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This wiki is to disseminate information from the LOPSA Board to LOPSA members and other interested parties.

Why a wiki?

You may have noticed that this site is a wiki, but unlike most wikis, it is not editable.

This is because the LOPSA Board of Directors uses its own private wiki to conduct its internal business. It is most efficient to publicize documents by exporting them to another wiki, maintaining links and document structure without having to reformat.

Why isn't the Board's wiki public?

The Board's private wiki is used for internal debate and discussion, often of sensitive topics such as negotiations in progress, personnel discussions, and the like, and so unfortunately cannot be open to the public. However, the Board strives to operate with as much transparency as possible. You may notice, for instance, that our Minutes are much more verbose than most organizations'. Please let us know any ways that you think we can be more responsive to our community.

What if I want to comment on the documents here?

Because this site is not editable, you cannot leave comments about the documents here. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the LOPSA Board at

What if I notice a problem with this wiki?

For issues of content, please contact the LOPSA Board. For technical issues involving the website, contact the LOPSA Tech Team at