics-review for the Code of Ethics review project list.

As these lists are officially sponsored by the organization, they may include lopsa- as a prefix if such inclusion will serve to diminish confusion with hosted lists.

Subscription policy

Sponsored lists may be of one of the following subscription policies:

The mailing list is visible in the directory, and anyone can subscribe. These lists may be gatewayed into an online forum system for use by subscribers and non-subscribers.
The mailing list is visible in the directory to LOPSA members, and only LOPSA members can subscribe. These lists may be gatewayed into an online forum system, but may only be used by LOPSA members.
The mailing list is not visible in the directory, and requires moderator approval of subscriptions. These lists may not be gatewayed into an online forum system without specific requirement.

Discussion sponsored mail lists should generally be Open subscription lists. In cases where the membership benefit outweighs the mission objective of community service, members-only lists may be created as specified in List creation. Private lists will generally only be for project specific lists.

An Open or Members-only subscription policy shall not be construed to deny the organization or a project the right to ban subscribers who abuse list policy.

Moderation policy

In general, sponsored mail lists will allow open-posting by all subscribers. Mail lists which are gatewayed into an online forum may allow open posting through the forum or may moderate incoming forum posts.

The open-posting policy shall not be construed to deny the organization the right to moderate posts from non-subscribers, or to moderate posts from subscribers who have abused list policy.

Archival policy

To further the organizations mission of public service, open and members-only sponsored mail lists should maintain archives and those archives should be publicly available. Private lists should also maintain archives but may request limited access to those archives. Gatewayed forums will, by nature, include archives and the availability will be determined by the online subscription policy.

Sponsored mail list archives should not be expired.


LOPSA is in no way responsible for the content of sponsored mailing lists. LOPSA reserves the right to take action if made aware of improper conduct on sponsored lists.


A sponsored list may be terminated under any of the following circumstances:

  • The list ceases to serve a useful function;
  • Traffic to the list ceases for an extended period as approved by the Board;
  • The project completes;
  • The Board, Officers, Executive Director, or other individual empowered by the Board requests it.
Mailings from LOPSA

From time to time, LOPSA may send mail about LOPSA activities to sponsored mailing list subscribers. Such mail may be sent via the mailing lists, or directly to list subscribers.

LOPSA may from time to time send mail to sponsored mailing list subscribers on behalf of third parties. Such mail will be sent directly to list subscribers, and subscribers will be provided with a means of opting out of such third-party mailings.


Posts to sponsored mailing lists may have a LOPSA-approved footer appended of no more than four 77-character lines. This footer shall only be used to publicize LOPSA and LOPSA activities.


LOPSA or its members shall not share the subscriber list of any sponsored mailing list or any addresses contained therein with any third party. The subscriber list of a sponsored mailing list shall not be made available to the public; the subscriber list may be made available to other subscribers or to LOPSA members. LOPSA will make every reasonable attempt to obfuscate addresses within the public archives or gatewayed discussion forums.


  • Parter speaking at NCSA in two weeks; will miss meeting


  • Motion by Potter; Hume second to adjorn at 21:12