Board meeting Minutes/6 December 2005

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4 December 2005
Board meeting Minutes Next:
12 December 2005

Minutes approved: 12 December 2005

Tom Perrine (chair), Trey Harris (note taker), Doug Hughes, Andrew Hume, Chris Palmer, David Parter, Stephen Potter, Pat Wilson, Sam Albrecht
Matthew Barr, JD Welch, Bob Gill

In-person meeting at the Town & Country, San Diego, California.

17:33 Pacific Time
17:37 Pacific Time

Replacement of Board vacancy

MOTION by Palmer, seconded by Wilson, to accept the recommendation of the Leadership Committee and appoint Matthew Barr to the Board with thanks. Passed by consent.

Report of the Leadership Committee:

The leadership committee is unanimous in the opinion that Matthew Barr should be appointed to the board vacancy. As highest ranking runner-up, he should be non-contentious. He reiterated his willingness when we checked with him recently.


Greg Rose (for the Leadership Committee)


MOTION by Hume, seconded by Palmer to adjourn. Passed by consent.