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Policy approved by the Board on 31 July 2005.

Policy amended on 8 August 2005.

The report or recommendation of any Committee shall not be binding upon the Board.

The Board shall establish the following committees:

Board level committees

Name Chair Description Disposition Contains subcommittee(s)
Transition Geoff Oversee transition of services from USENIX to SAGE, Inc.
Includes the Board representative to USENIX.
Ad-hoc None
Development Pat/Steve Involve no entangling commitments. Develop development policy, plan, kit, identify and ask candidates, fund-raise
Note: though the President will often have development duties (e.g., hobnobbing, etc.) that doesn't mean the President must chair this committee.
Standing As required
Partnership & Liaison Geoff Involve mutual commitments and relationships. Liaise with USENIX and other partners on contract, etc. Conflict resolution. Standing As required
Leadership Greg Rose (Board liaison Tom) Develop leadership skills. Board induction. Volunteer cultivation. Election slates. Standing (per Bylaws) None
Policy Trey Draft policy manual for Board approval.
May be "Committee of the Whole".
Ad-hoc None.
Communications Chris Oversight of all communications to members and external parties. Drafting of communications policy. Standing None.
Membership development Trey Investigate growing the membership. Develop Membership classes and policy. Recommend whether standing committee is needed. Ad-hoc None.

Program committees

Name Chair Description Disposition Subcommittee(s)
Awards Doug Annual Contribution to the Profession award; Yerkes award. Annual Maybe (one for each award?)
Conference Planning Pat/Tom Plan our robust ubiquitous presence at LISA. Posters, BOFs, everything. In future, will handle all conferences. Standing One for each conference
Locals David Investigate Locals program. Ad-hoc None.
Technical Services Doug/David Deliver and manage online services and other technology. Standing Email/Website transition team
Content Services Chris/Steve SAGEnews; Magazine; Journal; etc. Standing (One for each publication)
Mentor Program Andrew Investigate revitalized mentor program. Ad-hoc None.

Future Committees

The text below does not represent policy of the Board.

Name Description Disposition Contains subcommitee(s)
Certification Will be discussed in separate document.
Tertiary Education Standards Curriculum, tools, tips, etc.
Surveys Manage annual salary survey and other surveys. Analyze results. Publicize. Tune. Rinse and Repeat. Standing Salary survey, (one ad-hoc for each survey)