Board meeting Minutes/9 August 2010

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26 July 2010
Board meeting Minutes Next:
23 August 2010

Minutes approved: 6 September 2010

Philip Kizer (chair), Lois Bennett, William Bilancio, Ski Kacoroski, Jimmy Kaplowitz, David Parter, Dan Rich, Jesse Trucks
Derek Balling
20:06 Eastern Time
21:01 Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

Action Items

Standing Reports

  • Treasurer's report (second meeting of the month only)
  • Membership report
  • Technical services report
  • Conference/events activities report
  • Development report (Meeting focus at first meeting of the month)
  • Upcoming MtM - LOPSAgram is scheduled for Aug 16 so we need to discuss content today.

Temporary Recording conference calls (Bennett)

It would greatly assist the making of useful minutes to use the recording capability of the conference call service. The intent is to make a temporary recording of the call to be kept for as short a time as possible, at most until the minutes are approved and then to be deleted.

This should really get into a discussion of the type of minutes we keep, and the level of detail. We don't have time for that tonight. I will offer the following motion...

--Dparter 10:14, 9 August 2010 (PDT)

MOTION: That the board approve the one-time use (at this meeting) of the conference call recording feature as an aid to taking the minutes of the meeting, with the requirements that copies of the recording are not to be shared with anyone except board members or others at the meeting, and that all copies of the recording be destroyed within one week of the approval of the minutes.

I was just going to suggest we:

Call for an individual confirmation of everyone on the conference call that they consent to the recording to make sure we are legal in all participant states until we can amend our policies/procedures to make recording a prior expected part of participation in the call.

--Pckizer 10:30, 9 August 2010 (PDT)

judging by how pretty much every customer support phone line operates, including ones with no prior consent to recording and nationwide customer bases, we can just say "we're going to record this call to facilitate taking of minutes - speak up if you object" once everyone is on the call, then wait a moment, and then start recording in the absence of objections

Via: Hydroxide on IRC

Annual Officer Elections (Kizer)

As per our bylaws The Annual Directors meeting shall be held within 90 days after each election, and at the approximate midpoint of the Current Board Term. The Officers of the Association shall be selected or confirmed at the Annual Directors Meeting.

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary-Treasurer

Remove the word "SAGE" from the Wiki (Bilancio)

We have been our own organization now for a number of years and it's time to move on. I think it's time to take the time to remove the word "SAGE" from the Wiki on documents that we use daily or will be referencing. I know it sounds stupid but new people joining the board who don't know what SAGE is or was and the history of both organizations will get confused, and it will just get more confusing as LOPSA grows and we get new people joining the board.


I need to know what to tell Lee Damon about AH's role in his conference. I also need to know when he can and who to contact at AH.

I also need to know the same thing about PICC. I want to start working on setting the date and getting the hotel locked down so I can work out a deal with USENIX to get an add in the LISA '10 program book.

Etiquette Policy (SKI)

We need a etiquette policy for IRC and email lists as we are loosing members due to a few problem members.

Inviting TAL to f2f meeting in NJ (Bennett)

Tom L has some ideas to share with us and would like to attend our in person meeting. We need to discuss inviting him to our meeting.

Mentorship Program (Bennett)

  • LMPT has met once on conference call and once on IRC (sort of- LB neglected to announce and was not aware of any progress so a last minute email got several committee members on IRC)
  • Possible new chair or co-chair: L. Bennett asked Christian "ian" Paredes, ( cparedes on IRC ) to consider becoming chair and he has accepted the job on a trial basis. Matt Barr had volunteered but was waiting to see if there might be new blood.
  • A couple or mentors and proteges have responded but it is a little disappointing given the numbers we started with but this may just be caused by summer vacations.

Using LOPSA google apps account (Bennett)

We have an account and both Mentorship and OLFu are using it for document development. A google apps account under would make this more useful for us as we could have individual accounts. We are currently using it through the shared folders mechanism of google docs which works by allowing others to view edit and create documents in the folder if they have been given access to it. This is still a useful mechanism for committee work but accounts would make the general accessiblity better.

This can be put off to be discussed online. But I feel it would be an important addition to our tools. --lois 10:26, 9 August 2010 (PDT)



Parter moved and Bilancio seconded a motion to adjourn at 21:01