Interim Board meeting Minutes/23 May 2005

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18 May 2005
Interim Board meeting Minutes Next:
6 June 2005

Minutes approved: 27 June 2005

Teleconference 23 May 2005

Opened: 20:00 US/East Closed: 20:45 US/East

Geoff Halprin Trey Harris Lorette Cheswick David Parter (note taker)

Item 1: Bylaws

  • Bylaws now finalised, except identitifed open issues, which we need legal feedback on.
  • ACTION ITEM: Lorette: Send current draft of bylaws to lawyer, seek advice on draft and open issues (quorum, election rules).

Item 2: AMC Engagement

  • AH: [Geoff] will send notes from his phone conversation with Bill from AH
    • ED search: estimate 3 weeks for list of candidates
      • interim board will make selection.
      • We must determine how to do this (phone conf, video conf, in-person).
    • D&O Insurance. AH are getting this organised now.
    • Web site and database migration -- David contact Dominick (AH) (ask at outset what hours are charged for).
      • Geoff: Focus is Day 0 Project - existing web site with AH integration (member db, credit card payment).

Item 3: Candidates Wiki

  • Candidates wiki:
    • Geoff uploaded redacted AMC round one report. Can now be issued to candidates without NDA.
    • list of respondants requires NDA. NDA forms will be faxed to Lorette (for file), Lorette will notify Trey to e-mail confidential items to candidates
  • MOTION: Adopt (modified Rutgers) NDA as SAGE's NDA. Passed unanimously.
  • MOTION: NDA extended to all candidates and Leadership Committee.

Item 4: Election

  • Election:
    • ACTION ITEM: Jesse and Matt must sign NDA re: vote data.
    • Jesse and Matt will draft statement of confidentiality of election software, process, etc (David)
    • Elegibility to vote: date of notice. detail re: membership class TBD ASAP.
    • Geoff has draft wording in SAGE Policies.