Board meeting Minutes/23 February 2010

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16 February 2010
Board meeting Minutes Next:
9 March 2010

Minutes approved: 9 March 2010

Trey Harris (chair), Lois Bennett, Travis Campbell, Ski Kacoroski, Philip Kizer, David Parter, Dan Rich, MaryBeth Kurland. Derek Balling, Danielle Gentile
Jesse Trucks
8:36 pm Eastern Time
10:15 pm Eastern Time

Welcome & Roll Call (Trey Harris)

Review of Agenda (Trey Harris)

Review of Old Action Plan (MaryBeth Kurland)

  • Questions:
    • What's still relevant?
      • Conference Commitments
      • Guest Speakers at Locals
      • PR Efforts
        • AH capabilities: social media, awareness, organic strategy
      • Campus Mini-Conference
        • Leverage colleges/universities to create a way to reach a large number of people at one time
      • LOPSA Webinars/YouTube
        • Had excitement over webinars (can be used over & over again)
        • Explore idea as a value added to members (can be an exclusive member benefit)
      • SysAdmin Day
        • Definitely worth LOPSA's time and effort
        • Possibility for free advertising/PR
        • Could offer a free webinar as a promo to bring in new members
      • Direct Member Communication (Lopsagram/LOPSA Live)
        • Communications Committee needs to expand
        • What is the value of LOPSA Live?
          • Maybe move to a Quarterly schedule for LOPSA Live
          • Communicate via Lopsagram in between the LOPSA Lives
      • Evangelist Kit
        • Inexpensive materials for potential members (brochures, etc.)
    • What's out-dated?
      • LOPSA Podcast/On the Road
        • People didn't feel comfortable committing to such a project
      • Hosting
        • Didn't end up working out, put this aside for now
        • Bennett will look up information on Google Apps/Email and write something up
      • BaseCamp
        • Not very useful, reconsider using this tool
        • Could possibly use a Project Management Tool on the website (Huddle?)
        • Kizer will research new options
    • What's completed?

New Strategic Priorities (MaryBeth Kurland)

  • Value to Members (something to offer)
  • Awareness
  • Public Relations
  • Education
  • Communication

Top Three Priorities for 2010 (MaryBeth Kurland)

  • Follow up on initial inquiries, keep interest and enthusiasm high
  • Form a partnership/affiliation with other established groups to bolster presence
  • Utilize a grassroots strategy to reach potential members

Review of 2010 Draft Budget (Lois & Trey)

Tabled until next meeting on Tuesday, March 9th
  • Revenue Generators
  • Membership Generators
  • Sponsorship Opportunities

Wrap-Up & Assignments

  • Bennett will look up information on Google Apps/Email and write something up
  • Kizer will research new options for Project Management Tools


Meeting was adjourned at 10:15 pm EST.