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* NOTICE to those on the line: All present agree to a temporary recording of this call to be be deleted no later than when the minutes are approved. Please speak up if you disagree with this and we will discuss it after roll call.
;Unspecified: '''Move your name to Present or Apologies prior to the meeting!''' 
;Present: '''(Subject to verification)''' Philip Kizer (chair), William Bilancio, John Boris, Martin Gehrke, Dan Rich, Matt Disney, Jesse Trucks, Ski Kacoroski
;Present: '''(Subject to verification)''' Philip Kizer (chair), William Bilancio, John Boris, Martin Gehrke, Dan Rich, Matt Disney, Jesse Trucks, Ski Kacoroski

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5 Nov 2012
Board meeting Minutes Next:
3 Dec 2012

Minutes approved: 3 Dec 2012

(Subject to verification) Philip Kizer (chair), William Bilancio, John Boris, Martin Gehrke, Dan Rich, Matt Disney, Jesse Trucks, Ski Kacoroski
Evan Pettrey
20:01 Eastern Time
20:59 Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

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Standing Reports

  • Treasurer's report
    • Matt could not give any info on the Treasures report as he hasn't had a chance to speak with Evan.
  • Membership report
    • Summary reported, ideas solicited for retaining non-renewers
  • Technical services report
    • Jesse stated that the Team is near to completing the development server. It should be available soon.
    • Martin would like to find the procedure for getting items for the Locals when they ask. (Web site, email address etc). William asked if they (the Tech Team) missed something and Martin said no he is just asking. William suggested putting in a help ticket. Jesse asked to get together (William, Jesse and Martin) and develop the list of things a local will need.

Volunteers for LISA are being handled by signupgenius.com.

  • Conference/events activities report
    • Scale is an active area of activity.
    • LOPSA-East has their CFP out and Cascadia is looking for Sponsors.
    • Martin mentioned he is reaching out to Locals for information on their events.
  • Mentorship Status report
    • Jesse stated the LMPT is on track. There is an automation test of the mailing list. He feels by the end of the month they should be ready to go. The LISA launch still looks good.

Any time somebody does volunteer in addition to what they do they should get on the list as a mentor. It does not obligate them to do any mentorship, it means they will get a list of the possible proteges so they will see what is going on. Ski asked that as soon as he can get the go ahead he can start posting info about mentorship to build up interest into the launch.

  • Development report (Meeting focus at first meeting of the month)
  • Communications report
    • Second LinkedIn ad is running. We are up to 4,000 to 5,000 views. Our name is getting out there. He hasn't tried the Google Ads yet.
    • Ski commended Martin what he is doing on LOPSA live. He is doing a great job.
    • Philip mentioned we may have a sponsorship offer for LISA. Ski verified that they are mulling it over and might just give us some give-away stuff. William asked if he needed to speak to them but Ski said he is doing fine.
    • Ski revised the LOPSAGram and the template needs fixing.
    • LOPSA-Live (Martin)
      • Martin thanked Dan and Jesse for getting him the perl script to do some analysis. He is going to only one session and is looking into a video LOPSA-Live. He expects it to be late January so look for a Doodle shortly to locked down a time.
      • William asked if the two in one night was worth it. Martin said it wasn't worth it and we did not double our attendance. Martin will continue to try new things to get our attendance numbers up.
  • Project Management report
    • There will be a more complete report after the Holidays.
    • Generally it looks that we are getting a deliverable on our projects and any delays have been explained.
  • Liaison reports (LC, etc.)
    • The LC Chair is working through the list.

LISA 2012... (Ski)

  • Looks like we are getting lots of volunteers - set up page at signupgenius to manage them and it is being filled out.
  • Need a 1 page sales pitch for people to talk from
  • Ski is creating a draft. Philip is putting on the agenda for the next meeting with your critical talking points for your elevator pitch.
  • Martin asked about having board@lopsa.org on the reply. He got spammed on the replies when people declined.
  • Yerkes award recipient decided - need to get an award. William takes the lead on getting it.
  • Will work on annual meeting notes this weekend. Ski and Philip
    • Need input for Annual meeting from:
      • Evan - Finances
      • Dan - Membership
      • Jesse - Mentorship
      • William - LOPSA-East
      • Martin - Locals
      • Matt, John - if you have anything I missed, please let me know
  • Dan will email every individual sponsorship and make sure we have their correct level of sponsorship and ask if they wanted to be a sponsor for LISA.
  • Jesse will get from the LMPT for what they want for their slides so you will have that for the meeting. It should be about 3 or 4 slides. The LMPT wants to have a raffle for the people in the LMPT program. We have about four prizes. Jesse isn't sure if it was publicly announced. The mechanism was reportedly horrible last year. Jesse is asking if it was possible that we present the LMPT with something at LISA publicly. William stated we have nothing in inventory for that available right now an Jesse will think of something else.
  • Reiterating that the drawing disorganized last year but if we improve it a bit we can do it in the public. Ski has a plan.
  • Looks like I will have a few items to raffle off at the Annual Meeting (books)
  • Still no luck on LOPSA After Dark
    • Doesn't look like it will happen. The best bet is to get someone to sponsor it. Philip likes the idea of the ice cream social. Philip asked William to look into that with the interested vendor.
  • Need password for square or PayPal system. We do not have a PayPal device but we do need the password.
  • William is waiting for the date to ship everything. William responded to an inquiry that the laptops from 2011 were loaned and do not have any in inventory.
  • William has the picture frame and Dan has everything to put on there. Dan will ship the data to William so he can load it before it is shipped.
  • Dan said when we take money from people at the booth if you could update the website right there. In the past the emails were not entered correctly and it created a mess and a lot of work afterwards to match up the memberships.

New Award Committee (Martin)

  • I think we need to make a more concerted effort to formalize and expand our Awards.
  • Initially I see a couple new awards beyond the Yerkes award.
    • New Volunteer Award (for people who have been with LOPSA less than 3? years)
    • Volunteer Award (for people who have been with LOPSA > 3? years)
  • For a volunteer based organization we should do a better job of showing appreciation for our volunteers. This would also spread the word about the volunteer opportunities.
  • More awards are possible and likely. I think our board members should not be eligible for the awards while in office, but we should definitely do something for outgoing board members considering the amount of time the positions require. This year I sent out certificates, but we could make it more publicly.
  • In the spirit of all this, I wouldn't make the suggestion without also volunteering to head up the effort. We already have the Yerkes award set up, so starting all this in 2013 would make sense.
  • This could tie in with Dan's work for member benefits.
  • A suggestion was made that an award should also be given out at a LOPSA function rather than just at LISA. We should aim to have our awards handed out at our events. Martin is concerned that LOPSA-East is early. William said it doesn't have to be this year. Philip mentioned that we don't have to do a Calendar year but do an award year.
  • Jesse agrees to do it a LOPSA event. If the award is being given to a member from a Local chapter we could have the award presented at the local chapters meeting by the chapter head or even a board member if they are present.
  • Jesse also stated that a short policy be drafted for the committee and then when it is approved the committee could then get started.
  • Martin thanks the board. He will get started on the draft policy. William stated he would like to be on the committee. William stated that it was already stated that a board member is not eligible for an award. Jesse stated that he thought the limit for giving an award without a vote is $200 or $250. William said he would get some prices together for awards. Martin then asked about awards in kind like free passes to LOPSA events (Cascadia, LOPSA-East). William stated Evan would have to be consulted. Jesse stated that if a training organization would like to give away a class that would be fine.
  • Martin is asking if the standing committee would hand them out . He was thinking of even Thank You certificates that could be handed out at the local meeting.
  • Jesse asks if there is an award in mind right now we should move forward on it now. He likes the idea that an award does not have to be expensive just something that recognizes the effort /action of the volunteer. Martin asked if there was any award that someone wanted to give out now.
  • Philip asked that we think on that for next meeting.
  • William stated we have an awards committee. William sent Martin the lInk to the Awards committee wiki page.

WiAC Stipend (Disney)

  • I propose we pursue another LOPSA stipend for the WiAC conference. Should we seek donations for this and, if so, what is the most appropriate way?
  • Last year some people stepped up to sponsor this and he felt more of our members would donate to LOPSA if we show we are using this the right way.
  • Dan said Civi has a pledge portion that we could set a goal and then when it gets near the goal it would put some type of odometer on your web site.
  • Matt asked if we should mention this at the Community meeting and if people want to donate to the cause they could do so. Dan thinks this is reasonable and Philip said they would look into this.
  • John stated that we as a board set a certain amount and that we ask a sponsor to add the remaining amount. We need to be able to remain fluid with sponsorship levels. Last year LOPSA sponsored one and a long time friend of LOPSA sponsored a second one.
  • Martin asked if there were pages on this from Last year where we can point people to. Philip said there are articles and a search for WiAC would pull them up.

New Business

  • Martin has the Locals Policy up and needs comments.
  • Dan asked for an updated list of our Corporate sponsors (he needs it for the photo frame for LISA).
  • Philip asked again the board members to look at the companies they deal with and see which ones might be good candidates for corporate sponsorship.


  • William announced that LOPSA-East just landed Fujitsu as a Bronze sponsor. They will be at the conference and he will deal with them for a LOPSA at large sponsorship.


Jesse motioned for adjournment and William seconded.