Board meeting Minutes/4 August 2005

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This website is not affiliated with SAGE or the USENIX Association. The use of the term "SAGE" below is historical, and refers either to the SAGE subgroup of USENIX, or to a precursor of the organization now called LOPSA.

31 July 2005
Board meeting Minutes Next:
8 August 2005

Minutes approved: 8 August 2005

Tom Perrine (chair), Doug Hughes, Pat Wilson, David Parter, Steve Potter, Geoff Halprin, Trey Harris, Chris Palmer, Andrew Hume, Sam Albrecht (note taker)
6:00 pm EDT
6:55 pm EDT

Motions in Bold Actions in Italics

Consent Agenda



Reaction to memo-to-members: Minimal but included about 10 positive results. Discussion on redistribution via other channels to more SAGE members.

Leadership Committee

Finalize Leadership Committee charge so Greg Rose can confirm acceptance. Motion to approve charter as posted to the wiki, all in favor.

Text approved:

The Leadership Committee has two roles. Its recurring tactical role is to serve as the Nominating Committee in election years. Its ongoing strategic role is to promote the development of new talent, by giving them a "career path" through the ranks of the organization. The Nominating Committee role is specified in the Bylaws and is incorporated by reference.

The leadership development role is the strategic counterpart to nominating. In order to have a suitable pool of candidates for committees and offices, the Leadership Committee will identify suitable individuals as early as possible, and groom them to take on ever-increasing leadership positions. Where possible, the Committee will develop informal "career paths" within the Organization. These paths should begin with lower-level volunteer positions, include committee memberships and then Chair positions, eventually leading to Board membership for qualified individuals. This is "professional development for volunteers", and should include enhancing their leadership skills by providing suitable training, encouragement and mentoring.

The Committee will consist of between five and seven members (including the Chair), at the total discretion of the Chair. The Board will appoint the Chair. The Chair will select and have final approval of all other members; the Board explicitly has no role in selecting the other members of this Committee.

Action for Tom to finalize with Greg.

Discuss (re-activating) Advisory Council ASAP

- pros and cons: Discussion on charter and mission for the group. Action for Tom to contact current members by next week, with a draft to be circulated to BOD.

LISA planning and the Program Committee

Action Tom to call and discuss LISA involvement by SAGE, and that the goal is publicity and social not program content.

USENIX relationship

Status of Andrew's talks with Mike Jones

Andrew reported on his conversation with Mike regarding interpretation of clearness on due dates and who is responsible for primary activities. Pats draft of the overview of the agreement seemed to be on target with the size and scope of what USENIX Board was looking for.

State of outsourcing agreement and plans

Discussion on structure of the agreement and who will develop the contract. Process is for SAGE to approve the short agreement on Monday and then give to the USENIX Board with a request to develop the contract for execution. Action for Pat, Andrew and Geoff to finish work on the draft short agreement before Monday and post to the wiki. USENIX SAGE Committee will be in charge of contract development.

  • Concern noted on making sure all the term agreement work was not lost and found its way into final contract.

SAGE write-up for ;login:

(Chris and David): Action: Chris will finish write up, post to wiki, and then submit on Monday.

AH Contract

Getting AH Contract Reviewed: Geoff reported that he had 2 bids, similar in price, but current attorney could do immediately. Motion: to have the current attorney review the AH contract ASAP. (Moved Halprin, seconded Hume All in favor.)

Status of incorporation

Geoff reported that several messages had been made to Lorette and she still hasnt returned calls. Andrew volunteered to pick up any documents. Consensus to wait a little longer and hope to hear from her next week.


Action items:

  • contact Mike Jones (UB Pres) and emphasize ongoing, open communications, etc. (Tom, before Friday AM, report results on Monday)
    • Tom: Spoke to Mike about an hour after the meeting. I understand his position, and I think he undertands mine (ous?) He seems to have a very acheivable set of goals that we can reach to demonstrate progress. The MOA draft due Monday will be key. I'll write up some other notes, but the most important thing is to not disapoint wrt the "MOA"/outsourcing agreement next week. He raised the spectre of some at USENIX thinking that a) SAGE will never be non-profit, and b) that even USENIX couldn't be a non-profit these days.
  • Contact Greg Rose and provide the consensus Leadership Committee "charge"
    • Tom: I just (2005/08/04 10pm Pac) sent the doc to Greg via email
  • draft email to send to Advisory Council - thanks for all prior service, want to take advantage of skills and experience, not ready to have formal advisory council at this time as it would stifle/pigeonhole council members in ways they could contribute, allow graceful exit if desired, encourage participation as individuals esp. on committees, include our Action Points leading up to LISA (Tom, due to Board before Monday 8/8 conf call)
  • call David Blank-Edelman - make contact SB to PC, emphasize all the right stuff, including potential volunteer training BOF, enhance LISA, work with PC, not compete with tech program (Tom, before Friday PM)

Respectfully submitted by Sam Albrecht, Executive Director