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12 December 2005
Board meeting Minutes Next:
4 January 2006

Minutes approved: 4 January 2006

Tom Perrine (chair), Matthew Barr, Trey Harris, Doug Hughes, Andrew Hume, David Parter, Stephen Potter, Pat Wilson (note taker), Sam Albrecht
Chris Palmer
20:03 Eastern Time
21:09 Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

Consent Agenda Approved

Approval of Minutes

Minutes Approved (after minor edits and corrections)

Action Items

  • Harris:
    • Migrate all 3 wikis (Board, Public, and Board-only) to new machine - in progress
    • Work with Albrecht on a membership kit - not done - tentative target mid-January
  • Hughes
    • extended member database (with Albrecht) - in progress
  • Hume:
    • Review minutes and provide a list of redactions pertaining to SAGECom that may now be restored - not done
    • Work on integrating databases and financial procedures (with Parter, Albrecht) - no action
    • Contact the individuals who had expressed interest in a life membership and try to sell multi-year instead - not done
  • Palmer:
    • Contact other LISA '05 contributors with hosting offer (with Potter) - no report
  • Parter:
    • Work on integrating databases and financial procedures (with Hume, Albrecht)
sent mail to Albrecht and phone conversation re: current status/procedures. Hughes is working on extended member tables.
  • Perrine:
    • Send thank-you emails to all sponsors - DONE 17 Dec (Sat)
    • Draft a business plan for LOPSA (with Wilson) - not done - will meet this week
    • Write another note to the Advisory Council - deferred pending biz plan first draft
  • Potter:
    • Draft more rigorous sponsorship policy (including definitions) (with Wilson) - not done
    • Contact other LISA '05 contributors with hosting offer (with Palmer) - no action
  • Wilson:
    • Draft a business plan for LOPSA (with Perrine) - not done - will meet this week
    • Work on a proposal for Google - not done
    • Draft more rigorous sponsorship policy (including definitions) (with Potter) - not done
    • LISA inventory (tshirts, etc) - DONE: 93 shirts remain. also, I've got 53 pins, all of the laminating supplies (including 2 boxes of LOSPA "business" cards), 4 power strips, and a handful of postcards, stickers, and tattoos)
  • Albrecht
    • Call IRS about the application status - will retry
    • Work on integrating databases and financial procedures (with Hume, Parter) - in progress
    • Work with Harris on a membership kit not done - tentative target mid-January
  • Solanki
    • Get membership roll in order (with Parter) - in progress
    • Look into MacWorld booth pricing - DONE

Standing Reports

  • Treasurer's report
    • Hume and Albrecht are working on developing accounting processes.
    • Moving forward, we'll try to keep a minimum of $5000 in liquid funds until the financial situation stablizes
    • Transfer of funds from Paypal should be operational in the next week. There's money from the Amazon Associates program and CafePress, as well. CafePress will cut a check perioidcally and send that to AH.
  • Membership report
    • as of start of the meeting, there were 190 on-line paid members, and some small number of members who have paid but don't have online accounts. There are 389 accounts registered on the web site - the non-member accounts should get mail encouraging them to join the organization.
    • need to send email to all members acking their membership (dparter)

ACTION ITEM: Harris will draft the new member email.
ACTION ITEM: Parter will send the mail to the members.

  • Online report
    • new sysadmin of the week.
      • 3 ready to go, 1 pending approval from member, several outstanding questionnaires
      • replaced the raised floor question with "hot standby/failover or redundancy"
      • Thanks to Amy Rich for getting a few.
    • 389 online accounts (some dups)
    • 190 online members (pending data from deepa)
    • RT installed, in use
    • lopsa-01 will be reinstalled with debian, ready for test/dev platform soon (today?)
    • need to send email to pending memberships re: paypal errors
    • are there other mailing lists to migrate over from
      • the Advisory Council list is the only one that comes to mind

ACTION ITEM: Barr, Hughes to move the remaining list(s) to

Tech Team NDA

Draft on wiki

  • We'll also need to have some control over who can touch the membership data for auditing purposes, and probably some other data privacy/use policies as well

ACTION ITEM: Harris will draft an appropriate policy for the tech team

Issue tabled until next meeting

MOTION: Moved by Harris, seconded by Hume to accept the amendments made by Perrine to NDA (changes SAGE to LOPSA throughout, adds "or legal action" to penultimate sentence) - passes

SCALE and presence at other conferences

a committee should be appointed to look into our participation in/presence at various conferences/trade shows, including:


  • there are more conferences, including O'Reilly Open Source Convention July 24-28
  • We should make greater use of volunteers for staffing any events like this than we did for LISA , where the board and Sam did most of the work.
  • the same, or perhaps another committee needs to identify non-unix events for possible participation

ACTION ITEM: Barr, Perrine, and Wilson will review charter for Conference Committee and propose a structure to address issues related to participating in conferences and trade shows, includng setting criteria for participating, goals. base budgets, etc.

New Business

Wilson is coordinating the sponsor plaques, and will send each sponsor due a plaque email verifying their correct postal mail address.

ACTION ITEM: Albrecht to look into corporate AMEX


ACTION ITEM: Potter to contact Schwartz regarding possible corporate sponsorship

ACTION ITEM: Albrecht to consider ways to restructure agenda to minimize his necessary attendance (for budgetary reasons only)


  • Given holidays, the next meeting will be Wednesday, January 4.


Moved to adjourn by Potter, seconded by Harris - passes Adjourned at 21:09 ET.