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24 January 2011
Board meeting Minutes Next:
21 February 2011

Minutes approved: 21 February 2011

Philip Kizer (chair), Matthew Barr, William Bilancio, Ski Kacoroski, Dan Rich
Jimmy Kaplowitz, Lois Bennett, Jesse Trucks
2008 Eastern Time
Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

Action Items

Standing Reports

  • Treasurer's report
    • No report this meeting
  • Membership report
    • Numbers may be a bit off due to a problem with charter members. Have about 20 new members in January.
  • Technical services report
    • Still working on server mirroring in preparation for upgrade test
    • Mentoring really wants a new RT which needs the upgrade
  • Conference/events activities report
    • SCALE and Cascadia coming up. We need to do a marketing push for them. PICC is coming up with 2 good windows classes.
  • Development report
  • Upcoming LopsaGram
    • Need to start getting items for LopsaGram, Ski will work with editor to get it out.

SCALE Conference Prep... (Ski)

What we need to do for SCALE. Partial list is:

  • Announcements (twitter, facebook,, linked-in, blogs)
  • who will be manning the booth (Ski will set up)
  • who will bring the booth, setup, take down (David Lang)
  • where does the booth go next (Seattle for Cascadia Conf)
  • Ski will bring CC machine
  • After Seattle Ski will ship everything to NJ for PICC
  • Dan planning to go to SCALE
  • Ski will send out note to everyone in the region.
  • Idea with Rivka from Tech Target for traded media sponsorship. William will follow up on this.
  • Philip will work with ACM about putting something in their issue about advertising.

Ski will take the lead on organizing folks for SCALE.

Reaching Out to the DevOps Groups (Kizer)

  • Matthew gave short talk on DevOps who are focused on automating sysadmin tasks (blur the line a bit between sysadmin and developers). Based around Velocity conference. SRE (site reliability Engineer) is *new* term for system admin. We need to reach out to this group, perhaps by starting with the bloggers in this area. Idea to see if we can convince existing groups to be a local of LOPSA. Matthew will work on getting contacts in this community.

New Business

Approve new chapter request (Bilancio)

  • Request for a new group in the Baltimore/DC to become a LOPSA Local Group. Six members are:

Myself (Evan Pettrey), Ryan Frantz (who is helping to run the chapter with me, Michael Erdely, Brian Bilbrey, Peter Jansson, Adam Rivera

No need for website.

Bilancio recommends approval.

  • Ski Kacoroski motioned to approved this chapter, Dan Rich seconded. Motion passed unanimously.



A motion made by Ski Kacoroski seconded by William Bilanco to adjourn at 2043 Eastern Time