Non-Disclosure Agreement

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This NDA is also available in PDF format. Please sign and send or fax back to LOSPA at PO Box 5161 Trenton, NJ 08638-0161 or 609-219-6787 (fax).

Non-Disclosure Agreement between The League of Professional System Administrators (LOPSA) and the person described below ("You"), for the provision of services to LOPSA.

As an agent (director, employee, consultant, volunteer, or other) of LOPSA, you have functions and responsibilities ("Duties") within LOPSA that require access to information that is of a confidential or privileged nature ("Confidential Information"). This information includes such material as personnel data and performance reviews, account and financial reports, and internal association records. This information can be in either electronic or hard copy formats. By accepting below, you understand and agree that authorization to Confidential Information is granted solely for the purpose of carrying out the Duties. You also agree that Confidential Information may be shared only with others who have a need to know this information in order to perform their duties on behalf of LOPSA. You also agree to request in advance the consent of the Board for the permission to disclose LOPSA information to anyone else.

By accepting below, you also understand and agree not to disclose passwords, access procedures, and security protocols regarding LOPSA's computer systems and information technology resources except as may be required to perform the Duties. Personal computers and work stations will be kept inaccessible to others when one is absent from his/her work area. Any file created from Confidential Information also will be secured and discarded in a manner that protects the information from access by others.

By accepting below, you also understand and agree to return or destroy all Confidential Information upon termination of your position with LOPSA or completion of the Duties. You agree to inform the LOPSA board of any access passwords that you have at the termination of this agreement.

By accepting below, you further understand and agree that any right of public access under the law (including any rights that result from You being a member of LOPSA) to LOPSA records does not relieve you of the obligation to comply with the provisions of this Agreement. You also understand and agree that a violation or breach of this agreement may result in disciplinary action, including termination or legal action. You understand and agree to be bound by the provisions of this agreement even after your employment, board term or other privileged position with LOPSA has ceased.



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