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{{SAGE maybe historical}}
{{SAGE historical}}
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This website is not affiliated with SAGE or the USENIX Association. The use of the term "SAGE" below is historical, and refers either to the SAGE subgroup of USENIX, or to a precursor of the organization now called LOPSA.

8 November 2004
Interim Board meeting Minutes Next:
20 December 2004

Minutes approved: 20 December 2004

This document is a board working paper, and commercial in confidence.

Geoff Halprin, David Parter, Trey Harris
2004-12-06 1900 US/East

Consent Agenda

  • Meeting minutes (2004-11-08) approved by consent.

Action Items

  • See action item list.
  • Time for new memo to members

Outstanding Business

Legal Infrastructure

  • Notes per email during LISA.
  • Signatures to fax number
  • Need to re-file with new name:
  • Geoff
  • Don't want to use "SAGE" in name; it's encumbered.
  • Trey
  • "Professional Association of System Administrators"
  • "Professional vs professionalism."
  • David
  • "System Administrators Professional Association"
  • Not something that causes problems (c6 vs. c3)
  • Ask lawyer; is "SAGE" better or worse.
  • Successor to USENIX interest. Does this make things easier.
  • Need to file copies of paperwork with USENIX.
  • Geoff to write contract.
  • David: Would AMC want input into contract?

Operations Infrastructure

  • Geoff must complete 1st round and write-up.
  • Need better idea of how soon we can engage.

Computing Infrastructure

  • Catch-22: do we use AMC systems or vice-versa?

Election Policy Decisions Discussion

  • To be decided:
  • Size of membership quorum: 1/10 or 1/20.
  • Bylaw amendments.
  • Issues:
  • minimum count to put issue to membership.
  • minimum count to effect change (normal business).
  • minimum count to effect change (bylaw changes).
  • ratification of bylaws changes or not.
  • Membership Quorum: Regular business
  • Geoff
  • Options:
  • Proportion: 1/20
  • Mix: proportion/minimum
  • Rolling average: 2/3 ave of last three normal elections.
  • Trey:
  • Proportion: 1/8.
  • Bootstrap: 2/3 ave last Exec election as bootstrap number.
  • David:
  • Rolling average: 2/3 ave of last three normal elections.
  • Bootstrap: We don't know how many members we'll lose in transition.
  • Use fraction: 1/10 until 3 elections.
  • Geoff:
  • 3 elections rolling ave.
  • bootstrap of 1/10.
  • Motion: Passed. Unanimously.
  • 3 elections rolling ave.
  • Bootstrap of 1/10 membership.
  • Membership Quorum: Bylaw amendments.
  • David: bylaw changes require a higher proportion. (make it harder)
  • Quorum for bylaw changes:
  • need large pool, but simple majority.
  • David: threshold should be higher; if board didn't approve the change (short-circuit option).
  • 2/3 rolling ave, minimum 1/3 membership.
  • Motion: Passed. Unanimously.
  • 2/3 rolling ave, minimum 1/3 membership.
  • Signature mimimum to call SGM, petition business.
  • 75 minimum.
  • Board bylaw amendments
  • All bylaw amendments must be ratified by vote at the next regular board meeting.
  • Call for ratification (with motion) must be in published agenda for 2nd meeting.
  • Public notice published to membership (no later than same time as meeting agenda.)
  • Proxy allowed (exact wording known) for board member who cannot attend second meeting.
  • Minimum notice period for board meetings of 1 week.
  • Minimum notice for (bylaw change) agenda item. Advisable, but not necessary.
  • Motion (repeat vote) Can't straddle two boards.
  • Simple majority of regular board quorum.
  • Passed. Unanimously.
  • Membership ratification of bylaw amendments.
  • Already have facility to petition.
  • (Default is for amendment to apply.)
  • Board must not be able to reverse decision of the membership. (limit this clause - next election).
  • Passed. Unanimously.
Meeting closed