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28 August 2007
Board meeting Minutes Next:
25 September 2007

Minutes approved: 25 September 2007

Philip Kizer (chair), Derek Balling, Matthew Barr, Chris Palmer, David Parter (notes), Jesse Trucks, Bob Apthorpe, Sam Albrecht, Stephen Potter
Trey Harris
7:05 Eastern Time
8:00 Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

Action Items


  • Tom Limoncelli has agreed to chair an ad-hoc committee on public policy issues. Action Item: develop charge


  • Contact Hans regarding tracking of volunteers for program committees


  • Figure out state of committee policy, return with recommendation on policy and active/defunct committees


  • Contact OnLF regarding potential involvement and set stage for mini-SA days discussion

Standing Reports

  • Executive Director's report
    • IRS UPDATE: still needs the original incorporation paperwork, promises to get it off his desk and call tommorrow with an update.
    • Jumped in on OLF: speaker content updated, preparing box to send this Friday
  • Treasurer's report (second meeting of the month only)
  • Membership report
    • See member data report for this week's status
    • continuing upward trend, need to convert more web site visitors to members
  • Technical Services report (formerly Online report)
    • look and feel update: no progress, need a project plan (Palmer)
    • potential new chair: Travis Campbell (a/k/a HCoyote)
  • Sysadmin Days report
    • Financial report soon (Albrecht)
  • Development report (Meeting focus at first meeting of the month)
    • Need to update sponsorship package -- will check with JD on his availability (Albrecht)
  • Upcoming MtM (last meeting of the month only)

Technical proposal: changing IRC networks for #lopsa* channels

Jesse provided an IRC network change proposal that was being floated from some of the Tech team members and IRC operators. There were a few items that came up related to it such as:

  • Larger community
  • Change: depending on how the change itself is viewed, confusion among existing channel denizens versus do it now while smaller organization
  • No private messaging among non-registered nicknames
  • More reliable services
  • etc/more?

An alternate is to turn up new nodes on the existing network to manage services and be in the DNS round-robin for IRC. This could, also, mean turning on services from an existing node on the CogNet/ByxNet network. CogNet/ByxNet is fairly flexible, but there is a question as to how many people want services running on that network. Trucks doesn't understand the politics of that network well enough to know the details, though.

Lastly, another alternative entirely is to break off and create our own LOPSA IRC Network consisting of only nodes for LOPSA. This doesn't inherently have advantages beyond having complete control and administrative rights to enable/allow any bots, configurations, services, or servers that we want.

  • Discussion raised questions of other options.

Trucks will organize a poll and get more information

Keep or allow to expire: sysadmindays.{net,org}

Tom Perrine has those 2 domains registered and available for our use, do we want to have them renewed and kept available for us or allowed to expire and pass on to some other organization?

conclusion: we want them for at least another year. Trucks will work with Perrine and Sam

Next Agenda item...

New Business


  • Travis Campbell, potential new chair of Technical Services. Trucks and Campbell working on a charge, we will approve the charge and the appointment at a future meeting
  • Parter reminds everyone to start thinking about LISA -- before we know it, it will be november.

Potter joins meeting at 7:55 Eastern


Motion to adjourn: Potter, second Balling