Board meeting Minutes/3 November 2005

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31 October 2005
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7 November 2005

Minutes approved: 19 December 2005

Tom Perrine (chair), Trey Harris (note taker), Doug Hughes, Andrew Hume, Chris Palmer, David Parter, Stephen Potter, Pat Wilson
22:16 Eastern Time
22:57 Eastern Time

Name of organization

Chris Palmer chaired this meeting at the President's request.

Potential names for the organization unencumbered by USENIX trademark were discussed. A wiki page was created yesterday on which several dozen names were suggested.

Consensus was that the name should be:

  • not an English word
  • pronounceable (not read out as letters)
  • highly searchable by web search engines
  • available exactly in the .org TLD, and preferably available in other TLDs as well, or at least not with an active website at one of the other TLDs
  • not the name of the website, as that would put too much focus on the website and away from other member services.

Perrine suggested considering a made-up word rather than an abbreviation. Consensus was that while the name should be abbreviated, the abbreviation should be a pronounceable made-up word.

Potter argued in favor of the word "professional" being included in the name. Consensus developed around this idea.

Hume suggested that "association" and "guild" were problematic words, and suggested "league" or "institute." Consensus developed around "league."

Parter argued that "network," "security," and other such terms should not be included in the name, in order that the name not be exclusionary. Consensus developed around "professional system administrator" as an umbrella term.

MOTION by Perrine, seconded Hume to rename the organization "The League of Professional System Administrators", abbreviated "LOPSA". Passed by consent.


MOTION to adjourn by Perrine, seconded by Hughes.