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This website is not affiliated with SAGE or the USENIX Association. The use of the term "SAGE" below may be historical.

29 August 2005
Board meeting Minutes Next:
12 September 2005

Minutes approved: 12 September 2005

Tom Perrine (chair), David Parter, Chris Palmer, Pat Wilson, Trey Harris, Andrew Hume, Doug Hughes, Steve Potter, Stacey Schmidt, Sam Albrecht (note taker)
Geoff Halprin
10:04 PM Eastern
11:59 PM Eastern

Consent Agenda

  • Approve minutes of 29 August 2005
  • Acknowledgement of online vote to accept contract from AH:
MOTION VIA EMAIL: That we accept the AH contract and have Tom's signature make it binding on the board. Moved by Hughes, seconded by Parter. Ayes: Hughes, Parter, Wilson, Harris, Halprin, Potter, Palmer, Hume. Motion passes on 1 September 2005.
  • MOTION: Having no redactions, that the minutes of 31 July 2005 be released unredacted as public minutes.

MOTION by Hume, Harris second, consent agenda approved.

Status of Action Items

  • Perrine:
    • All Thank you Emails completed, last one (for JD Welch) - emailed 8/31
    • AH contract reviewed - per Board email vote of 2005/09/01 signed September 1, and out via FedEx September 2. Signed by AH on September 6 and returned to Perrine.
    • Talked to Silicon Mechanics and Rackable as prospective sponsors/donors - details at "Active Prospects"
  • Halprin:
    • Review comments/edits on AH contract and bring to MacMillan within 24-48 hours
      • Wilson: has reviewed, and will place on wiki - Done
  • Hume:
    • Review SAGECom document wording for measuring viability. Done.
    • Hume and Palmer to write memo to members regarding SAGE's current status for next board call. Done - some feedback received, both positive and negative
    • Work on budget and review chart of accounts. Chart of Accounts done and submitted to AH ACTION: Sam to send out July and August expenses with the new code. ACTION: Budget still to be delivered
  • Palmer:
    • Hume and Palmer to write memo to members regarding SAGE's current status for next board call. Done.
    • Palmer to write letter for potential sponsors. Not done - need mission statement
  • Development Committee:
    • Work on sponsorships
      • Define sponsorship levels for corporate and individuals and benefits thereof. Corporate almost finalized. Individuals and consultants still in draft for review.
  • Albrecht:
    • Circulate sample of membership brochure to Board. Complete - after input will give to AH Creative Services. ACTION: Albrecht will work with Harris and Palmer to take brochure to next stage.
    • Albrecht to get business cards for Board. Waiting on file to be sent to me. ACTION: Parter will send after talking to JD.
    • Provide Development Guidelines. Done - posted to wiki.
  • LISA Committee:
    • Meet to decide on which ideas they want to implement and bring those ideas to the board for approval for the 08/29/05 board call. Meeting complete. ACTION: Perrine owes notes from meeting. Wilson looked at schedule and made requests for meeting. Suite needs to be arranged.
    • Pricing on logo items for LISA.
      • Looking at items for sale and items for giveaway. Discussion on whether SAGE will have the booklets by then. USENIX bringing SAGE promotional items to LISA. Discussion on whether we need an inventory. Suggestion to have AH staff do a "Nuturing of volunteers session." Discussion on mentoring plans. Discussion on scope of planning - as we must succeed at what we promise. Perrine has made contact with the events coordinator at Town and Country.

{60 words redacted; third party named}}

  • BitPushers (Developement Committee) - Perrine has reviewed proposed schedule of services. Hughes reviewed draft contract. Some additional language is being added. It should be considered at the Gold sponsor level. Suggestion to do an email vote on the final contract.

{11 words redacted; third party named}

Harris holds minutes of 29 August 2005 for redaction.

Development Committee: Sponsorship levels and initial benefits

The development committee, with input from several board members, has developed individual and corporate sponsor levels, minimum value amounts, and an initial list of benefits.

Perrine has two sponsors willing to sign soon (by end of the month), if we can provide specifics of the benefit levels. All sponsors will ask for specifics. Can we approve the current coporate sponsor table at least for the time being?

Wilson reported that we seem to be in agreement on corporate levels and benefits and some discussion still going on at individual and consultant level. Discussion on the availabilty dates on the postal mail list.

MOTION by Potter, second by Hume to approve the corporate sponsorships levels and benefits as posted on the wiki (see table below). Discussion. Motion passes.

Level Minimum Donation Benefits*
Contributor $1000
  • Access to all SAGE membership websites and online services
  • Mention in "Memo to Members" the month following donation
  • Acknowledgement in the SAGE-provided LISA onsite conference materials
  • Your click-thru name on "SAGE Sponsors" page**
  • "SAGE Sponsor" graphic indicating level for use on your website**
Bronze $5000
  • Mention in "Memo to Members" twice a year (includes the month following donation)
  • One-time use of SAGE postal mail list at half the list value***
  • "SAGE Sponsor" plaque indicating level for office and/or booth at trade shows
  • Your click-thru logo on "SAGE Sponsors" page**
Silver $10K
  • Mention in "Memo to Members" four times a year (includes the month following donation)
  • Full set of SAGE Short Topics In Systems Administration booklets ($165 value)
  • Verbal acknowledgement at SAGE-sponsored events
Gold $25K
  • Mention in "Memo to Members" each month
  • Registration of up to five SAGE Individual memberships ($225 value)
  • Named sponsorship of a single event/half-day continuing event at a SAGE-sponsored conference**
  • Distribution of marketing materials at SAGE booth(s)
Platinum $50K
  • Registration of an additional five (total 10) individual SAGE members ($450 value)
  • Your click-through logo or company name in the footer of every SAGE web page**
  • Name/logo on SAGE banners at events
  • Named sponsorship of an additional (total 2) event/full-day continuing event at a SAGE-sponsored conference**
Diamond $100K To Be Determined
  • *Specific corporate level benefits are inclusive of benefits for all previous levels
  • **Subject to apprporiate rules of use
  • ***Subject to apprporiate rules of use; full value may not be realized until 3Q 2006

Communications Policy amendment

MOTION by Hume that the amendment to the Communication Policy be adopted. Second by Wilson. Motion passes.

In section 2.2 of the Communications policy, strike:

The President, the Chair of the Communications Committee as spokesperson, and the Executive Director are by default authorized by the Board to engage with the general public on SAGE issues, but must at all times communicate to the public in line with the established wishes and policy expressions of the Board.

Replace with:

The President, the Communications Committee chair or other spokesperson designated by the Board, and the Executive Director are by default authorized by the Board to engage with the general public and membership on SAGE issues on behalf of SAGE, but must at all times communicate to the public in line with the established wishes and policy expressions of the Board. They must also report on any such communications back to the full Board at the next Board meeting after the fact.

SAGE Skills self-assesment project

Harris reported that we consider a new project to standarize the skills sections of resumes, (see "Resumé standards program").

MOTION by Palmer, Hughes second, for Harris to explore a project to investigate the viability of a resume standardization project and bring recommendations back to the board. Motion passes.

SAGECom Status

Hume reported that we are getting close to final review of the agreement by both boards before it goes to legal review. Booklets will be turned over on the effective date of the agreement, with a payment of $6,700 due at that time.

Gatepoints in the agreement - 11/18/05 and 12/06. For 12/06 we will need to show membership growth and meet 2006 Budget and then we get LISA revenue/partnership for another year. Discussion for maybe doing this also for 2007.

Hume will report next week on latest status. Booklets will be managed by Content committee.

New Business

Day 0 Status/Project

  • Albrecht reported that merchant accounts might be the item that takes the longest time. Transition checklist has been updated and will be delivered to the Board soon.
  • Parter reported that the technical aspects of the website has been considered and discussed. A detailed plan is to be developed, with dates. Action to Hughes and Parter to finalize a detailed plan by the middle of next week, with a draft available at the next meeting. Discussion on whether we need the USENIX/SAGE hardware.

Mission Statement

  • Harris moved to approve the mission statement as on the wiki, second by Hughes. Motion passes.

SAGE Mission

To advance the practice of system administration, to support, recognize, educate, and encourage its practitioners, and to serve the public through education and outreach on system administration issues.


  • Hume reported that AH went over budget in August. Discussion on the approach to hold to the expected budget, with the goal not to let excesses go past a couple of months before being addressed by the Board.


  • Albrecht asked if there were any questions on last report. Hearing none, offered to go into as much detail as the Board would like.


  • Next meeting 12 September, 2005 - 8:00 PM Eastern.