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30 May 2017
Board meeting Minutes Next:
27 June 2017

Minutes approved: 27 June 2017

  • NOTICE to those on the line: All present agree to a temporary recording of this call to be be deleted no later than when the minutes are approved. Please speak up if you disagree with this and we will discuss it after roll call.
Move your name to Present or Apologies prior to the meeting!
(Subject to verification) Steve VanDevender, Ski Kacoroski,Paul English, George Beech (chair), Ray Frush, Thomas Uphill, Scott Suehle,Brian Globerman
Atom Powers

Consent Agenda

Standing Reports

Treasurer's report (Globerman)

Balance Info:

  • BoA Accounts: $34,701.49
  • PayPal Account: $533.15
  • Total: $35,234.64 +/- from last report (05/30/2017):+ $468.38

In progress:

  • Completing Form 1023 to get our status reinstated
  • Filing 2016 income tax form

Membership report (VanDevender)

  • Total active members: 655 (previous report: 653, change: 2, pending renewal: 13)
  • Paying: 357 (6 new in last 30 days)
  • Non-paying: 298 (7 new in last 30 days)

Paying members include Individual, Charter, Founding, and Lifetime memberships. Non-paying members include Student and Complimentary memberships.

Committee reports

Conferences/Events/Chapters activities report (Powers)

LOPSA Cascadia 2018: ? (Kacoroski,Uphill,Globermann,English,Powers)

  • Can we consolidate domain registration for casitconf domains under whatever we use for LOPSA? A: tech team should be able to handle it, just do a ticket

Marketing/Communications (LOPSAgram, #lopsa-live, etc) (English, Uphill)

  • Sysadmin Day stuff:
    • Paul copy/pasted the blurb from last year into the LOPSAgram. This commits us to:
    • Can someone run the Twitter "sysadmin photo contest" thing again? Thomas?
    • Does someone have schwag that can respond to local meetups with schwag?
    • Paul will maintain the list of local events as they come in
  • No progress on Marketing Intern(s)
  • Mario has a lead for Community Manager
  • Please help provide content for the next LOPSAgram
  • Please blog on your LOPSA Blog

Technical Services Report (Beech, VanDevender)

Mentorship Report (Beech)

Recognition (Uphill, Disney)

Leadership Committee (Warner, Kacoroski)

Locals/Chapters Committee (Suehle)

On Hold Committees

Education Committee

Speaker's Bureau

Refund policy (Steve)

A couple of members have recently asked for refunds (one claims to have mistakenly signed up as an individual member but meant to sign up as a student, another who signed up as an individual and and doesn't want the membership any more). I am inclined to tell people that they're under no obligation to renew, but that we won't refund memberships once paid for. But we should decide on our refund policy and publish it.

Next Agenda item... (NAME)

New Business

First new item...



 Ski Kacoroski Motioned for Adjournment
 Scott Suehle Seconded