Interim Board meeting Minutes/12 July 2005

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27 June 2005
Interim Board meeting Minutes Next:
31 July 2005

Minutes approved: 15 August 2005

Geoff Halprin (Chair, Minute taker), Trey Harris, David Parter.
Lorette Cheswick.
2315 US/East

Consent Agenda

Approval of minutes 2005-06-27.

  • Minutes were approved.

AMC Status

AH Contract

  • Geoff to ask Brent to review.
  • Execute contract with cover letter (We have no money until USENIX agreement in executed).
  • AH to do joint press release. Draft at board retreat.

ED Status

  • Sam has spoken to Geoff and Trey. He hopes to debrief other board members this week.
  • July priorities for Sam:
    • Term sheet
    • Transition Plan
    • Plan for Board Retreat
    • Any high-priority issues.

Planning for Board Meeting

  • AH discussed changing schedule to accomodate Bill M's travel plans.
    • After consideration, we decided to stick to the original schedule.
  • Geoff setting up concall with Bill P and Sam re: planning and handouts for retreat.


  • AMC selected, in final contract negotiations, to be completed by end-of-July.
    • We'll withhold names until the contract is executed.
  • Board retreat


  • We have received feedback from lawyers.
    • No semantic changes required.
    • Trey has merged these into wiki version.
  • Action Item: All (transition) board members to review for approval at next meeting.
  • Action Item: Geoff to issue notice of special resolution to members.

Service Transition

Membership Database Transition

  • AH ready to receive data. We're not sure they really are.
    • What does it look like? How will we import current vs historical data?
    • Geoff: Do not expect USENIX to provide any final data until Term Sheet is signed.
    • David: Will ask USENIX office for sample data, to aid in our transition planning.

Review Punch List

  • Punch list reviewed!
    • Progress proceeding.