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30 Jun 2014
Board meeting Minutes Next:
28 Jul 2014

Minutes approved: 28 Jul 2014

Move your name to Present or Apologies prior to the meeting!
(Subject to verification) ? Dan Rich (chair), Ski Kacoroski, John Boris, Matt Simmons, Evan Pettrey
William Bilancio, Matt Disney, Martin Gehrke
George Beech, Steve VanDevender
8:06 PM Eastern Time
8:44 PM Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

  • No minutes to approve

Action Items

Board members are asked to review RT for open tickets.

Standing Reports

Treasurer's report (Pettrey)

  • BoA Account: $26,358.88
  • PayPal Account: $2,667.85
  • TDBank: $1,989.41
  • Total: $31,016.14
  • +/- from last meeting:$7,308.50

Simmons asked if the Check from PICC Inc. cleared. Pettrey stated it did clear and is included in the numbers reported. And also the numbers include the payoff of the AH debt.

Membership report (Simmons)

  • Previous Month:
    • New: 19 (8 students)
    • Renew: 5 (1 students)
    • Lapsed: 18 (2 students)
  • Month to Date:
    • New: 6 (5 students)
    • Renew: 0 (0 students)
    • Lapsed: 9 (1 students)
  • Total: 850 (737 paying)

Conference/events activities report (Bilancio)

No report

Local Chapter Committee report (Gehrke)

Kacoroski reported that there are some people in Germany wanting to start a chapter. Materials were set.

Development report (Kacoroski)

In talks with GOVERLAN for sponsorship deal. -MPS

Communications (LOPSAgram, #lopsa-live, etc) (Simmons/Kacoroski)

July LOPSAGram sent out.

How to throw a sysadmin party up. 650+ reads

Created a Marketing Folder in Google Docs for contacts, proposals, etc.

Project Management report (Rich)

No report until after the Face to Face

Liaison reports (LC, etc.)

Technical Services Report (Bilancio)

No report

Mentorship Report (Boris)

I am in the process of writing the Policy which forms the Program. This was never written.

LOPSA Professional Recognition (Simmons)

no report

Leadership Committee (Kacoroski)

From Mario Obejas: One note: The LC needs to have a place on or where they can document the election process so it does not get reinvented. Right now I have some emails on the process but it's not really documented on any website that I'm aware of. Warner Moore has done a superb job on the LC and I would heartily endorse him as the next LC Chair if he wants to do that. Warner was also interested in documenting the process so it's another reason why it's a good fit. Kacoroski will put in a ticket in RT to get the LC space on Rich stated there might be an old ticket.

Face-to-face planning (Rich)

Face to Face Meeting Planning 2014

  • Do we want a facilitator? If so, who -- offered services from a former board member or outside professional?
  • Please review the agenda and see if it fits what we want to do at the meeting. Please be thinking about strategy session.
  • Simmons asked if Marketing could be added to the agenda.
  • A past board member has offered his services for a facilitator. There would be minimal cost if we use him
  • There was a suggestion of using a professional facilitator.
    • A short discussion on using a past member as opposed to a professional ensued. There were worries about a past member being too close and issues with a Professional having a biased agenda.
    • Rich will reach out to Disney to ask about a previous offer from ORNL.

Subsidiary Spin-off (Simmons)

Update after speaking with a lawyer over the phone The lawyer agreed that the move to form the subsidiary was a good idea. He suggested we use a C corporation. He recommended we get a NJ Lawyer. Simmons has a call into the Law Firm we have in the Wiki. The consensus of the board was for Simmons to proceed.

Executive Session (Simmons)

Rich Moved to go into Executive Session, seconded by Pettrey

New Business

No new Business




Boris Motioned Kacoroski Second