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8 January 2019 date
Board meeting Minutes Next:
5 February 2019

Minutes approved: 20 August 2019

Scott Suehle, Brian Globerman (Treasurer), Drew Adams, Branson Matheson, Andree Jacobson (Secretary), Daniel Hodges
Andy Cowell (President), Danielle White, Mark Lamourine
9.07pm Eastern Time
9.35pm Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

  • No meeting minutes to approve - Need to catch up

Standing Reports

Treasurer's report (Globerman)

Bank balance on 28 January 2019: $28,709.34 -$1,207.90 since last update on 8 January 2019

Compared with $36,008 since last year (down ~$7,300). We are down $1,207 since last update on 8 January due to officers liability insurance.

Membership report (Hodges)

  • Total active members: 608 (previous report: 610, change: 2, pending renewal: 0)
  • Paying: 206
  • Non-paying: 341

Total: 608 (Individual: 206, Charter: 43, Founding: 13, Lifetime: 5, Students: 334, Comp: 7)

Committee reports

Conferences/Events (Adams, Matheson)

Recent reach-out to SCALE to ensure LOPSA has a booth space there - Looks promising. Unsure that we have people who can cover booth - a possibility has surfaced to have some students potentially helping. SCALE is March 7th - 10th. Branson has reached out about LISA.

Marketing/Communications (Adams)

Website is not update yet, but asked Roger (community manager) to take down the mentorship image from the carousel on web page. Communicating with Roger about getting the LOPSAGram.

Scott and Drew should get together to chat about the LOPSA-live (in the next few weeks).

Technical Services (White)

No report.

Education, Training and Mentorship (Cowell)

No report.

Recognition (Suehle)

No report.

Leadership (Suehle)

No report.

Locals/Chapters (Lamourine)

No report.

If no one is covering this, Drew might take over this - and might combine with Marketing / Communications. The list of active chapters is likely very outdated, and organizing member information may also likely be outdated. Quite some work will need to be done to catch up with the local chapter information into an aggregate new point of truth.

Daniel Hodges volunteers to help with aggregating up numbers if that will be helpful.

Established chapters

  • LA - No activity
  • Columbus - No activity
  • ETENN - No activity
  • Ottawa Valley System Administrators Guild - No activity
  • Seattle Area System Administrators Guild - No activity
  • San Diego - No activity

Forming chapters

  • NJ - No activity
  • Chicago - No activity


A bit of discussion ensued about possibly moving the date / time for the board meetings as several people seem to have issues joining at the current time. This is a possibility and can be a discussion that we can have at a future meeting.

Short discussion about soliciting for donations - Thoughts emerged that we should be able to do that pretty much any time where we feel that it is appropriate.


 Drew Motioned for Adjournment
 Scott Seconded