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20 May 2013
Board meeting Minutes Next:
17 Jun 2013

Minutes approved: 17 Jun 2013

  • NOTICE to those on the line: All present agree to a temporary recording of this call to be be deleted no later than when the minutes are approved. Please speak up if you disagree with this and we will discuss it after roll call.

(Subject to verification) Philip Kizer (chair), William Bilancio, Dan Rich,John Boris, Ski Kacoroski, Evan Pettrey, Matt Disney (Arrived in Session), Martin Gehrke
8:02PM Eastern Time
8:40 PM Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

Action Items

Board members are reminded to review their tickets. William took an old open ticket that belonged to Jesse.

Standing Reports

  • Treasurer's report
    • The Board members have a login to Quickbooks to review the status as they wish. This is a view only account.
    • We are healthy and on time with our liabilities.
    • Evan has still not heard back from the European request to wire us his membership dues.
  • Membership report

There is no report at this time as Dan is cleaning up the LOPSA-East import and correcting data to get good numbers.

  • Technical services report

The Tech Team is doing fine. We haven't had any issues. The Tech team is involved in running the election site. There were some issues with the election site and this was resolved.

  • Conference/events activities report

The Tennessee group will not be doing their conference this year. They could not get the date at the Hotel they needed and could not move the date as it would conflict with Cascadia and the conference would have a hard time getting trainers. They will focus on having the conference in 2015 and between now and then they are going to focus on Local Events.

William and Aleksey have to meet up to go over Crossbow. Aleksey will be speaking with the ScALE folks to reconcile the money we are owed.

LOPSA-U at SELF we have registrants for the classes but the advertising of this has been minimal. William will get Ski the sign up link and he will send out a correction. We have 9 people registered.

We will be represented at Ohio Linux fest as we have a table setup for the Ohio Local to promote us.

We will be at FOSSCON this year. (Further discussed below)

  • Mentorship Status report

The Weekly meeting was held on May 28th. Matt Simmons is being used as a resource to Wordsmith paragraphs for the LOPSAgram, Requests to the Locals and the Mentorship Pages. They are also looking to jazz up the Mentorship pages. All of this is a move to get more help on the Core team. There are three Projects looking for Mentors

    • Multi Part Project.

I want to create a: a) Load balanced solution, for b) A WordPress website running on apache2 which c) Runs on Amazon Web services Infrastructure

    • I am a student at Houston community college, I am interested in this as a particular career path. Computers have always been an interest of mine since I was a little boy. I started off with basic plus on a Commodore 64 at school and I got out of it the right basic programs. And now I had the age of 35 I found myself back at my first love which is computers. I have built my own computer and I found myself back at my first love which is computers. I like to be hands on you know removing things and putting things back together that sort of stuff. So someone told me about network system administrator as a job and said I would be basically doing the same thing but on a larger scale. I was looking for some information on the Internet about graduation rates for this job and I found the website, so I took a good look at it and there was this mystery ship program so I thought to myself what do I have to lose so here I am.
    • Very interested in system administration, I am at a beginner's level with limited real-world experience. I would like to try to apply myself to learn and become better at what I do from the experience of others. I also have questions about college education courses and higher learning, specifically online classes.

Ski commented that his Mentorship has been a great experience. He is mentoring a member in Australia and had a Google Hangout with him. The Protege enjoys the program and since he is all alone at the job he welcomes the chance to speak to another admin on an issue. Ski will send John some info on the Open Ended Mentorship. As he has three Proteges and they touch base once a month or so and it is a great experience.

Philip hopes the Core Team understands that the Mentorship Program is more of a Guiding experience

  • Local Chapter Committee report

The committee will meet in two weeks. The Committee discussed Dan's recommendation from the last meeting but there wasn't any movement on that topic.

  • Development report (Meeting focus at first meeting of the month)

The Development section deals with development of the organizational more than just Sponsorship. Sponsorship is part of this. This section for now can be left off until after the Face to Face. Ski has been the most active in developing sponsorship but it is a job that each Board member should be trying.

  • Communications (LOPSAgram, #lopsa-live, etc) (last meeting of the month only)
    • LOPSAGram out and Social media posts scheduled. Thanks to everyone who provided content.

The sponsor that was to help us with LOPSA-U may be backing out but on a better note SPLUNK is interested in being a sponsor so Ski will see where they want to help us. Matt brought up that one of the Classes they are doing is a SPLUNK class so maybe SPLUNK will step up and help us with that.

  • Liaison reports (LC, etc.)

Nothing to update on the LC as they are doing the elections. There were login issues and William will speak to greppy about this.

Philip has been speaking with the LC about the Lifetime membership and asked the board if anyone was left out of the discussion to get with him so they can be brought up to speed. He hopes ot have something for the next meeting to discuss and possibly vote on.

FOSSCON'13 (John Boris)

I created a Signup Genius Poll for Volunteers. I also received one Volunteer so far. Chris Nehren. I will publish the Signup Genius Poll once I get the times for the Conference.

  • Would we want to put in for a talk on LOPSA?
  • Should I run my ideas past Aleksey?
  • Since there aren't any chapters in the Southeastern PA area it might help?

This will be discussed at LOPSA-NJ. The date is Saturday August 10.

New Business


William asked if you had to be a member before the election opened or could anyone just join and cast a vote. The Leadership Committee has been asked in the past about this and the By-Laws are moot on this point and therefore as long as they are a member in good standing they can vote. The only restriction is that anyone running had to be a member for a the year prior to the election. This should be added to the By-Laws as a clarification.


Dan motioned for adjournment William Seconded