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22 Oct 2012
Board meeting Minutes Next:
19 Nov 2012

Minutes approved: 25 Feb 2013

(Subject to verification) Philip Kizer (chair), William Bilancio, Martin Gehrke, Ski Kacoroski, Matt Disney, Evan Pettrey, John Boris, Jesse Trucks
Dan Rich
20:01 Eastern Time
20:42 Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

  • On hold

Action Items

  • In Dan's absence Ski and William said they have to review their tickets and close them.

Standing Reports

  • Treasurer's report
    • Matt completed the work on the 990s. Evan is not sure if they have been accepted. He is starting to adjust the accounts. Filings have been accepted and we are awaiting status. He mentioned about waiting about a month to play it safe. Evan has the insurance information. Evan needs to know what has to be done to officially close the previous account. Philip will coordinate with Matt and Evan to get things officially signed.
  • Membership report
    • Philip asked for any info on membership in Dan's absence. Martin has nothing to report.
  • Technical services report
    • William has nothing. Jesse says that the Backup test server will be built soon. He doesn't see any problems. The big test will be at LISA and Cascadia and PICC (LOPSA-East). Dan did not get the membership renewal thing fixed. Jesse reported a recent problem with the membership tech. The problem was a pointer to the wrong database. William noted after the fix the reload of the page is faster. Jesse commented on the slow speed NJ suffers on the net. William noted that even with the filtering the pages did load faster.
  • Conference/events activities report
    • William reported that LISA is coming up (Ski) LOPSA-East has CFPs are out and they end on the 29th. Please get your papers in. Cascadia is looking for Sponsors and Papers and trainers. William could not contact SCaLE due to Sandy. William asked Ski to see if we can get the Wireshark class from last year (it was dumped due to a storm). Ski acknowledged and would check on that. There was a big sign up and due to the large Seattle Ice storm it was cancelled.
  • Mentorship Status report
    • Jesse stated LMPT is making progress and they are on target. The web pages are being corrected and sanity checks of the automation and web pages. It has to be finished by the end of the month to allow for people going to LISA will have enough time to prepare. Jesse told Ski that LMPT should be ready for LISA for the big announcement. They will not make the announcement if it is not ready. LMPT will keep Ski posted about announcing the new automation.
  • Communications report
    • LinkedIn ads - summary. Need to refresh the ad. Ski feels it is getting our name out there.
    • Also have coupon for Google Ads. Ski will do the same with that as he did in LinkedIn.
    • He will start posting requests for Local Group meetings. Ski will start some Twitter about locals as Martin asked for his so he figured he would do it for all. LOPSAGram is going out tonight.
    • Matt Simmons may have found a Volunteer to do the LOPSAGram.
    • Ski asked about needed ad details which are still not available and will sort out the disconnect.
    • William asked Ski if Warren if Ohio Columbus chapter got in touch with him. Ski responded that he did and they sent over a lot of info for the LOPSAGram.
  • Project Management report
    • Jesse stated we had a few things finished. He expects to have a report by the end of the week. Everyone has been moving along without any harassment. The locals have been doing great. Hopefully Martin will get his policy ready for review. Our goals are not very aggressive but he hopes after we get over some delays we can get a bit more aggressive. We are doing a lot for foundations. He feels we are not thinking big enough. He is worried about the lapsing members. He hopes that we are steering in the right direction and not drifting astray.

Philip asked if he is pinging Jesse enough. Jesse agreed.

LISA Prep... (Ski)

  • LOPSA After Dark. The hotel reports that our options are really limited. Philip is mailing some local contacts for suggestions. In lieu of nothing nearby maybe setting up in one of the bar areas. Ski suggested bringing something in to a room or the lobby. Matt mentioned about the high cost of bringing in food. Maybe have a longer meeting or BoF, have a break out group. Also maybe get a sponsor for the meeting. He thinks we had about 100 at the last one. So maybe it would be worth it for a sponsor. Ski said he could try it. William asked if a particular vendor is doing a Paid BoF. William suggested Ski contact the vendor and see if they would be interested in sponsoring the LOSPA Meeting.
  • Yerkes award ideas
    • Various lists and forums were reviewed for stand-outs.
    • The committee has suggested a few members for considerations.
    • Philip gave some background on the Yerkes award and discussed some of the criteria
  • Matt suggested they we really try hard to plan out the community meeting. If we over plan it will still come out well. It is important that we plan it out early on this year. Philip agrees. William asked who is actually going to LISA. It may just be Ski, Philip and possibly Dan. Philip asked that we urgently request volunteers. Ski has it on the list for LOPSA-Live.


  • Date: Thursday Nov 15
  • Attendance confirmations verified with those on the call
  • New Format: 7pm EST for East Coast, repeat @ 10pm EST for West Coast to try and increase our audience, if not we'll try something else.
  • Admonition to fill in the agenda.
  • Martin will try to keep it to an hour. We will reassess after the forum.
  • William will not be able to make the East Coast version. He will update Martin so Martin can do the East Coast version.
  • Jesse thought the Doodle unclear, so some people were confused. Jesse will have a lot to speak about.

Local Chapter Policy

  • Martin put the new policy on the Board Wiki and asked people to comment on it.

Conference Harassment Policy

  • The first draft is out there for comment. William found an example from the Kansas City BBQ Society. There is no electronic copy. He is trying to get the judging book and scan it and get it to Philip.
  • Philip will look at it and then add what he can and forward it to a Women's Policy Organization for input.


Ski motioned we adjourn, William seconded. We are adjourned 20:42