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28 November 2005
Board meeting Minutes Next:
6 December 2005

Minutes approved: 19 December 2005

Minutes amended: 4 January 2006

In-person meeting at the Town & Country, San Diego, California.

Tom Perrine (chair), Trey Harris, Doug Hughes, Andrew Hume, Chris Palmer, David Parter, Stephen Potter, Pat Wilson, Sam Albrecht (note taker)
Guests for business portion of meeting
Geoff Halprin, JD Welch, Michael Steeves, Gabe Krabbe, Jim Smith, Esther Filderman
8:05 Pacific Time
17:25 Pacific Time

Consent Agenda

Action Items

  • Harris:
    • Migrate all 3 wikis (Board, Public, and Board-only) to new machine - not done; requested Phillip Steinbachs renew domain to prevent outage
  • Hughes:
    • Draft a response to member requesting potential sponsorship conversion
  • Hume:
    • Review minutes and provide a list of redactions pertaining to SAGECom that may now be restored Not Done
  • Palmer:
    • Notify current membership of proposed bylaw change - DONE --need setup
    • Draft a proposal for overarching webiste content/editoral direction (with Potter) - DONE Discussion on whether this should be last message to SAGE list.
  • Perrine:
    • Draft a business plan for LOPSA (with Wilson) Not Done
    • Write another note to the Advisory Council Not Done
  • Potter:
    • Draft a proposal for overarching website content/editoral direction (with Palmer) Done
    • Draft more rigorous sponsorship policy (including definitions) (with Wilson) Not done
  • Wilson:
    • Draft a business plan for LOPSA (with Perrine) Not Done
    • Work on a proposal for Google Not Done
    • Draft more rigorous sponsorship policy (including definitions) (with Potter) Not done
  • Albrecht:
    • Continue work on merchant account procurement Done
    • Get membership roll in order Deepa to work with Parter
    • Recommendations on which of 3 AH options is best to pursue for us Moved to later in the agenda
    • Call IRS about the application status Called - no one home

Standing Reports

  • Treasurer's report - Albrecht handed out most current financials.
  • Membership report - Parter reported on current membership status. Currently showing 8 individual, 104 charter and 7 pending memberships. Albrecht/Hume/Parter to huddle on integrating databases and financial procedures.
  • Online report - Hughes reported on current challenges and updates to website. Several new volunteers have been working on the project.

Lifetime membership

from 28 November 2005 meeting

From last week:

The recommendation of the Development committee is to NOT offer a lifetime membership option at this time. The sense of the Board was that a proposal for a lifetime membership class would be considered if one was to be made in the future.

I think we should consider offering a limited lifetime membership with a sunset date. That gives those people wishing to contribute EMILY money a way to do so without impacting future revenue in a negative way. If we work on our previous assumptions that we need to grow to a membership organization of 10s of thousands of members, the hundreds of members that we get in the first year that select lifetime membership (sunset 06/30/2006) will provide extra seed money to help us get off the ground. The 1000s of other memberships continue to provide ongoing revenue stream.

So, therefore, here are my thoughts:

  1. a limited lifetime membership of 20 years for $1000 (assuming membership rates are going to go up this results in a slight discount). The ability to become a lifetime member sunsets 06/30/2006
  2. lifetime membership and sponsorship are separate things. If one designates the $1000 for lifetime membership, one must still pay $1000 to also achieve gold sponsorship. They are not combined and no sponsorship benefits are conferred upon lifetime members except to the extent that they also contribute explicitly designated sponsorship monies.

--Doug 13:50, 28 Nov 2005 (EST)

  • After discussion, it was decided that Hume would contact the individuals who had expressed interest in a life membership and would try to sell a multi-year membership and sponsorship concept.

  • Approve sponsor web graphics — APPROVED
  • Approve sponsor plaque design — APPROVED

LinkedIn for Groups (Wilson)

Should we pay the money to be listed in the directory?

  • Motion by Wilson, second by Hughes to list LOPSA in the LinkedIn Directory and that the cost to be charged to Marketing. One abstention, motion passes.

USENIX activities

  • Geoff Halprin and Andrew Hume provided current update with respect to USENIX/SAGE

Website Editorial Structure

Stephen and [Palmer] had dinner on Saturday night and talked about the outline of the website editorial control. We have a structure now that will take at least six volunteers in the ideal world to get us started. [Draft on the wiki]


[Brainstorming on short/medium-term projects]


AH contract

  • Status
    • Transition
    • Staffing
    • Operations
  • Options and funding models
    • Options for LOPSA Contract
  1. Straight Time
    • Only pay what you use
    • Costs will vary by month
    • No risk to AH.
  2. Flat Fee
    • Better for budgeting
    • Overage and under utilization capped at 10%
    • Slight risk to AH and client: AH risk could be greater loss after 10% cap. Client risk capped at 10%
    • Better for planning. Will spread hours over the year based on
  3. Cost Share/Profit Share
    • A new model for AH
    • Recommend 60% to LOPSA and 40% to AH after expenses.
    • AH would need to run several scenarios/forecasts
  • Sense of the board to seek a straight time contract from AH. Sam to provide.

Other affiliations

What groups should we be contacting for possible mutually beneficial affiliations?

  • See [wiki page on potential partners].

Board Vacancy

We should talk about the Board vacancy and the recommendation of the Leadership Committee.

  • Discussion on best way to proceed.


Meeting was not officially adjourned; the Board regrets the oversight.