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Policy approved by the Board on 26 February 2007.

Policy purpose

Sponsorships provide LOPSA with a means to generate positive cash flow and help to defray costs that would otherwise need to be borne by the organization's members. The purpose of this policy is to

  • define sponsorship types and sources,
  • establish acceptance criteria for sponsorships,
  • ensure the ethical evaluation and acceptance of sponsorships consistent with LOPSA mission, values, and goals.

The LOPSA board may solicit and accept sponsorships as a means to finance organization efforts. Sponsorships may come from three possible sources and may be of several types.


  • Individual - An individual sponsorship may be provided by a single person or family and is attributed to that person, family, or another person or family as designated by the provider.
  • Consultant - A consultant sponsorship is designed for an independent consultant who wants a sponsorship attributed to their business. It may also be used for small partnerships or LLCs (generally around 10 members or less).
  • Corporate - A corporate sponsorship may be provided by any legally existing business venture; sole proprietory, partnership, LLC, private or publicly traded corporation.


The board may accept any of the following types of sponsorships, although primary preference should always be given to undesignated sponsorships.

  • Undesignated - An undesignated sponsorship is a sponsorship provided with no restrictions on use; the organization is free to use the funds for any legitimate program.
  • Designated - A designated sponsorship is a sponsorship of a particular program, function, or activity. Funds from these sponsorships must be used in support of the designated program. Excess funds will default to being returned to the sponsor, unless the sponsor explicitly consents to those funds being converted to undesignated.
  • Event - An event sponsorship is a sponsorship offered at a specific dollar amount in order to have the sponsor's name associated with a specific event or part of an event. These funds are otherwise treated as undesignated and must be returned to the sponsor only in the case that the event does not take place.
  • In-Kind - In kind sponsorships or donations are donations of goods or services that the organization finds as or more useful than accepting unrestricted sponsorships.

Sponsorship acceptance

LOPSA must always, first and foremost, protect its reputation, credibility, and future viability over short term financial needs. In this regard, LOPSA may decline to accept sponsorships from individuals or organizations deemed to have incompatible values or goals.


To protect the reputations of both LOPSA and potential or rejected sponsors, LOPSA shall make no public statement regarding any sponsorships not formally accepted by Board or approved designate action.

Benefits of sponsorship

LOPSA recognizes that most individuals and organizations use sponsorships as a means to achieve some benefit. The LOPSA Development Committee shall determine a standard list of benefits and recognition that will be followed for all sponsorships. The Development Committee may, at its discretion

  • create differing levels of recognition based on sponsorship source, type, or amount
  • allow named sponsorship of a program, function, or activity provided a considerable portion of its financial cost is borne by the sponsor.

Benefits and recognition for sponsorships shall be limited to that list only. Any additional benefit or recognition will be considered a sale of LOPSA service, not a sponsorship. The appropriate committee shall determine a schedule of fees for all such activities. At no time shall LOPSA enter into any sponsorship agreement that requires it to specifically endorse a sponsor's product or service.

Sponsors wishing to promote LOPSA and their sponsorship of LOPSA may use LOPSA's name, logo and online contact information in accordance with the provisions at LOPSA Sponsor Logos and Web Buttons. Any use not covered by these provisions, or any printed use, requires prior written approval from LOPSA. Any unauthorized use of LOPSA's name or logo will void the offending party's sponsorship benefits and may be considered grounds for legal action.

Terms of sponsorship

The effective date of a sponsorship shall be the date payment is received and processed by the LOPSA office unless otherwise specifically agreed upon by LOPSA and the sponsor. All sponsorships and benefits will run for one year from the effective date of sponsorship.

Renewal of sponsorship

At its discretion, LOPSA may contact each sponsor every 30 days commencing 60 days prior to the expiration of the sponsorship period to solicit renewal. The effective date of a renewal will be the expiration date of the prior sponsorship period.

Grace period

At the recommendation of the Development Committee, a sponsorship may be granted a 30 day grace period before the sponsorship benefits and recognition are terminated.