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7 August 2006
Board meeting Minutes Next:
28 August 2006

Minutes approved: 11 September 2006

Tom Perrine (chair), Doug Hughes, Chris Palmer, David Parter, Pat Wilson (note taker)
Trey Harris, Sam Albrecht
20:05 Eastern Time
21:07 Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

Action Items

Board Committees

  • Development Committee (Wilson/Potter)
  • Partnership and Liason Committee (Perrine)
    • Palmer - Contact local office of possible partner - in progress
    • Perrine - Write Sysadmin Day thank you letter for volunteers - see draft online - in progress letter approved
    • Perrine, Parter, Palmer - Designate which appreciations go to which Sysadmin Day volunteers - not done
  • Leadership Committee (Greg Rose)
  • Policy Committee (Harris)
  • Communications Committee
    • Parter - Contact the 500th member for comments for a "member profile" [due 7/24] - no response item stale and will be dropped
    • Palmer - Convey Board's decision and negotiate with Rich - in progress
  • Membership Committee
    • Harris, Palmer - Initiate template(s) for future account conversion guidelines to be sent out this month - see Visitor to member conversion plan document [due 8/15] - no action

Program Committees

  • Conference Planning Committee (Wilson/Perrine)
  • Technical (Online) Services (Hughes/Parter)
    • Parter - Mailing lists/online forum - no action
    • Hughes - Set up email alias for member who volunteered $company problem escalation service - DONE
    • Hughes - fix Jobs board geographic data for summaries - DONE
    • Hughes - followup on podcast RSS feed for LOPSA website [due 8/14] - DONE
  • Content Services Committee (Palmer/Potter)


  • Financial
    • Hume - Prepare statement about AH payment [due 6/26] - no report
    • Hume - prepare annual financial report [due 6/26] - no report
  • Albrecht:
    • Touch base with IRS [due 8/28] - no report
    • Query insurance company regarding possible member insurance options [due 8/28] - no report
    • Send notice of designated Annual Meeting to the Board - no report Annual Meeting will be held August 28th
  • Barr:
  • Harris:
    • Restart Resume Standards project - no report
    • Present draft financial policies for Board approval (low priority) - no report
  • Hughes:
  • Hume:
    • Chat with the SNIA Chief Scientist regarding possible partnering [due 9/11] - no report
  • Palmer:
  • Parter:
  • Perrine:
    • Contact Leadership Committee regarding next (summer 2007) election [due 8/7] - not done now due 9/18
  • Potter:
  • Wilson:
  • All:

Standing Reports

  • Treasurer's report [from 7 August meeting]

no report

  • Membership report
    • See the online report for this week's status
  • Online report
  • Training event report
    • see event planning web site

The event is shaping up; Parter and Albrecht will finalize timeline.

  • Development report

Advertising in LOPSA communications

General status on advertising opportunities. Sense of the Board is that this should be investigated.

ACTION ITEM: Potter to investigate potential advertizement with Albrecht

ACTION ITEM: Potter to consult with Palmer regarding ad mockup.

Sponsorship/partnership w/AH (spp, from Sam)

Sense of the Board is that LOPSA should discuss further AH's sponsorship development proposal, with an eye towards accepting it.

ACTION ITEM: Potter to talk with Albrecht regarding proposal.

Final resolution of first round of shirt orders

Final order status, and inventory for placing the rest for sale on the web site.

ACTION ITEM: Perrine to contact AH regarding shirt order status and getting an inventory online.

Sponsorship Issues

A potential sponsor opportunity was presented, though it may be out of scope for LOSPA. Potter will talk to AH about the possibility of engaging Company A.

New Business

Web site refresh

It may be time to "tune" the website look. Parter and Hughes will consider the options and recruit a volunteer


What are our near-term focus issues? Now that the business plan is online, it's time to decide. A "how are we doing?" member survey of some sort would be useful.

ACTION ITEM: Palmer to talk to Chavez about survey methodology

ACTION ITEM: All to re-read biz plan and bring top 3 focus issues to next meeting.


MOTION to adjourn by Parter, seconded by Hughes. Passes. Adjourned at 21:07ET