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26 February 2007
Board meeting Minutes Next:
19 March 2007

Minutes approved: 19 March 2007

Tom Perrine (chair), Matthew Barr, Trey Harris, Doug Hughes, David Parter, Stephen Potter (note taker)
Pat Wilson, Sam Albrecht
Andrew Hume, Chris Palmer
20:06 Eastern Time
20:47 Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

  • Approve minutes of 26 February 2007
  • record March 5th 2007 email MOTION, by Wilson, seconded by Parter: to approve the request of Ottawa Valley SAGE to become a LOPSA affiliate per recommendation of Executive Director Albrecht. Passes.


Action Items

Board Committees

  • Development Committee (Wilson/Potter)
  • Partnership and Liason Committee (Perrine)
    • Palmer - Contact local office of possible partner - no report
    • Barr, Albrecht - Contact SCALE regarding future cooperation [due 2/26] - no progress
  • Leadership Committee (Esther Filderman)
  • Policy Committee (Harris)
  • Communications Committee
    • Perrine - Follow up with SysAdmin Magazine regarding volunteers for online answer folks [due 3/20] - no progress
  • Membership Committee
    • Hughes - Work on different instances of member renewal letters - no progress
    • Parter - Send a note to the prospects gathered at LISA - DONE
    • Hughes, Parter - Implement member opt-out of non-LOPSA mailings - no progress
    • What's the status of the PSP drawing? DONE'

Program Committees

  • Conference Planning Committee (Wilson/Perrine)
    • Barr, Albrecht: Talk to MIT spam people. - no progress drop this from action items
  • Technical (Online) Services (Hughes/Parter)
  • Content Services Committee (Palmer/Potter)
    • Palmer, Potter - Draft a plan regarding how a paid/compensated content director might help the website, and what sort of requirements we might make for that position - no progress


  • Financial
    • Hume - Provide at Dec 2006 Treasurer's report writeup for the Board and for the web site - no report
  • Albrecht:
    • Provide status on IRS 501.c.3 status [due 3/12] - no progress
    • Query insurance company regarding possible member insurance options [due 2/12] - in progress proposal needs board review
  • Barr:
    • php-list(?) mailer integration into Drupal - no progress
  • Harris:
    • Present draft financial policies for Board approval (low priority)
    • Gather material for Halprin request [2/26]
  • Hughes:
    • Work with Frisch, Chalup, Halprin, Barr on resume resources skeleton/framework (should have status by mid February) - no progress now due 4/1
  • Hume:
    • Chat with SNIA regarding possible partnering - no report
    • Reconvene Code of Ethics review committee - no report
  • Palmer:
  • Parter:
  • Perrine:
    • Perrine will work with Sam and Michele on "CONVERSION" of visitors to members - in progress
  • Potter:
  • Wilson:
    • Determine whether there's enough interest to staff a booth at Linuxfest Northwest (end of April in Bellingham, WA); we want to do more than staff a booth, but must make sure we have at least that
  • All:

Standing Reports

  • Treasurer's report (first meeting of the month only) STATUS - Jan financial's not reviewed by ED yet. (Still not reviewed. Will have done this week.)
  • Membership report
    • See the onlline report for this week's status
  • Online report
  • Sysadmin Days report: looking for a venue for July (after 16th)

Question about Sysadmin Day which is late July, are we involved?

  • Development report
  • Upcoming MtM (last meeting of the month only)

Partnership Policies (spp)

The current Partnership committee charge needs to be archived, and the items moved to the new Partnership Policy.

The new Partnership and Development committee charge needs to replace the existing charges on the Committee list, the current Sponsorship policies need to be added to the overall Policy manual.

Motion: Potter, Second Hughes to accept policy as presented; no objections. Motion passes.

member coop

Gilbert Wilson had an interesting idea a few weeks ago about a coop plan whereby members could pledge some amount of time (TBD) in lieu of paying full membership. Discuss here.

Hughes will contact Gilbert


Motion to adjourn by Potter at 20:47 EDT